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Scrum zombie


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A Scrum zombie is somebody attending the various Scrum meetings but don't know about the Scrum values behind it. This short presentation gives some tips, how to help Scrum teams to embrace these values.

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Scrum zombie

  1. 1. Don‘t become a Scrumzombie!Marc Löffler (@scrumphony)
  2. 2. @scrumphony
  3. 3. What is a ScrumZombie?
  4. 4. „Each teamimplementingScrum, without thevalues behind, isjust a bunch ofempty bottles.“
  5. 5. How can wehelp a team tolive thesevalues?
  6. 6. Daily Scrum
  7. 7. Get rid ofthe threequestions
  8. 8. Show each otherwhat you‘ve doneyesterday.
  9. 9. Use the DailyScrum as a MiniSprint Planning
  10. 10. Sprint Planning
  11. 11. Get thecommitmentfrom each teammember
  12. 12. Don‘t accept bigtasks
  13. 13. Organize food ☺
  14. 14. Sprint Review
  15. 15. Rehearse the SprintReview
  16. 16. Use the last DailyScrum of a Sprint todiscuss the laststeps for asuccessful SprintReview
  17. 17. Sprint Retrospektive
  18. 18. Define aresponsible teammember for eachtask
  19. 19. Define a due datefor every task
  20. 20. Put the results ofyourretrospective onthe wall of yourteam room
  21. 21. Conclusion
  22. 22. Thanks for your attention Contact details Sybit GmbH Marc Löffler Twitter: @scrumphony