Sip Trunking


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Sip Trunking

  1. 1. SIP TRUNKINGSave over 70% on ISDN costs
  2. 2. Sip TRUNKINGReplace existing telephone lines with SIP Trunks andbenefit from over 70% savings on ISDN costs and some ofthe UK’s most competitive call tariffs.InTechnology’s SIP Trunking solution has the power to deliver immediate and major cost savings to yourexisting phone system, and with minimal risk and disruption. By removing your ISDN30 lines and routing calltraffic over your MPLS network, you no longer have to pay for ISDN30 line rental – usually over £5,000 per yearper line – and call charges can be up to 45% less than what you pay today.It also gives you access to the many benefits of hosted IP Telephony, such as disaster recovery for voice andremote working. You can still keep your existing PBX telephone system - we just replace your ISDN lines withour SIP Trunk solution. There’s no need for management or maintenance because we do it for you.Moreover, if you want to migrate to hosted IP telephony further down the line, we will manage the entireprocess for you. Key features • Can replace or work alongside existing • Enables simple integration of home ISDN30’s workers and small remote offices with IP handsets over ADSL • Add additional channels when needed, with no practical upper limit - a 100Mb/s link, for • P art of a managed migration to Unified example, can support up to 2000 channels. Communication environment
  3. 3. KEY benefits “We decided to trial Hosted OCS with our existing Unity IP Voice system, and due to itscharges we’ve decided to expand the Reduced line rental success service across more users in the business.”carrier voice infrastructure over SIP Trunks connect your PBX directly into InTechnology’s highly resilient an MPLS connection, guaranteeing Quality of Service. This allows you to run both voice and data across a single Wide Area Network without any degradation of performance. With a SIP Trunk typically costing over 70% less than an ISDN30, customers could enjoy annual savings of over £4,770 per ISDN30 line if all 30 channels are in use. Reduced call charges Calls to UK local and national numbers are up to 45% cheaper when compared with BT. There are also no charges for internal calls between offices provided they are also using SIP Trunks or InTechnology Unity IP Voice, InTechnology’s hosted IP telephony service. Business Continuity With a SIP Trunk, incoming calls can be quickly redirected to another location or a number of locations from a web page. You can also provide staff with the ability to redirect their personal phone number to any handset, such as a home number, so that they can continue to work even if there has been a major incident. Quickly add extra call capacity SIP Trunks don’t have to replace all ISDN lines: they can be installed simply to meet extra demand or for testing purposes, their inherent flexibility allowing effortless scaling up of capacity without affecting existing infrastructure. Maximise your PBX investment If you decide to move to InTechnology’s managed phone service, Unity IP Voice, SIP Trunks allow you to use your existing PBX in parallel with the new IP phone system for as long as required. You simply add new Unity IP Voice seats to the IP voice network to cope with new offices or extra demand, only ever paying for what you actually use. Smooth migration to IP Usually customers keep their own numbers and all call routing policies are unchanged because there are minimal changes to the PBX. The additional ability to bring together different sites using any mixture of SIP Trunk and Hosted PBX Extension means that organisations can remove the cost of calls between sites to drastically reduce phone bills.
  4. 4. AboutINTECHNOLOGY InTechnology is ahead of the curve in the provision of business IT managed services. Thanks to continued innovation and thought leadership over the past 25 years, InTechnology can today offer customers an unrivalled portfolio of Cloud-based network, hosting, data and IP telephony solutions. InTechnology is also the first UK provider to integrate hosted IP telephony with Microsoft OCS, creating a unique fully managed Unified Communications platform. For more information on SIP Trunking or any of InTechnology’s managed services visit email or call 0800 983 2522 Network Data Data Unified Instant IP Telephony Management Centres Comms Comms