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A World Class Website for a Small Town

Slides of my talk at UX Beers / UX Antwerp about the content centered, customer focussed approach for the website of the city of Zandhoven, Belgium.

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A World Class Website for a Small Town

  1. 1. A World Class Website for a Small Town Saskia Videler for UX Antwerp
  2. 2. It’s me again!
  3. 3. In this talk I will share… • My experiences in a project that is 
 100% Content focussed & Customer centered • Lessons learned • Some important reminders for your next web project
  4. 4. Classic approach Development Prep Content Finale Design
  5. 5. Classic Approach Development Prep Content Design Deve lopm ent De sig n Deve lopm ent Deve lopm ent Zzzz … FinaleFinale Content
  6. 6. Content Centered Approach Development Prep Content Live! Design
  7. 7. The Process
  8. 8. Analysis
  9. 9. Audience Run a business in Zandhoven Live and / or work in Zandhoven Enjoy Zandhoven as tourists
  10. 10. Content & Structure Analysis
  11. 11. Top Tasks Analysis
  12. 12. Besides data, you also get such an amazing view on the way the visitors’ path through the website.
  13. 13. Strategy
  14. 14. Content Guidelines
  15. 15. Build
  16. 16. Final fase (ongoing)
  17. 17. Next steps: • Test • Iterate • Lauch • Test • Iterate
  18. 18. Benefits • Clear briefing • Less corrections • Right focus
  19. 19. Cons Process can take a little longer
  20. 20. Satisfaction Curve Time classic approach content entered, customer focussed approach UserHappiness
  21. 21. Don’t forget: • You need a Captain Content • Start the Content Processes asap • Create a Content Style Guide • Content isn’t King, the Audience is.
  22. 22. Thank you! I would love to hear your thoughts and questions! Post them here or contact me on Twitter: @saskiavideler My website, for more info, references and more contact options: (in Dutch)