Soal uan bahasa inggris smk 2010


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Soal uan bahasa inggris smk 2010

  2. 2. MATA PELAJARANMaraP€laj@ TBAIIASANGCRISJsjeg SMK WAKTU PELAKSANAAN - :08.0010,00 PETUNruKIIMUMl. Isil(o id€trtibs Arda IG dald Lmbs Jowabd ujie N6ional (LJIN) yog leBediadenge nenggunakdp€nsil2B sesuaj peiujur di LIUN2, Hnamto bulate di d€p& nm! nai4 ujie padsIJUN3.€diawa,ldu120n€nit u$k n€ngdjake pakeltest nebut4. Julan soal sebanyak buft, padasliap butir sal t ldaPal3 (liea) de 50 4 (empaD pilihm jadban.5. P€riksa bacalah de sool{oal sbelM Andommjaqabnya6, kepada pengawas ujie apabilalddapat lenbd soalvog kueg jels, rusok alautidat lenckap.?- Mintala! kerlasburd kepada p€rsawd ujim, bila dipdluk&8. Tidak diizilts n€ngebat<e tslkuldtor, m, lab€l matematik!ahu alal banruhitug laim)€.9. Penksalah dd Andasebelm diseral*a kepads p.k p€nsawdujim.10,Lembd soll tid* bolehdicorelcort.
  3. 3. Listening ectiotr Sln rhrsscclionoflhc tcs, ton Rill havelhe chance showhow *eU you understlnd lo spokenEneLish.Therere 4 t,is 10rhissecrion. diectionsfor eachpan. with sFecialFor eachirem.lhereis a piclurein lorlcst bo.k a.d fou shorlstalcmcnls aboutn, on the tape. rillThesestaremeDts be spoken !!i!9, but de NOT WRITTEN our in you reslbook,so younnr( lisrencireful[ You mustchoose srarement(A), (B), (c)- or (D) rhdbestdesoibes onerhcpict{e.Then.otr touran$verskel, markyou!choicel-.ok at $epi.ttre ed lhrento thc fourscnlences. B Thesnl OOOO B c D D. Thegnlchoi.. (D) _lh. tsrl is holding somedi[s" b$t desdbes {hd is seeoin the piclure dark (Dl on yorranswershcerThcrclnr..!.! shouLdN u l ( l b ( g i nq i l h n i d u r ( n u m b c r l .
  4. 4. 2.3. q -rt
  5. 5. ParrII.ln this patt of th€ test, yo! will hed sae€l q@slioN spok@ in English, follow€d by Uwe IheyresponFs, elso spoken ir Erylish, The qu€stion dd respou.s will bc apok n !4i!9. willnor be p.inied in you Lst b@k, so you mu! liscn c@fuuy to uderstand what lhe speak.rsd.sayine, You havero chooselhe besr6pons to @h qu€stion,Now listen to a smpl€ q@s1ion:Youwill h€e :Me : Wllere.e I pickup ny tickdslYouwillalsohed :Wohd (A) Thu*day moniDg, ifthat s @Nenienl. OOO (B) At theovse6 Tnvel d$k. B c (C) I thinl its at nin€oclock.Choice(B) - "Al the Oveea Traveldesk"- is rheapprcpriale Espon* to thequestjon Wnerecd I pick up my ickels? Ther€fore, shouldmak (B) on you mwer sh*t. youNow l€it b€si. viih quarior runbe. 4. Mdk you 6sw.! on you mw.r sh.el,5. Mrk you sswer on you mwr sheel. Mdk tour dswer onyou dwr sheei.7 Mark you. msw€ron you! osrer sh*1. i r,! cio6 m,rrpusr tuihiu Pqdidrk
