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ROI for the Legal Market.

See what Toshiba has in store!!!!

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Toshiba ecopy Legal Presentation

  1. 1. Gaining a Rapid Return on Investment With Print Management and Document Imaging Solutions Presented by Chris Cardillo Director of Technology and Marketing Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton, PA
  2. 2. Presentation Overview • Industry Trends • Project Implementation at Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton, PA (KT&T) • Results • Next Steps • Q&A
  3. 3. Kozyak, Tropin & Throckmorton • 20+ attorney firm with national recognition - Commercial Litigation - Top Tier Bankruptcy Firm - Top Ranked Trial Lawyers - Trademark/Intellectual Property • Large multi-district contingency fee Partial client list: cases -Marriott International - Large bankruptcy cases; e.g. -Dole Foods dealing with Fraud/Ponzi Schemes -Fidelity Management • Cases often last 3-10 years and have -Seminole Indian Tribe heavy demands; lowering long-term -Sony International costs is critical
  4. 4. Industry Trends
  5. 5. What’s New in Cost Recovery? • Cost recovery systems must integrate with several firm infrastructure MFP systems and software platforms • High cost, decentralized printing is a growing trend over low cost MFP printing • Virtualization of entire infrastructure is on the rise • Copying/faxing is on the decline but can be heavy at times
  6. 6. What’s New in Cost Recovery? • Dramatic increase in scanning • Increase in the amount and size of documents sent via email • Color copying/scanning/printing is on the rise
  7. 7. Print/Scan Cost Recovery Trends
  8. 8. What’s New in Print Management? • Changing workflows: From fax/mail to virtual faxing; user printing at the workstation has increased • Color printing: Dramatic increase in color, and cost far exceeds black & white; needs to be tracked • Print tracking: Network and personal printers increasing in popularity; tracking $ must be captured • Litigation document conversion on the rise: Document conversion to CD/DVD or online reviews
  9. 9. What’s New in Document Imaging? • Transition from the back office to the front office - 70% businesses using MFPs to scan - 56% expect this to increase • Scanning drivers - Information accessibility - Reducing costs and time spent • Productivity impact - #1 business issue - Paper-based and electronic process co-existence
  10. 10. Project Implementation
  11. 11. Project Goals • Track and recover lost costs on prints and scans • Reduce client costs through imaging/web hosting solutions • Simplify user experience, offering a single place for document processing - Allow employees to OCR a document themselves, and edit or manipulate PDF’s for a fraction of the cost of Adobe - Reduce logjams at the MFP; increase MFP # in total and send processing to user desktops
  12. 12. The Hidden Cost of Scans Why is cost accounting on scans necessary? • Virtual Storage - 100% or more increase year over year for storage needs • Powerful Database Engine - More images require more processing power of key databases including email systems, • Backup Capacity - More storage requires larger backup media, faster backups and often expensive replication solutions. • Staffing Requirements - Imaging and processing of OCR is time consuming. - Profiling documents, loading into databases is complex and requires Quality controls which can increase processing time requirements
  13. 13. Implementation • Workflow -Re-established rules for scanning, routing and printing • Training -Very little needed -Integrated products • Equipment -New MFP’s -Equitrac Professional 5 -eCopy ShareScan and eCopy Desktop
  14. 14. Third Party System Integrations
  15. 15. Document Workflow Integration Follow-you Printing® Online Services Document E-mail Time and Billing Management Active Directory eCopy Desktop™ Windows Server Fax Databases / Equitrac Professional® 5 Applications eCopy ShareScan™
  16. 16. Summary of Results
  17. 17. Improved Staff Productivity • Fully integrated document capture & cost recovery solution at the MFP “Secretaries love • Ability to scan documents into usable the solution… It Word documents saves hours of -Profile documents at MFP vs. desktop typing and makes -Scan direct to Worksite/iManage filling out forms easy.” • Streamlined document workflows -Email scanned images to outside recipients from MFP from the user’s email account rather than a generic user -Easy to use software for PDF to word conversion; combine, split, edit PDF’s
  18. 18. Increased Operational Efficiencies • Recover lost revenue from cost of digital document delivery • Eliminate manual tracking of prints and scans • Reduced IT support -Minimal training on new solutions -Integration of technology -Users empowered to do tasks, previously only IT could do • Leverage potential of MFPs -Utilize full capabilities of devices -Allow MFP to be used while document processing is happening at workstation level -Reduced wait time at MFP
  19. 19. Security and Audit Trails • Authentication at the MFP -E-mail audit trails -Active directory integration • Track who scans, prints and copies • Differentiates between B/W and Color jobs • Ability to pull printer data -Queued Activity Reports
  20. 20. Rapid Return on Investment • Huge cost savings • One client: $30,000 in one month “We realized an – Recovered costs on prints/scans 100% ROI within just three – Postage, long distance phone months.” charges, faxes
  21. 21. What’s Next in the Roadmap? • Use MFPs for both ad hoc and batch scanning via barcode cover sheets • Scan direct to additional applications – Direct scan to CT Summation • Card authentication to MFPs and applications residing on the device • Set the stage for “paperless office” processing
  22. 22. Chris Cardillo Director of MIS Kozyak, Tropin & Throckmorton Phone: (305) 372-1800 Email: