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Six sigma- PPE - Jade


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Six sigma- PPE - Jade

  1. 1. Six Sigma >> PPE compliance
  2. 2. Background & TheoryModelled on Deming’s philosophy for critical improvement for management systems & PDSA model Identify & remove Minimise Improve the causes of variability quality errors
  3. 3. How it works DMAIC model
  4. 4. Application of Six Sigma“The critical component to seeing bottom-line results for Six Sigma is careful implementation.” Customer/Employee Management DMAIC
  5. 5. PPE ComplianceScenario-The Manager of the surgical ward at *Health Care Improvement Hospital* has received the results of the recent audit of ‘Hand hygiene’ on the ward. The results are not favourable.The audit was concerned with the Staff’s practice of hand hygiene, in compliance with the recently implemented ‘5 moments of hand hygiene’ guidelines set by the World Health Organization.
  6. 6. Define Need for Health riskimprovement Fails to meet needs
  7. 7. Measure OtherWhen? Frequency? issues?
  8. 8. AnalyseCause of non- Cause & Verifying the compliances effect analysis cause
  9. 9. ImprovePractical Action Cost & Challengesmethods plan benefit
  10. 10. Control Critical questions Before/after charts