  6. 6. Part lll.n dir oJ .r trt" t".., you .itl h* sev.ralshonconv€FlioN You will her tne conv@tionsi*r.. ii" -"*"tiri-udestod " "ltt "ot b€ print€.Iin vou t€st book, so vou nust lhre cdetullv to whatthe speakerre syirg,In lour lesl book, vou will r€ad a quesdonsboul e&h €onvesalio Tlt€ qu€stionwil bei.uio*ea U rou oJts v. have6 choose bestNwd to 4ch question, o&k n on lhe md WlqE is th. En8lishcl6s? wh.rc doesthediatogreprchbly lak plde? OOOO B c D "Vherc doesChoic€(D) - "Ir d $hool" - h the bsl swq to lhe qucstion,probablylakeplse?" ThercfoE,vou shouldna* @) on vou oswq shecl 8. Wbatdo€sthewm& sy abouthernoilo? A, She @okwell 6 B, Sheoms a Fslaltmt C. Shesal{aYs in s hury. D. Sheneverhs brcatfst 9. wnal doesth€tuns think aboutued bookstores? A. Ihey rc availableonlv in th€aftmoon B. Theys€ bsd to tnd eYwh@ C, Tn€YPtovitl€fi6t edilioG D. They@ l*s €xpdsiv. 1 0 . Why didnt lhe ne 8etd dswer? A. Tle phoneb out of orda. B. Nobodyws in lbe ofre c. Th€line wasv€rybEY D. I1sa wngnMbet ll Hoe omy booksN dllow.d to bebo@wedat onedme? A. Moe ths five books. B T*o booksonly. o||dcP.pdPuP.i"s|tddI
  7. 7. Prrt IV.In this prn of1h. resr,you will heu several !E!!9. Theywill nol short&lks. Eachwill be spok€nbe pdnted in you iesi book, so you nusr lisrenrennly to mdmtod dd M€mber what is aboute&h shorttalk, Eachqustion will!n you tesl boot, you will rcadlwo or norc quesrionsbe folloqed by four &sweB. You tav. lo choos lhe b$l uw€r lo erch quesdon, mdk it ed12. Wno will mostlikely be listeningto this mouncenent? A. Th€ lcctlms, B. Thesciologisls, C. The srude r. D. Th€moDc6.13. When3honBtne stud.nlssubmillh. paper? B. By Fdday, C. Thisw.ek, D. tn two w4k1I 4. wha!is beineadvertised? A, A mllli-litaoin .lrinlidg bottle. B. A new brdd ofbottled Mter, C. The beslseUing nolli-vir.min tableb. D. Vilamins n€ed€dfor huntu Ntrilion.15. Whath the nain advolage offeredin the advedisen@r? A. Havingtheliidi6 neded for oneday. B. tNhasing for nuch noE mo.ey. C, GettingmoF ihd a liler ofwaier, D. P@kine somegoodbottles, -Thtu i! lhe eDd thelkteniDg of lectlon-
  8. 8. Qu6lioB 16to !0. choocc motl rpprcpri.tcr$se ttc16, Tellne, whal do you do in you spe rime,Yudi? , I alwaysL-ya newraie from !h. n.w$ Cooling Book, cde about.hpu€ss tofr!. B . tlove ealingnmy kindsof food, c, I ajoy @ll€ctinglradiiiomlule6ils. D, I17. R€ceprionist : I n sorry.Ms. B€nhsisnt in theoffic€ today. Calla A. Tn€n callhe.back IU ooder lime. B- OKI Would you like lo l€av. a messqe? C. wlEt cd I do for you? D. I Oi.k lve dialedile Mong nMber.1 3 . Mid : Did you go to theconcenl6t niSlt? Ysi : Yd, -.. dd I s.w J6c pby rhehdrp, B. I m goinglh.re19. F@y i Ther€will b€a siuddt president Wouldyou lik lo el.cttonotr Saiurday? parlicipale? .,, ce se go rh@ logether, lhen? Sft,I ll pickyoua1Ln. B. c. D. Then€al wasd€licious.,., Thanl you, Hav€some nor€ d6*n? No, $a*s. I akeadyhadiwo piees ofcake. B, c, D, Wby h this pl@ee dirty? But*ellclco it assoon possible, Im sorry..-.. s B. Cd you h.lp u cl€o i1? c. Thecldine s.ruiceis obse.t. D . Therceptionisl will infom you lar6.
