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Kingshir-KADMS features

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Kingshir-KADMS features

  1. 1. KINGSHIR TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Excellence in Business Intelligence You Choose… We do it 4B Ocean Court, 126 Santhome High Road, Chennai–600028, India. Phone:+91-44-43060607,+91-44-43060608 Fax:+91-44-43060609. email: Liaison office: 9728 Moss Rose Circle, Highlands Ranch, CO-80129, USA. Phone: 1303-506-5446 KADMS- ASSET DATA MANAGEMENT SUITE SALIENT FEATURES Kingshir’s Asset Data Management Suite provides value added services for every stage of asset’s life cycle from design to disposal comprising internal and external entities. KADMS Software comprises of the following modules: Plants Asset Management (PM) Bill of Materials – Multi level eCatMan – Materials Master Cataloguing and standardization eCatMan – Service Master Cataloguing and standardization EVMS – Enterprise Vendor Management Drawing & Document Management Enterprise Finance Management GIS – (Geographical Information System) Asset and Utility Management MM – Materials Management Enterprise Project Management Enterprise Human Resource System Administration Collaboration: Notification – email & SMS, Knowledge Forum. Online Help KADMS Software Technical features: Web based, highly flexible, scalable and reliable Multi-tier software architecture Configurable user/password security J2EE platform Multi Company, multi business unit/plant and multi location configuration. Structural hierarchy suites SAP multi Client operations Group level and user level authorizations for company, plant, projects and software modules. Suites SAP ECC 6.0 Net weaver interface.
  2. 2. You Choose… We do it… Plant Asset Management Module Asset Master Asset Equipment Hierarchy Technical objects and Functional Locations Asset Equipment Details Asset Details Characteristic Specification Equipment Inventory details Drawing and Documents Warranty and Insurance Work Site Safety Equipment - Interchangeable Equipment and Sub-Assemblies details Maintenance Plan Asset characteristics Specification Details Asset Equipment Component Master Bill of Materials Equipment BOM Catalog Builder MWO / ESS BOM – (Maintenance BOM) Inter Changeable Equipment / Items BOM Addition / Deletion Trouble shooting Master Failure Codes Master Cause Codes Master Remedial codes Master Trouble shooting Guide Formatted view Tree View Asset Equipment Standard Dictionary Asset Equipment Standard Dictionary Equipment Type and Sub Type definition Equipment Attribute Master Attribute Master Attribute Value Master Attribute UOM Master Work Permit Master Permit Activity Master Work Permit type Model Work Permit Condition & Health monitoring Code Master Sketch Shock Pulse Performance data sheet Equipment Severity Level Work Plan Asset General Codes Master
  3. 3. You Choose… We do it… Report Module eCatMan – Materials Master Cataloguing and standardization Catalog Master Item Creation Tabs& Views: Material Grouping, Attribute Extraction, Originator Suggestions, Equipment Hierarchy Linking, Dynamic Group, Documents, International Code SAP Inventory Views New Item Code Request Module International Code Mapping (ECCMA-eOTD, UNSPSC, eClass, CPV, NAIC, SIC & GMDN) Short Text Editing Consistency Check Consistency Check by Attribute Standard Item Dictionary Standard Item Name Search De-Duplication Code View Attribute Valid Values Request Status Search Parameterization Tools Installation Setup Parameterization SAP Inventory Views Master Codes Material Grouping Material Group Master Excise Master Excise Master ExciseMaster to StandardItem Linking Search Item Search by Description Item Search by Text and SAPCode Corporate Catalog Manager CCM Master Item Vs Individual BU CCM Count by BU/Clients CCM Item Master Mapping across BU/Clients Item code extension Module Commodity Code Management Commodity Group Codes Comm Code Table Master comm.code.test.develop Comm Code Pattern Configuration Comm Code Template MSDS Cabinet Identity MSDS Cabinet
  4. 4. You Choose… We do it… Contacts and Vendor Contacts EVMS (Enterprise Vendor Management system) Vendor Registration-Internal EVMS - Web Access EVMS -Main Welcome EVMS-Register EVMS-Login EVMS- Vendor Profile Details (13 Screens) Vendor Evaluation Internal Business Intelligence Inventory Management Corporate Inventory Plant BU inventory Asset Performance Corporate Inventory Plant BU Inventory Spend Analysis Corporate Inventory Plant BU inventory Productivity Corporate Inventory Plant BU inventory Drawing and Document Management System (eDocMan) Admin User Access Administration Storage Administration Hierarchy Work Process Flow Document Master Search Reports Document View History Document Count Document Storage Details Document Master Document Code Master Doc Coding Schedule Parameterization Template Master MSDS Cabinet MSDS Cabinet MSDS Code Master
  5. 5. You Choose… We do it… Hot Spot Embedding and Document Linking, drawing management Corporate Training Graphic Based simulated Training system Knowledge Bank System Admin Users and Groups Authorization ETL - Data Loadingtest Finance and Tolerance Limit Release Data Language Transaction numbers Transaction numbers setting PopUp Parameter Settings Software Registration Message broadcast Browse DB Utilities Knowledge Bank Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Distant Education Company Photo Album Suggestion Book Web Calendar Mailing List Help Desk Engineering Unit Conversions Issue Help Desk Geographic Information System (GIS) Assets & Equipment – Utility Management.
