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  1. 1. Ernie Crawford, M-EDPCrawford Technologies Inc.33+5 THINGS YOU CAN DOWITH A PRINT FILE BESIDESPRINTING ITWhy not follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook andjoin our LinkedIn Group.Links to all of these available at Xplor International Webinar June 22, 2011 1
  2. 2. Introducing Crawford Technologies Founded in 1995 and based in Toronto, CrawfordTech is a privately held global software company On PROFIT 100 list of fastest growing companies in Canada Core competency is in transaction print stream and document production software, including:  Automated Document Factory and Integrity solutions  Document Re-engineering solutions  Print stream conversions/transform solutions  Document Archive Solutions  Document integration/workflow solutions  Document Accessibility Services
  3. 3. Agenda• Print Files defined• What do you want to do with them?• Why would you want to?• How to accomplish these 38 objectives?
  4. 4. Print Formats
  5. 5. Why would you want to do anythingother than print these files?• Deal with printer obsolescence• Extract data from them for integrity and tracking purposes• Look at them for proofing purposes• Make changes before you print them • Transpromo, optimization, barcodes, etc.• Save them for the future• Mail optimization for cost savings• Address document accessibility requirements• Multi-channel distribution
  6. 6. Printer obsolescence Output to new printers Distribute print Centralize print Load balance across multiple printers Extend the lifetime of older printers Standardize print architecture and printers Extend life of legacy applications Xplor International Conference & Vendor Forum April 5-7, 2011 6
  7. 7. Print Stream Transforms Convert from one print format to another  Typically automated with spooler or workflow tool
  8. 8. Extract data Document Integrity tracking and reporting Document tracking  Automated Document Factory  Intelligent inserters Indexing print file  Reprint  Archive indexing and management Extract for reconstruction  Recomposition or storage in XML/CSV Xplor International Conference & Vendor Forum April 5-7, 2011 8
  9. 9. Document Reengineering Add bar codes Add QR Codes for multi-channel communications Add Intelligent Mail Barcodes Postal Sortation Add finishing information (tray pulls, etc.) Index for ADF Create print run manifests for file- based inserters & Post Office
  10. 10. Document Reengineering Means making changes to bills, statements and other mission-critical transactional customer communications post- composition. Provides the ultimate in flexibility for the printing and mailing of transactional customer communications that are created using legacy print streams.
  11. 11. Automated Document Factory and Document Integrity Solutions Audit Automated reprint Track for compliance purposes Ensure duplicates are not printed and mailed Cross reference to ensure printing has been done and on time
  12. 12. Document Accessibility ServicesExtract content and convert into Alternate Formats: Braille Large Print Audio eText Accessible PDF Mobile formats for smart phones
  13. 13. Archive Management Solutions Keep documents for later usage• Archive & view• Enterprise Content Management (ECM)• Report Output Management• eDelivery• Electronic Envelope• Digital Postal Mail
  14. 14. Commingling and Combining• Combine multiple print files• Extract pages and combine with other pages from other print files• Commingling• House-holding
  15. 15. Transpromo Document Re-engineering Go from this … … to this …
  16. 16. Transpromo Document Re-engineering • Remove hardcopy-oriented objects for electronic presentation • Adding color to legacy black & white applications • Detect available white space to apply text and image-based marketing content there • Merge PDFs for marketing, regulatory or other informational purposes (Printserts) • Add PURLS (personalized URLs) • Add QR codes to direct smart-phone savvy customers to relevant offers and info • Add color to black & white applicationsGo from this … … to this for a fraction of the traditional cost
  17. 17. Streaming Multi Channel Distribution Suppressing hardcopy for customers taking alternative delivery methods Providing documents the way each customer wants them
  18. 18. Providing documents the way each customer wants them• Print Stream Transforms• Document Reengineering• eDelivery• Document Accessibility Services
  19. 19. 38 Things you can do with print files besides printing Output to different devices • eDelivery Embed pages in other applications • Electronic Envelope – combine inserts in Extract information for indexing purposes electronic document Extract information for reconstruction • Archive & view Add bar codes • Store in ECM Add QR Codes for multi-channel • Report Output Management System communications • Combine multiple print files Add Intelligent Mail Barcodes • Extract pages and combine with other Postal Optimization pages from other print files Add finishing information (tray pulls, etc.) • Commingling Index for ADF • House-holding Create print run manifests for file-based • Redesign/Reformat inserters & Post Office • Compliance formatting and content changes Automated reprint • Change to/from duplex/simplex Track for compliance purposes • Transpromo Ensure duplicates are not printed and • Replace white space with 1:1 targeted mailed messages and graphics Accessibility • Convert to color Alternate formats (Braille, Large Print, • Printserts Audio, eText, Accessible PDF) • Multi Channel distribution Digital Postal Mail • Mobile delivery Suppress printed versions of mail pieces • Provide documents the way customers want Ensure duplicates are not printed & mailed them
  20. 20. Tools and Techniques• Print Stream Transforms• Operational Document Re-engineering• Automated Document Factory/Document Integrity/Production Management Systems• Document Accessibility Services• Archive Management Systems/ECM Integration• Commingling and print file combining software• Transpromo Document Re-engineering• Streaming
  21. 21. Summary• In the current economy, successful organizations are leveraging their Print Files to do more with less, and are becoming the shining lights in the industry• Using Document Re-engineering and Print Stream Transforms, many organizations are leveraging their Print Streams to achieve many innovative, successful and profitable mileposts with minimal investments• This includes leading edge initiatives such as Transpromo, Document Integrity Solutions, Archive, Online Viewing, and Electronic Document Distribution• Document Accessibility Services can address the percentage of customers with disabilities allowing you to address100% of your customers• Many critical and even profitable initiatives can be accomplished quickly and easily without the need for massive amounts of capital investment or architecture redesigns
  22. 22. Ernie Crawford, M-EDPCrawford Technologies+1 416-923-0080ernie@crawfordtech.comWWW.CRAWFORDTECH.COM33+5 THINGS YOU CAN DOWITH A PRINT FILE BESIDESPRINTING IT Xplor International Webinar June 22, 2011 22