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Pay secure connect brochure


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Pay secure connect brochure

  2. 2. About PCIThe Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to ALL retailers and other merchants who store, processor transmit cardholder data. Established by the five major credit card companies, it’s designed to ensure cardholders’account and card information is protected and guarded after they conduct transactions across payment channels, includingPOS terminals and ATMs. It consists of 12 basic requirements, and over 200 detailed sub-requirements. Secure, flexible, fast simplified PCI compliance PaySecure Connect significantly overcomes the complexity of achieving and maintaining compliance with PCI data security standards and is the first package to offer consolidated payments authorisation with a scalable communication and managed services network. Providing an easily implemented, fully secure retail network environment for payment and managed voice & data services, PaySecure Connect is a reliable and cost-effective way for retailers – and other organisations who take credit card transactions – to reduce the risk of non-compliance with PCI regulations while benefiting from the latest connectivity technologies, reduced costs, and improved speeds and performance. With PaySecure Connect you’ll also benefit from wide-ranging operational advantages. Rapid transaction times improve customer throughput and 24/7 support is included with every licence. And no matter how many managed services you opt for, you only have to deal with one expert supplier. Replacing your legacy systems with an IP-based network service opens a wealth of business advantage to you, with IP enablingIf you process, store or transmit the delivery of not only card payment but also multiple managed services – such as voice, storage and unified communications – down a single connection.cardholder data, you MUST comply This converged connectivity is matched by considerable business benefits and cost savings. Multi-site, multi-checkout retailers benefit significantly from the increased customer throughput enabled by having valuable seconds shaved off each transactionwith the PCI standards, regardless time. In addition, PaySecure Connect adds further value by removing many of the in-house resource costs needed to establish and adhere to the PCI standards.of the volume or value of Whether you’re thinking of replacing your legacy dial-up systems, wanting to maximise your return on investment or bringingtransactions. new offices online, PaySecure Connect is the ideal solution.
  3. 3. WHAT IS PAySeCUre ConneCT?Powered by industry-leading technologies from InTechnology, Phoenix Managed Networks and MakoNetworks, PaySecure Connect comprises a resilient MPLS network and a highly secure, PCI-certified paymentinfrastructure capable of delivering managed voice and data services over the same secure connection. N ICATIO VERIF TO CARD SCHEMES, CARD CORE MPLS NETWORK BANKS & AQUIRERS ADSL / ETHERNET HoSTIng & MobIle MANAGED ColoCATIon NETWORK PCI ROUTER TrAdITIonAl ServICeS TelePHony CloUd CoMPUTIng SIP TrUnKIngPAYMENTMETHOD lAn HoSTed exCHAnge MICroSofT UC voIP oPTIonAl dATA bACKUP ServICeS CAll reCordIng If you lose card data, you are fIreWAll InTerneTPaySecure Connect comprises a choice of circuits, a PCI-compliant router and market-leading card services, along with a jeopardIsIng not just your reputatIon, but your busIness Itself.range of optional services. Whether you want a simple ADSL line from your terminals or a full suite of payment authorisationand managed services delivered from our core network, implementation is straightforward and any support you do need is regardless of the sIZe of youravailable 24/7.At the heart of the solution is the world’s first PCI-compliant DSL Level 1 router. Providing a PCI-compliant connection betweena card terminal and the network, it uniquely segregates and transmits card data over the network to acquirers, processors andpayment service providers enabling you to meet PCI requirements for separated transmission of card data from any other traffic. busIness, you wIll be eXposed toA separate router port provides secure access to IP telephony and a comprehensive range of other services such as managed audIts and forensIc eXamInatIon whIch can cost £1000s.backup services, virtualisation services, managed OCS, hosted call recording and hosted Microsoft Exchange.