  9. 9. 22. I cm and ny boo$ ed Mbrlla,.. I Grlly don wdt ro go out wiihouti!.m. Com. onl Youvegora nin coat.Tlatll ke.p you dry. I rhint Im soins to uire ny njncoai. B. C@ yor h€lpoe look for ihcft? c. I $ess I cd put 1henon now D. Do you remenherwhenit happened?21. roday,but tl& Epon is dle at thr€c. I feel exhausted iiro*s. rurs reryunaoryou. You ce talGs resllaler. B. I hadben* giveyou a hed, then. c. You oughllo thish the r€ponnow. D , I h6veto concentrate myjob, fi6t. on24. Hsif : I wouldlike to re-schedul. sppoiltm@twith the doctorfor nexl my Receprionist : In sorry,bul Mondayis conpletelyb@ked, A. ifit h 3tillopen. B. ifit possibl.. C, ules thcdoclorwiU scce n. D, ule$ f ca go therc.25. : It is a goodideatlut th. gov€me prohibitsnoking in publi. places, : ... Its 6*4ul sitdngnextto someon sFokrrS. B c D.26. : Excue Ee, wherecm I lDd a busstop10doM tom? : ...Its in flontoftheIaundromi, B. c, D.27. : How oin dos theinu nob : ... You co askltie infomation B, It usually lesves $rce, at c. D- It comes every12hows,
  10. 10. l028. : I wml e eco.omyclas. Wouldyou givehe A sealby $e hle? Tickerseflice : Sue, 6ae, h.!e is you lick€r. A, vould you lakede bnsne$ clas? B, What kindoftickeldoyouneed, Mam? C. Wlere would you like to st!y? D. wiim Muld you like to go? when ee we goioelo eat? we havero lind the nenu 1i41. B , ve shouldcalltn. uit r. c, well probablyh6vei1sound six. D , we ve alGady!cs.N.d 6 labl.. fte lidining knoctedny TV out. ... Y€s.Let he seewhdlswong, Do you dint yo! cm nx it? B . Do you know whqlhappened? c. W]rydonl you buy mea .ew on€? D . Wh.r aboullakingir lo the r€pln shop? ro35,choNerbein.DproDnrh3tnciurc iDlhesenl.nc6below,I L A swey i.dicabs that reality sho{t bglg Ennded 1he hieherproporiionofTV viewers ., B !!!199lhe e.d oflbqbggtE4g! of 2008. c D12. Th€ giantpmdaw!p!9 is alsokroM s! tbe panda b€a or tbebmboo pdda is alhost A B exrincrbecaus the bmboo forcstswhereil ltcs arqdeslroyed. C D How !q!s! this dimond ring !99!? A B Cl.rk oh, in6tsRpl.?50.000,00, Tlar h qutcexpftive !l9I you8ic u for Rpl.250000.00i c Thals low Illlclyouhavc fo.Rp].500.000,00. too it D34, mnp6y. As mey a 65vo of ou coployces *c postedin $e A mkedng divisiotr. Most of rh€n de sn.n, ldl€ ed, aood look yobg g!4, who do not B C oind workina te. houB E d6y, six daysa wcek. D
  11. 11. lt35, I h€dd 6a! you will go cmpine alier thefiml t€st yill I so wilh vou? A B C Yes,but you should peoission iion you prcnts ggtt D Q&stioN 36 - 50 .rc b$sd oo t lelcctio. of r€tdilg nlreritlr Choosc thc bdt !trs.r A, B, C, or D to 6ch q!6lio.. QuBrionr 36 - 38 ref€r to tb. following l€ttcn WienBach Lid Station€ry 27Jl. Kaw Meh. Jakana 1l2lo @tgz45! MNh 16,2010 HopeLid. That! you fo! ordaing 20 csa of pr€niun psF Aon WienB&h Sr3lionery Lld. Your order hs be.n shipp€ded shouldrcrch you withrn rh€ next five busilqs Find /ou €nclosed iotal bill foi fie aboveord€rmouiine lo RP5,000,000 ed thech*k lor Rp.500,000 h your r€tund,Beouseyou Paidin advsc., re N sivitg vou a l0 pcrce.l csh dieo@t &d w€ ee payingfor the shipping hedlinS, als md wioBach siationeryLld. is pleGedto addyou b ns lisl ofcuion€n we look foruard ro youi Bt oder.36. B. c. Ltd. D . wienbachSrslionery
