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Leadership on the ward pp


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Leadership on the ward pp

  1. 1. Leadership on the ward – Nursing Hierarchy
  2. 2. Nursing hierarchy - Australia Clinical Nurse Manager Clinical Development Nurse Clinical Nurse Registered Nurse Enrolled Nurse Assistant in Nursing
  3. 3. Special responsibilities of the Nurse Manager -Maintaining standards Control Risk management Success Encouragement Research Improvement
  4. 4. - Motivation in the work setting Design plans Facilitator Improved performance Competent
  5. 5. “Nursing management uses administrative directives and should use leadership skills to ensure the efficient use of time, equipment, supplies, and staff to reach the goals and objectives of the nursing department.” Theofanidis & Dikatpanidou (2006)
  6. 6. Role of the Clinical Development Nurse Leadership Education Quality Improvement Create new ideas Decision making Environmental influence Reliable Educator & Facilitator
  7. 7. Facilitation of learning by the nurse Preceptor Novice
  8. 8. The informal leader “Others may act as informal leaders, deriving power from their unique characteristics. Education, experience, drive and decisiveness are viewed positively and help establish credibility. The person with these qualities may be viewed as reliable and therefore others are willing to cooperate” Theofanidis & Dikatpanidou (2006)
  9. 9. The Process – How did we get here? Orientation search Brainstorming and organisation of information Isolation and delegation of topics for further research