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Test Heuristics for Exploratory Testing


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Presented at the September 27 Software Testing Philippines meetup in Manila

Published in: Software
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Test Heuristics for Exploratory Testing

  1. 1. TEST HEURISTICS For Exploratory Testing
  2. 2. Pupunta ako sa party…
  3. 3. What are Test Heuristics? a fallible idea or method that may help you simplify and solve a problem
  4. 4. SFDIPOT Product Elements Heuristics
  5. 5. FEW HICCUPPS Consistency Heuristics
  6. 6. SSS Bug Review Heuristics
  7. 7. RCRCRC Regression Heuristics
  8. 8. Other Heuristics
  9. 9. "As a Linkedin user, I want to edit my profile so that my connections and prospective employers can see what my competencies are" APPLY Groups of 5; 
 Create a mindmap; Use SFDIPOT
  10. 10. Action Plan Use post-its and flipchart sheets; 
 discuss with your group for 5 minutes How can you use this with your teams tomorrow?
  11. 11. Reading List SFDIPOT FEW HICCUPS RCRCRC KNJohnson-2012-heuristics-mnemonics.pdf SSS the-sos-heuristic/ For Further Reading…
  12. 12. mail twitter linkedin slideshare @ianpestelos /ianpestelos /ianpestelos