  12. 12. t23 1 . PmSEph tvo teusabout... A. rh€hslfpnce ofrh€ btal order. B. shippinS hsdling feesof theproduds. md C. thercbalc ofthetolalgatmeni. D, $e pfteniage ofbilling paynent.3 8 . ". . . pleed io addyou to i!! lisl of csromss." (rdaeraph 3 senie.ceI ) Th€underlined word Rf€rs lo .... a. paper coaoraron B. snipping compny D. Wienbach Slationery Lld Qustions39- 4l referto thefolloring tsble. INDONESIA: FACTS AND FICURIS (2006"2009) Elecrricity liom lh€mal so@es 86,93 !€r.eni(200 eslinare) I Elecdcity fton hydroelecFic sources 10.52 p.rcenr(2001 .sLimrel Eledriciry fromnucleesomes 0 percenr(2001 esrimale) Eleckicityliom seoth.fral, sol&, dd wind soh$ 2.55oercenl(2001 enimar) NumberofEdios per 1,000 psDle t55 fl997) Numb€rofklephones per 1,000 peoplc l5 (2001) Nufrbe! of televisioN Der I ,000 DeoDl€ Nmber of Inhmet hosEper 10,000 peopl€ 2.2200t) ( Dail! newrpaper per people cncularion 1,000 23(t998) N@ber ofnotor rhicl€s Der1,000 D@Dlc 25(r998) Pa ed rcad d a shde of toul oads19. Whal is ihe lable aboul? A. Tbe usageofhydrc md g€olhemal for clcclric en€rgy B. The expeNeofenergyfor L000 peple duine 3 yed, C. The consumplion ofenergy,@nnuication, ed $&sponaion. D. Th€.eed of eleclronic devices @n@l reeurcesfor 1.000 ed people. Th€energy beingusedis lron . .., not B. eleciricity souc,.s C. nucledsources D. rh€md soums41. "Elecnicittfton geolhcmal, sq!q, dd wind soutes . Th€ udellined wod is close in m€min8towilh.... C. kcrcsen€ D. easoline
  13. 13. ll Qu.stions 42- 14 refer to th. following t€xt f"t-, New York, Mel ai...o., p.odu""t, to- on Jmu!ry l, 1956,in P€ekskill, cibson spentth€ renainderof his childhood stdney, wh€lehe atendeds all-bovs in Aicr Cibsons high scbool gladuation, considered he beconi.e a chef or jounalist. Howcvcr,wh€n his shler submtued application his behalf on The e o. Narional Insfiule of Dlamatic An in Sydney, he ddd€d to audidon Without dv prior acringexpeience, was accepled enrolledin the drma school While therc,he he dd made his staee debut in a prodlcrion of Roneo ah.! Juliet, ud hh screendebul in the low-budget filn S,u,e/ Ci? (197?). Upon his gaduadonthat yed. Gibsonjoi.edtbe soulhefr Australim Thealer compoy, wh€le he appemd in the tille roles of classical prodlcrions, such 6 O?dipd &d,ssrl.y /t. ARei conqu€rins stage, lhe landinghis fist Cibsonlried his hdd at television, rcle on iE Austalid seriesfts t r,itzh. In l9?9, cibson gndualedb nainstEm cinena with his role as a fuluristic Nador in /ad ,1.1e,dd 6 a mehlallv relardedno I love with Piper Laulie in I/2, for which he eamedhis fiBt Australim Filn InslnuF aAFI) Award fo. Besl Acto!. IMhcmore. naad nrd becme the bigeest commercral successofdy Aust6lianfiln, erossins over$100million woddwide42. A. tlisb schoollnr actos. B. Southem Austalian Thealer. C. Actos.directoB, ploduceB. and D. MelCibsonsexperience.4 1 . Vhar didCibson ane!graduatins Senior do fron HighScbool? A. Caneloranaudilion. B. Becmeacheforjoumahl. C. Tried hand televnion. his at D. Subninedanapplication44. ... hisstagedgbq!:Gchlence4paBBraph2). Tbc underli.edwordhasa sinilnmeanins to,,. A. building B. i6rcareet C. company
