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Jade pp


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Jade pp

  1. 1. Outcomes of Quality care
  2. 2. What is quality of care? Patient ReadmissionfocusedLength of Morbidity & stay Mortality Outcome measures
  3. 3. 2 Minutes In the life of a real nurse
  4. 4. Patient focused Establish patient & Empowerment family partnerships SafetyEducation Support disclosure Coordination of care & truth around medical error Respect Partnership Meet the changing needs of individualParticipation patients Autonomy
  5. 5. Readmission Primary contact Places pressurePatient Satisfaction on all systems CostsEfficiency Does not support patient centred Care co-ordination care Education Education/access to primary care Pressure on the system facilities
  6. 6. Length of stay Patient Satisfaction Higher risk of hospital acquiredPlanning infection Financial Burden Affects both the Hospital & microsystem Co-ordination of care PatientHospital Acquired Infection satisfaction
  7. 7. Morbidity & Mortality Morbidity is often a Mortality is generallycontributing factor to accepted as an adverseincreasing the risk of outcome of care Mortality Satisfaction within the microsystems are generally affected negatively by the impact of Morbidity & Mortality
  8. 8. What next?ARTICLEEvaluating the Sustainability of a Quality Improvement Initiative Karen Homa, Ph.D.
  9. 9. The Process – How did we get here? Isolation and Brainstorming Orientation delegation of and organisation search topics for further of information research