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Will Cardwell - Venture Day Minsk


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Hacking into the Global VC Market

Published in: Business
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Will Cardwell - Venture Day Minsk

  1. 1. Hacking  into  the     Global  VC  Market   Will  Cardwell   Partner,  Courage  Ventures   Adjunct  Professor,  Kenan-­‐Flagler  Business  School    
  2. 2. Caveat  –  You  cannot  do  this     without  insane  talent.    So,  meet  Elviss..  
  3. 3. I  used  to  think  about  capital-­‐raising  like  this  – I  was  wrong!   Making   contact   1st   MeeKng   More   MeeKngs   NegoKaKon   &  Closing   Due   diligence   Funding   3 - Use Networks - Avoid ”cold” contact - Raise interest - Get 2nd meeting - Focus on team and opportunity - Get buy-in -  Valuation, term sheets -  Shareholder & Investment Agreements - Strategic, legal, financial, etc. - Funds released
  4. 4. Partners to Secure Investment Key Activities to Secure Investment Value Proposition to the Investor(s) Investor Relationship Mgmt Investor Segments Key Resources to Secure Investment Channels to Investors Total Cost of (Investment in) Fundraising Target Investment Amount Ⓒ 2015 What BENEFITS does OWNING YOUR SHARES provide AN INVESTOR? Angel Super Angel VC Corporate Crowd How do you Get on the radar? Digital and Physical What tools do you use to retain momentum? How much you need ?? The  Fundraising  Model  Canvas   Exploring  Startup-­‐Investor  Fit  
  5. 5. Michael  Sahota,  How  to  express  empathy  and  avoid  traps.   Start  with  Empathy  for  the  Investor,  then  do  deep   research,  then  full  throRle  execuKon!  
  6. 6. Case:  Lets  Teardown  Union  Square  Ventures  
  7. 7. But  were  they  right?  
  8. 8. 8 Who  is  Fred?  
  9. 9. INTP  –  InsighZul  Analyzer:     Examine  &  Evaluate       9 Get  the  picture?   Dominant   T   Inwardly  evaluaKng  ideas  analyKcally  and  objecKvely   Auxiliary   N   Outwardly  focused  on  possibiliKes  for  enhancing  systems   TerKary   S   As  they  mature,  consider  current  realiKes  as  well  as   possibiliKes   Inferior   F   Developmental  challenge  is  making  personal  connecKons  
  10. 10. CommunicaKng  with  an  Inciteful  Analyser   At  A  Glance…   •  Somewhat  detached,  indifferent,   and  impersonal   •  Enjoy  thinking  outside  the  box  and   coming  up  with  new  and  untried   soluKons   •  Seek  to  understand  how  things   work;  ask  quesKons  and  offer   opKons   •  Comfortable  with  ambiguity  and   complexity;  create  theories,   models,  and  frameworks   •  Curious,  skepKcal,  independent   minded,  exploratory,  and  insighZul   What  They  Want  to  Hear   •  New  informaKon  and  ideas  and   Kme  to  reflect  and  analyze   implicaKons   •  Global  goals  and  ideas  rather  than   specific  plans  or  procedures   •  Dialogue  with  competent  and   knowledgeable  people  using   precise  and  exact  language   •  CriKquing,  quesKoning,  and   debaKng  perspecKves  rather  than   taking  them  at  face  value   •  Less  redundancy  or  staKng  of  the   obvious;  enjoy  precision  of  thought  
  11. 11. Conclusion   1.  Must  start  with  insane  Talent   2.  Must  Tell  Compelling  Story   3.  Must  use  every  Channel   4.  Must  execute  like  Hell!  
  12. 12. And  that’s  how  you  Hack  into   the  Global  VC  Market   Will  Cardwell   Partner,  Courage  Ventures   Adjunct  Professor,  Kenan-­‐Flagler  Business  School