  14. 14. Q u e r l i o n s ; 1 5 - 4 7c f e rr o r h ef o l l o * i n g t c | . r Subscrib€ andgelup lo ,15% now pnce ofTdene*ssland l. Ticktheolferyouprefer addyourd€rails dd below. c a. I would like to get theJakana Globeal s specialdiscoml raleof Rp468.000,00for 3 nontbs, a saving of 30% frcn ihe newssreo pnce o b. I would lilc to gel thc Jslai! Globeat a sp€cial dncountFle of Rp1.404000,00 12 oonlhs, for a savingof 45% fron the newssrodpflc€ 2. Transferthe 4ouni of lne offer you wet lo LiPPoBantrGalot Subroto, rccounr ?1838979, Jakarta no PT Clobe Meda. 3. Cut oul dd ld us rhecoupon provided 622553258 al tosether th€ wiih proolof $e banl usslbr. PS : We aho olfermonlhly subs$iption a priceof Rp195 at 000,00 monthIf Fe! you pefer this oprion,llese contlcl you locald€liveryag€nt find oul who to you .earestageniis, call ourcu oner sflicc officer at thenunber 6bovcWhatis ihe i.fomalion about? A. Howto be5 subsciiber, B. Howto send honey. tbe C. Howto b€a reader. D. Howto t?xrhecoupon.Whalisthethirdstcpifyou wanlb bea subscnber? A, Trmsfcr lhc anounl to lhe banl. B, Call customer $ait cde C. Contactlocaldeliveryorderase . D. Culrhecoupon provided faxit. andWharshouldyou do ifyouwmtto save l0% fron lhe newsslandPrice? A. Cet $e paperalspecial discounl six oonlhs. for B. Buy thepaper special at discounl l2 monlhs for C . T r a n f e r r h e donr t o r l eo f i e f . oI i p p o r B D. Transfer amounllorlhe 3-modhspecial tbe discou.l.
  15. 15. t5 Question|B - 50 Na€r to lhe followirg idomttiotr. TOYOTA CITY Toyola, a ciry in Japd, is on esl cenlral Honshu kl&d, in cenfial aichi Prefecrm on lhe Yanagi River. Toyota is tije headquartdof the Toyoia Motor corponlion .nd is a major aulomobilcmufa€tu.ine dd assenblycenle! A cldsic mmpany toM. i1 hs a plmed layout for its spnwling ssmbly plels, ofiice complexes, dd housingdevelopn€rtsfo! wortds &d $€n fmili€s. The cily wa nm€d Korono, nedi!8 clothing"ad prospered lron the lale l9th ce lry util ihe 1930sd s cenl€r of th. silk indusq. Ib developnent5 m autonobile neuf&hnins cenle! begd with the oFni.g offte firsi ssembly pldt in 1937 The city s nm€ w6 chmged to Toyola in 1959sffer $e *cond pldt, Moronachj. M opened thepopuldion ed beed lo Itow rapidly. (2002):342,835 ?opulation4 8 . rftai is themai! ida of th€text? A. Thehisloryoflhe ToyotaCity. B. Tlle eeo€raphical ofthe Toyol, Ciiy. aspects C, Theproduclion theToyob Motor Co.poralion. of D. The fdilies od workeEofthe Toyoa Mobr Corporation. What w* lhe old nme of lh€ Toyols City? it50. The word 6q{ in th€ sentence hd a plmed layoutfor ils sprawlingassenblvplets, ofice cohplexes,nd housinsdevelopneni work€s md lbgir fdiliet r€fds to . lor B. headquanes pldls C. assembly D. housingdevelopmenls .rNcpllFd,l!9PlnihiiP.iddr