.               1. Snile, Sulle, Let tle See You Smtle                   It Will llaru The Cockles 0f Your Heart          ...
6.   Out Of tly ldindcu Looking In The Illghta     I Can See The Barges Fllclcertrrg Light     Silently Fl.ous The River T...
9. Itrs By !ar The Hardest Thing Itve Evcr Done,    To Be So In llove With You And So Alone.       Chorus)       Follow Me...
L7. Chorus)    Un-ucr I ltlant To Linger, Um-un A Lit,tle Lcngcr    Uur-um A Ltttle Longer tlere Wittr Y<;u    1. Un-um I!...
z.          I. It Only Takes ii Spark To Gc[ A Fire Gr,ing                 Anr, Soon A11 Thr,sc Arouncl Can ldarn Up To lt...
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Camp songs


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Camp songs

  1. 1. . 1. Snile, Sulle, Let tle See You Smtle It Will llaru The Cockles 0f Your Heart And liake Your Life IIorthtli.1e tIhatrs The Use Of Feeling Gloomy Yourll ldln I.f Your11 Just Srnile Sc Srulle, Sntle, Let lie See You Smile That Winfu,;aca Smile. 2)Leave Cut The lilord "Srsileil 3)e lggle, Ciggle , Let lie llear Ycu Giggle... Z. Chorus) Taclay lJhlle The Blossoms Still Cllng to The Vine -T-t11 Taste Your Stratrberries, Ir11 Drlnk Your S"reet lline A Iiillion Tornorrotrs l{ay A11 Pass Atray . Erer I Forget A11 The Joys That Are lfine, Today. Ir11 Be A Dandy And Ir11. Be A Rover Yourll l(notr lJho I Am By The Song That I 9ing rr11 Feast At Your TAble, Ir1L Sleep In Your Clover Ilhc Cares l,Ihat The ri.{orror.r }lay Brlng. Chcrus) I Cantt Be Contented trJith Yesterdayrs Glories 1 Canrt Live On Promlses ldinter To Spring Today Is liy lttoment And iloir Is My Story Ir11 Laugh And Ir11 Cry And Ir11 Sing Chorus) - 3. 1. Tt,rcnty-Six Mj-las Across The Sea ., Santa CataLina Is Tlail:ing For Ite Santa Catalina The Tsland Cf Romance, li.c,nance, Romance. 2. Blue i.{ocn, You Sarr l4e Starrding Alone , IJithout A Drearrr In l{y lleart Idithout A Love Gf i"iy Otn. 3. Fish Gotta Sriirn, Birds Sctta FLy Irve Got To Love one luianrTil- I Die Canrcl{elp Lcvint That iian Of iiine. 4. Alcha l{eans IIe tlelcome You : "r-t lleans iiore Than IIords Carr Say 4 Aloha luleans Good Luclt To You Good Ilight At The Close Of Day ltrs Just Like A Love Scng tlith Its llaun.ting Srrcet Refrain Dri-ngirrg You Joy, Bringing You Paln $oha l"ieans Fareilell To You Until Be }loet Again. I 5. Ch l,{ister l:.{ocn, }ioon, Bright And Shiny }{oon Ilcrrtt You Please Shine Dotin On I{e Ch llister iloon, i{oon, Bright And Shiny iloon Itiding Behind ThaE Tree A11 These Glrls Are Te1liirg You, To C,amp IIinl;;ac Iler11 Alr,rays Be True So i.lister i[oon, I4oonu Brl3ht And Slrirry iioon, IJonrt You Pleaee Strine Dortn Gn... De Careful tdhat You Shiire On, Please Shine Dotrn Cn 1"1e. _.-{ 1. rdf a
