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The Bakery services and some examples.

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  1. 1. The Bakery Sports and Entertainment communications September 2008
  2. 2. Today’s Brand Communications are more than just good commercials
  3. 3. In fact, the original concept of “commercial” is eroded The commercials we want to watch are fun pieces
  4. 4. For this reason, current Brand Communication Business presents strong similarities with the Content Generation industry Consumers look for commercials that don’t necessary feel like commercials
  5. 5. Consumers identify their values and life statements in expressive pieces they love to watch over and over We show our likes and dislikes as a position statement
  6. 6. The Bakery, integrated communications for sports and entertainment The Bakery offers full creative • solutions to Brands under the Sports and Entertainment mindset We are a group of communications • experts that deliver turn-key programs that change behavior patterns. The Bakery generates contents to • engage consumer to Brands.
  7. 7. We currently work with clients in Canada and Mexico The Bakery started operations with • International Clients in Mexico A Creative Service unit delivers • creative and local production Decentralized structure works under • the principle of best resource for the job, at the optimum price
  8. 8. More content, higher engagement • We approach the communication tasks as a content generation. • We generate communications pieces on which the consumers can identify and project their own values and lifestyles • We have a service structure to fulfill the content generation needs • Creative and scriptwriters generate the content • Creative producers that interact with the client and make the things happen • We motivate the consumer’s participation
  9. 9. We work for the fans...
  10. 10. Case 1: How to generate and administrate content for an insurance company?
  11. 11. Metlife insurances They developed a short film with minimum Brand presence • The film is distributed at • Two contests running: • • Consumer content • Film production We elevate Mateo to a social icon •
  12. 12. Case 2: How to engage at a radically different socioeconomic level?
  13. 13. Holcim - Apasco Holcim Apasco needs to engage a very indifferent target: construction • workers We chose the music as the key engagement element to generate • expression and move the Brand to an exciting level We developed a concert program and activated it at the construction • sites
  14. 14. A low budget campaign in non-traditional contact points Text Posters and graphitti
  15. 15. We conducted dance contests at construction sites
  16. 16. Mass concerts to make it more exciting
  17. 17. Case 3: How to promote a product which limitations makes it almost forbidden?
  18. 18. Camel needs alternative communication forms Due to tobacco regulations, Camel needs to find innovative ways to • contact consumers We develop a magazine, 90% images, that defines the Camel realm • The magazine has a guest editor, and each issue is edited in six different • cities: Mexico City, Toronto, Paris, Shangai, Barcelona, Berlin.
  19. 19. We believe in concept amplification Any communication effort should be • elevated to an entertainment level through amplification process To achieve this, we need a TTL • structure to provide answers to all communication needs We believe in ROI in communications, • as we monitor profitability through each step of the process
  20. 20. We believe we need the best talent for the project, wherever it is With talent around the world, we • ensure we have the best solution for a particular problem Decentralization allows us to offer • competitive prices and fast response
  21. 21. 100 King Street West, suite 5700 Toronto, Ontario M5X 1C7 Tel: +416 915 3119Fax: +416 915 3177