  4. 4. BUSINESS BENEFITSPaySecure Connect comprises a fully supported PCI-compliant payment system, telephony, a secure Advanced securitynetwork and much more. It enables you to settle card payments faster and more securely while benefiting PaySecure Connect prevents any intentional or accidental change to firewall rules or network configuration whichfrom a wealth of IP-based managed voice and data services – all delivered via a single connection. would break PCI DSS compliance. • Payment terminals are authenticated by the system to mitigate the risk of criminals introducing non-approved terminals Reducing complexity in order to gather card holder data.By taking care of and enforcing 100% of the networking requirements of PCI DSS, PaySecure Connect simplifies yourcompliance process. Additional optional services further simplify the remaining aspects of PCI DSS helping with everything • Failover options ensure continuity of service.from procedures to documentation. • Robust firewall authentication keeps out unwanted traffic and prevents unapproved or accidental changes that take you into non-compliance. 100 • Managed data services enable you to move sensitive data offsite into a secure data centre. 90 80 • 3G backup can bolster resilience as calls don’t go through the local exchange. 70 Cost savings % PCI Compliance 60 50 PCI-compliance achievable through It’s not just that the costs of moving to an IP network-based solution are outweighed by faster, better performance, core-functionality PaySecure Connect router 40 PaySecure Connect enables you to achieve cost savings at every step. 30 PCI-compliance achievable with optional additional router functionality which 20 automates much of the documentary • Existing costly dial-up connections can be consolidated with telephony and other business data services without process (note that retailers storing 10 cardholder data, for example, are still breaking PCI compliance. responsible for undertaking other PCI-specific measures) • The cost of additional telephone lines for having payment authorisation on a separate line is removed as the PaySecure 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 PCI DSS Standard Connect™ router handles this requirement for separation. • ower cost of ownership is achieved through lower operational charges via the managed service OPEX model L• The number of PCI questions you need to answer can be reduced from over 200 to as few as 10. and through faster transaction times.• The time you need to spend filling in PCI forms is dramatically reduced – instead of taking a week or more, the most • Non-compliance ‘indemnity’ fees are no longer needed. straightforward environments can have the job done in just one hour.• The PaySecure Connect router can replace the year’s work you might otherwise need to make your payment systems PCI compliant.
  5. 5. THE ULTIMATE ONE-STOP SHOP CURRENT MODEL FUTURE MODEL One major retailer has reportedSEAMLESS INTEGRATION AND SCALABILITYThe basic configuration of router and ADSL line is just the start of what PaySecure Connect offers. It provides a single securebroadband route for both card transactions and a full suite of services, including data management and virtualisation services, that 1 second added to every cardIP and traditional telephony, and Internet connectivity. All your communications needs in a single consolidated solution. transaction time across its storesThere are no hidden charges for business-grade services, such as sole use of core network bandwidth, and the pay-monthlymodel enables you to easily increase the scope of services as required. can wipe £1 million off its bottomRemoving the administrative costs and headache of negotiating with multiple suppliers for different services, and incorporatingthe highest level of customer support, PaySecure Connect consolidates network, application platforms and data centres into a line through delayed sales andsingle, highly resilient PCI-compliant infrastructure. customer turn-off.
  6. 6. Technical bytesPaySecure Connect’s card payment infrastructure is built on the same platform that delivers70% of worldwide transactions.Secure access for all payment applications including POS, ATM and Kiosk terminalsThe world’s first PCI-compliant DSL Level 1 routerDelivered using the same common infrastructure as H2H (X25 and IP), 0800 Dial, GPRS/3G, MPLS, IP-SSL, IP-VPNMegaNAC can be used to connect bank/processor or retailer hosts10 Gigabit core backbone networkHighly resilient MPLS connectivity into bank and retail host sitesADSL and Ethernet connectivity optionsThe consequences of non-compliance FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW PAYSECUREare huge, including fines of up to CONNECT CAN HELP YOU, contact Us on:£1000 per compromised card. 0800 983 5555
  7. 7. Central House, Beckwith Knowle, Harrogate HG3 1UGsales@paysecureconnect.comwww.paysecureconnect.com0800 983 5555Powered by InTechnology, Phoenix Managed Networks and Mako Networks