  2. 2. 6. Out Of tly ldindcu Looking In The Illghta I Can See The Barges Fllclcertrrg Light Silently Fl.ous The River To The Sea And The Barges,Tco, Gc lilerrtly. Chc rus ) iarges, I ltrould Lilie Ti, Cc llith You I tlculd Lilce To Sail The (-ceanrs Dlue :larges, ll.ave You Treasures In Ycur lloild, 9o Ycu fight ldith lirates, llrave And Eold? Out Ef -lvly lliucic,vr l,coking In The lllght I Can See The Rarges l?liclcering Light Itarbcard Shines lreen And Port Is Glo.iing Red l:nC The Lights lircm Hrne Shlne Far Ahead. Cirorus)7. I Uish You A Jell-ybean To Che..r Upon I tlish You A Hat Pin To l(eep your LIat On I lJlsh You Love Ycur IlhoLe Life Through -lcd Bless You Arrd l(eep You Just Because youtre You I Uish You Ice Creaq Antl Cake Galore I llish You Sundaes Antl A Slhole Lot l.lore .t llish You Love Ycur lJhole Life Ihrough iod Rl.ess You And li-eep You JusC Because youtre yorr I tlish You A Fire To :lticl<er At l,iighr l- Ilish You Stars llo Tickle The iioonlighE I tlish You Love Your iJlrole Life Through Cod B1ess You And l(eep You, Just Because yourre you I tlish You irass To Ticlrle Ycur Toes I liish You Sunshine To Freckle your llose I iiisir You Love Your t,lhcle Lifc Through Gocl Bless You And ii-eep You Just Because yourre you I llarrt To Be There ldhen God Talces your l-Iand And Leads You ?o The Prornised Land I IIant To De There lJhen IIe Says To you Ir11 Bless You Aird F.,eep ={ou Just Because yourre you. I tlish You A Jellyfish To Suirn I.Iirtr you And If Yourre Luchy, A Blue Crab, Too I lJish You [.Javes Your l]hcle Life Through :lcd illess Ycu, Jtrst Trecause yourre you. 1. A11 Eegirie In iie, All Inds In iie, lcr I Am The Lord. The Alpha Ar-rd ll-re Crnega, For I Aor The Lcrd" Chorus) l.or I Aru The -ne llho Is And I Am The Cne l]lro IIas And I Arn The One l{hc Is To Come 2, I l{ade You, I Saved yc,u, /nd You Are iiy Lamb I Am The Cne [/ho riave l]is Life I s lllocd ltor Ycu Tc, Ca1l You iiy Crin. Cht-,rus) 3, I $ought You, r Ccught you Feed iJy Sheep 2.
  3. 3. 9. Itrs By !ar The Hardest Thing Itve Evcr Done, To Be So In llove With You And So Alone. Chorus) Follow Me Where I Go, What I Do, And lJho I Knoi.r Make It Part Of You To Be A Part Of Iie. Foll-oru Me Up And Down, A1l Thc Way And A11 Around Take My Hand And I i^]i11 Follow You. 1. Itrs Long Been On l,iy Mind, You Know Itrs Been A Long, Long Tine Ive Tried To !ind A lday That I Can Iulake You Undcrstancl The Way I Feel About You, And Just How luluch I Need you, To Be There Wticre I Can Tallc To You When Therers No One Else Around. Chorus) 2- You Seo Ird Likc To Shsrc My Life With You, And Show You Tliings Itw*: S.:.n The Places where rrm Going To And Thc placcs where rrve Been, To Have You There Beside Me, Tc Never Be Alone. /rnd A11 The Time Yourrc klith Mc, Then IaIe l.Iill Be At Home. Chcrus)10. Out On The Windsrvept Desert, I,Ihere Nature l(novrs No Man, A Buffalo Spied His Brother, A Layint In Ttre SanC. said rhc Buffalo Tc., His Brother, rnlhat Makes you Lie This way?r But The Buffalo Did Not Answer His Brother Ha.1 Been Deacl, Since Way Last lla;11 ldohelo, lJohelo, Stands For Work Health And Love Wchelo, Wohelo, liohelo. That I s The hlatchrlord Of The Camp Fire Girls For It Takcs A11 Three To Live I,Iohelo, I,iohelo, Stands For lJurk Hcalth And Love l,lohelo, trJohelo , Wohelo.L2 Rcmember, The Times Youtve H;lcl llere, Remerabcr, I{hen youtre Away Remember, The Friencls Yourvc l,{ade Here, And Donlt Forget To cc,ne Back sorne Day Remember, Beside The Camp Fire, And By The Waterts Blue That Yc,u Betong To iliniiuaca, Anc) Wjniwaca Belongs To you. I I 11 Remer",rber You.13. Grecn Trees Aruund You, Blue Skies Above Fricnds A11 Around You, In A World Fillecl l,iith Love Taps Sounding Softly, l{earcs Beating True As Carrpers Slng, Good-Night To you.L4. Each Camp Fire Lights A New, The Flame Of Friendship True The Joy hlerve Had In Knowing You, Will Last Our trltrole Lines Through And As The Embers Fade Ar,ray, [,lc l,Jish That !Ie Might Ever Stay But Since hre Cannot Havc O:rr Way, Inlcrll Come Again Sone Other Day.15. Peace, I Alsk Of The Oh River, peace, peace, peace. I^lhen I Lcarn To Live Serenely, Cares trJill Cease. Frcn The Hil1s I Gathcr Courage, Visi.ns Of The Day ?o Be strenght To Lead /r,nd Fairh To lo11or.,r, All Are Given unto l4e Pcace, I Arik Of The Oh River, peace, peace, peace.15. Al.:ng lI.;ne, And Jump Into Bccl Itrow Run Say Your Prayers, Dcnlt Cover your Head The Very Last Ttring Ir11 Say Unto you You Drear.r Of Me, Dear, AnC Ir11 Drean Of you. 3.
  4. 4. L7. Chorus) Un-ucr I ltlant To Linger, Um-un A Lit,tle Lcngcr Uur-um A Ltttle Longer tlere Wittr Y<;u 1. Un-um I!rs Such A Perfect Night, Um-um It Doesnrt SeemQuite Right Urr-un That It Should Bc Our Last With You Chorus) 2. Um-um And Come Septenber, Um-um We Will Renenber, Un-um Our Camping Days And Frienclships Truc Chorus) 3. Urn-um And As Ttre Ycars Go By, Eur-un la/e11 Think Of You And Sigh Um-un This Is Good-night And Not Goocl-Bye. (Repeat Last Verse)L8. 1. There lalas A Little Dutch Boy, His Nar:re Was Jirury Rebeck, He MaCe The Finest Sausagcs, Ancl Sauerkr;rut And Speck He Macle The FinesL Sausages Ttrat Ever Were To Ileen Seen Until One Day He Invented The Sausage Machine. Chorus) Oh Mister, Ilist.er Johnny Rebeck How Could You Be So Mean I Told You Yourd Be Sorry For Inventlng That Machine. NowAll The Neighbc;rrs Cats And Dogs Will Never More Be Seen Theyrll All Be Grouncl To Sausages In Johnny Rebeckfs Machine. 2. One Day A Little Fat Boy Came Walkinr In The Store He Bought A Pound. Of Sausages And Laid Thern On The Floor Then He Began ?o Whistle And Inlhistle Up A Tune And A11 The Little Sausages Were Dancing Arouncl The Room. Chcrus) 3. One Day The Darn Thing Busted It Sinply Wouldntt Go So Johnny Rebeck Hupped Inside Tc See I,lhat Ilade It So liis Wife Was Having l.Ii.ght lrlares And Walking In Her Sleep She Gave The Crank, A Heck Of A Yank, AnC Johnny Rebeck lJas l{eat. Chorus)19. I"Iy Pacldles Keen Ancl Dright, Flashing With Silver Follow The WilC Goose Flight, Dip, Dip Ancl Swing Dip, Dip And Swing Her Back, Flashing With Silver Follow The !1i1.1 Goose Flight, Dip, Dip and Swing20. Clxrrus Michael Row The Boat Astrore, Alleuia ltichael Row The Boat Ashore, Alleuia 1. Sister Helped To Trirn The Sails, Alleuia 2. The River Jordan fe Chilly And Cold, Allcuia Chills The Body But Not The Soul. Alleula 3 . The Ri.ver Jordan Is Deep And Inlide, Alleuia Milk And Honey On The Other Sicle, Alleuia /+.