  6. 6. You Choose… We do it… Services offered by Kingshir Technology Solutions: Plant Equipment and Maintenance Data Creation of Technical Objects - Systems and equipment hierarchical master data with detailed equipment specification, linked to engineering drawings, digitized parts manual & plant maps. Preparation equipment Tag list by system/functional locations. PM Planning - Maintenance (preventive & predictive) planning, procedures and execution schedules master data. Equipment and Equipment Spare Part interchangeability data master – interchangeable within the system / plant or group companies. Model work orders and linking model work orders to equipment/components. Preparation of Environment, health and safety data as optional and add on to the equipment maintenance & operations data master. Standardized failure codes & descriptions. Flexible enough to be interfaced to client application system or maintain over web. Implementation of the data into ERP/CMMS For data preparation we use Asset Data Management Suite (KADMS) is a multi-tier web based technology application providing complete and comprehensive base data for the Asset Management and operation. AMDMS comprises of eCatMan, eAssetManager with Maintenance and Model Work orders, BOM master (by Equipment, by work order and by project), Environment- Health - safety data, Interchangeable equipment and Parts data Manager, Service and Contract data Master, Drawing and Document Manager and supplier manager. AMDMS is powerful and flexible to organize the data with quality, consistency, accuracy and can be integrated to SAP other ERP’s and EAMS with KAID-KINGSHIR’s proprietary application interface adapter. AMDMS also can be used as complementary system to any ERP. Bill of Materials Bill of Materials preparation for Equipment, Maintenance work order BOM Spares Identification & hierarchy building Equipment Life Cycle Spares - Identification and documentation of all spares required in the Life Cycle of the Equipment Maintenance Spares - Identification of all spares required for the normal maintenance of the equipment and all spares required for carrying out each level of PM. Spare parts interchangeability master list preparation (SPIR) Review initial spares and recommend operating spares list based on: o Criticality o Mandatory renewable spares o OEM components/availability o Wear parameters o Repairable/re-work as per the availability of the agencies
  7. 7. You Choose… We do it… Materials Data and inventory cataloging Data Classification, Data Cleansing and Normalization. Noun modifier assignment using eCatMan’s Industry standard template dictionary or as per client’s requirement. Attribute Value Extraction and Data Enrichment De-Duplication and (functional) near equivalent identification Inventory and Parts Master Creation Map and assign international standards eOTD codes, UNSPSC, eCl@ss, ECRI and GMDN and Up-gradation to new versions of UNSPSC, eCl@ss Corporate Catalog maintenance, inclusions and revision updates. Services and Contracts classification. Standardize taxonomies and codification. Implementation of the catalog data into ERP/CMMS. We use our proven electronic Catalog Management software (eCatMan) tool. Drawing & Document Management Every organization has numerous drawings and associated documents. In an asset intensive organization or a large engineering project, engineers spent considerable amounts of time for searching the drawings, the version and updates. It needs a capable systems and procedure for easy tracking of the drawings, version control, audit trails and the distribution. For getting ISO accreditation, eDocMan will certainly assist your systems and procedures. eDocMan is powerful web enabled software tools bring your entire plant’s drawing, images and documents just by clicks. From site map to components is on click away. Process Convert manual drawings in to digital drawings Vectorise the digital drawings Revision if needed. Create As built drawings Coding and linking to the Technical objects (Plant/System/Tag/Equipment hierarchy) Install the Drawing Management software tool and Upload drawings/image Integrate with the existing ERP/CMMS Benefits Consolidated & centralized repository of total plant drawings Easier and faster access to drawings Easier updating / revision of drawings and Version control Drill down search link from site map to component image Easy check in / Check out
  8. 8. You Choose… We do it… Maintenance consulting Kingshir provides complete services in the area of Enterprise Asset Management through out the life cycle of a plant. EAM is the terminology used to manage the Assets in any enterprise effectively to ensure desired levels of productivity are achieved. Maximum utilization of resources and minimum interruptions. Lowering costs of productivity Improving the life of the Assets/ equipment. The process of managing the assets effectively starts with an Assessment of requirement that an Enterprise may need. Our Services Maintenance Assessment Maintenance Optimization Inventory optimization Risk Management Criticality Analysis Reliability Centered Maintenance Risk based Inspection Our Packaged Solutions eCatMan eDocMan KADMS EBS Enterprise resource planning Kingshir consultants have a rich experience in implementing all the leading ERP packages across the globe and provide an entire range of end-to-end services by means of business process optimization, product implementation, customization, developing interface tools between ERP, EAM and CMMS systems like SAP R/3 & ECC 6.0 Oracle (JD Edwards) Maximo Ramco-EAM Kingshir also has ERP complement add on tools and system with proven application interface adapters, in the area of PM & MM modules, Document and drawings, images and classifications & Characteristics Standard dictionaries. Our expertise Our functional domain experts and MRO engineers having 2 to 35 years of materials & operations, plant maintenance & project management experience in the following industries in North America, South America, India and Middle East. Oil and Gas Pipe line Transportation Petrochemicals Refineries Power Steel Copper Paper Fertilizers Chemicals Manufacturing Global delivery skill Hybrid delivery Model – Combinations of off-shore, On-shore and near-shore Supported by strong IT team and powerful web enabled IT tools.