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Exploit Delivery


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Published in: Technology

Exploit Delivery

  1. net-square Hi! Your exploits have arrived.
  2. net-square # who am i • Saumil Shah, CEO Net-square • LinkedIn: saumilshah
  3. net-square The Web Has Evolved "The amount of intelligence in the world is constant. And the population is increasing."
  4. net-square Browser Wars Death of Standards HTTP +0.1 HTML?
  5. net-square THE WEB WE LIVE IN 5
  6. net-square 5 Wider Attack Surface
  7. net-square 5 Ease of Exploitation
  8. net-square 5 Mass Manufacturing
  9. net-square Complexity... 5
  10. net-square 5 A New Dimension!
  11. net-square Exploit Mitigation Techniques
  12. net-square /GS SafeSEH DEP ASLR Permanent DEP ASLR and DEP
  13. net-square /GS SafeSEH DEP ASLR Permanent DEP ASLR and DEP SEH overwrites non-SEH DLLs Return to LibC Heap Sprays ROP JIT Sprays
  14. net-square I can haz sandbox I Also Can!
  15. net-square IM IN UR BASE KILLING UR D00DZ Sploit Time!
  16. net-square See no EVAL CVE 2010-2883 (0+10) day exploit Obfuscated Javascript decoded without using eval, document.write, etc.
  17. net-square Who you gonna call?
  18. net-square howstuffworks - Anti Virus YER NOT ON THE LIST! COME ON IN.
  19. net-square howstuffworks - Anti Virus These are not the sploitz you're looking for.
  20. net-square 0-day to the Face! "To get our new signature files you need a valid support plan."
  21. net-square ...and keep on patching
  22. net-square Jedi Web Tricks Clever JS Scripts without scripts HTML5
  23. net-square W3C "I don't think it's ready for production yet," especially since W3C still will make some changes on APIs, said Le Hegaret. "The real problem is can we make HTML5 work across browsers and at the moment, that is not the case." [6th October 2010]
  24. net-square We Broked Teh Webz! HTML Standards... What Standards? Object access JS too powerful SRC= HTTP Old and idiotic Stateless No Auth Bursty
  25. net-square Application Delivery The Web at present Authentication Statefulness Data Typing Non-mutable HTTP HTML AJAX Flash Sandbox HTML5 Anti-XSS WAF Silverlight Web sockets MIND THE GAP
  26. net-square Sploit Time!
  27. net-square smb:// mrl buffer overflow
  28. net-square VLC smb:// overflow - playlist <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <playlist version="1" xmlns="" xmlns:vlc=""> <title>Playlist</title> <trackList> <track> <location> smb://{AAAAAAAA....} </location> <extension application=""> <vlc:id>0</vlc:id> </extension> </track> </trackList> </playlist>
  29. net-square
  30. net-square Alpha Encoded Exploit Tiny URL ZOMFG
  31. net-square 100% Pure Alphanum!
  32. net-square VLC smb overflow - HTMLized!! <embed type="application/x-vlc-plugin" width="320" height="200" target="" id="vlc" /> I'm in ur browser.... ...blowin up ur g00dz pwn
  33. net-square This iz what ?
  34. net-square I'm an evil Javascript I'm an innocent image
  35. net-square <CANVAS>
  36. net-square The Solution? HTML 8.0 HTTP 2.0 Browser Security Model Self Contained Apps
  37. net-square secure . automate . innovate kthxbai