  5. 5. z. I. It Only Takes ii Spark To Gc[ A Fire Gr,ing Anr, Soon A11 Thr,sc Arouncl Can ldarn Up To lts Gloliirrg Thotrs Hur,r It Is l,Jith Gocils Lc,ve. Oncc Y,.urvc Experienced It You Spreacl llis Love To Everyone, Yuu Irlant To Pass It On. 2. llhat A WonCrous Tine Is Spring, llhcn A11 The Trees Are Buclcling The llirda negin Tc Sin3, The Flowers Start Their Blooming That I s llow It Is With GoC rs Lovc, Once You llxperienccrl It You Want To Siirg, itts Fresh Like Spring, Ycu Want To Pass Tt On. 3. I lJish For Yc-,u FIy Frien,.l, This Ilaopiness That I Have Fuunil You Ca,n Depencl On ilim, It l"iatters llot llhere Yourrc Bound Ir11 Shout It Frorn The llountaintups, I l,Jant i"!y Ilorld To Kn,.,r,r The Lord Of Love l-las Ce,nie Tc lle, I ltrant Tc Pass It On. iRcpeat Last Tr,ru Lincs) 22. tlalk, SheparCcss , lJallc, AnC If 11 TrJalk Tcc. To Fiird The liarn lJith The Ebc,nv llorn .frnd The Gold Focted Erue. Chorus) So ltralk, SheparCess, ,Walk And I | 11 l.Jalk Too . And If ilc Never Fincl Them I *Shag r ]ii n4_ gh$-lly"g? The Ran lJith The Flecce Of Silver, Like Sumuer Sca Fr;am, The Weather trdith The Crystat Be1l That Learls Them .irll l-I,:ure 23. May all of jour. dreams bloom tike da; j,es in the sull . May you always stars in your eyes. May you donrt stop runni49rdont until the race is run May you alw:iys have blue skys. A dream is somethin6; you calr have to hold witirin you herat, To build orr when your down or when your world.rs been torn apari,. Adream is some 1,hing all y()ur own that no one else can steal . A drearn is something you can make come real. Chor us Now you can share a smile with any stranger you may meet, or you can share your money with the begger in the street. But, you can only share a dream when ,l-ove iras set it free. So please wonrt you share yours with me. Chorus.J I danced in moring when the world was begunr And I danced in the rrci(,r and the stars and the sun. And I came down form heaven and f ilan,-:,:,, on the earth. At bethlehem I had my birth. C HORUS f danced for the scribe and the pharisee, but they would not dance :,r they would not f o1low il€., I danced f or the f isherman, f or Jarnes arr,l John, they came with me and the dance went on. CHORUS I danced on the sabbath and I cured the Lame, THe holy people said : was a shame. They whipped and they stripped adn they hung me hiplr And they left me there on a cross to die. CHORUS I danced on Flrday when the sky turned black. Itrs hard to dance wili, the devil on your baek. They buried my body and Lhey thought I wal gone. Bu*, I am the dance an6. I sti11 so on. t] HORUS i li t:;y c rr L Jnc roWIl ;.tiril I irirfl up hi gft. T an t,iit: I j 1t, LiLir L l i rri.r v,.l ,li, l r I I -Liv,- iri LrrL i 1 your 1l I i ve j ri IIr r J attr ltrr:, l,r-rd i. 1 i ;t I :;aid lre. "V CI{OftUS