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Panoptes India (P) Ltd.


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Panoptes India (P) Ltd.

  1. 1. Vision Protecting Life & Assets
  2. 2. Structure Panoptes India Private Limited Security Safety FG1 Security Pole, UK Ferroguard Torch Camera, UK “Entry Control System” UK Logipix, Hungary Ferroguard “Screener” UK Traka, UK
  3. 3. Technology Partners - Security Company Products Description CountryMetrasens Ltd FG1 Security Single Pole Ferrous Metal UK Pole Detector Self sustained 3.1 MP cameraSesys Ltd Torch Camera with battery backup, 3G SIM, UK stainless steel housing, wireless upgrade etc for quick deployments Key Overcoming most of the Management difficulties associated with keyTraka, Assaabloy System management, Traka intelligent UK key management provides the perfect solution 9.1 MP/15 MP Cameras withSTP Ltd Logipix autofocus for Day/Night Hungary operations
  4. 4. Technology Partners - Safety Company Products Description CountryMetrasens Ltd Ferroguards Patented Technology for UK • Entry MRI Safety with options of Control customised deployments System • Screener
  5. 5. FG1 Security Pole
  6. 6. FG1 Security Pole• Ferromagnetic object detector• Award Winning product• Technology developed by Qinetiq “British Defense Research Organisation”• Works by detecting changes in the ambient magnetic field caused by ferromagnetic objects passing by – Illustrative Figure below This figure shows the earth’s magnetic Here the distortion of the earth’s field field as parallel red lines. The person is caused by the ferromagnetic object is carrying a ferromagnetic object, resulting detected by the FG1 and the visual and/or in a distortion. Here the distortion is too audible alarm will be set off. far away from the detector to register.• Has a sensitivity control so that only magnetic distortions above a certain size set off the alarm
  7. 7. FG1 Security Pole• Totally Passive Technology• Robust Design for Indoor & Outdoor Use• Aesthetically Pleasing Design• Portable Operation with Rapid Deployment• Covert Operation• Uniform Coverage from Head to Toe• Hi Sensitivity• Working in Non-Flat Surface• Mains Supply with 7 hrs of Battery Life• Surprise Element
  8. 8. FG1 Security Pole
  9. 9. Torch Range of Camera
  10. 10. Torch Camera• Self Sustained CCTV Solution with options of 3G Cellular, wireless and local Ethernet communication• Award Winning Product• Industrial, ruggedized Product• Portable or quick deployments for – Site Monitoring – VIP Security – Rapid Deployments – Pilferage Checks – Property Monitoring – --------------------------
  11. 11. Torch Camera• Digital Cameras • 3 mega pixel in your pocket, 30 times better quality than conventional CCTV• Various Options of Connectivity – Cellular/Wireless/Wifi/Cable• Internal recording to SD, ftp and email• Integrated battery – Upto 8 Hours• Works with solar/wind power systems• Industrial, ruggedised equipment• Hand carry• Pole clamp incorporated• No software, to install or subscribe to• Intelligent and Event Driven recording• Choice of Lenses
  12. 12. Traka –Intelligent Key Management Solution
  13. 13. Traka – Intelligent Key Management Solution If you’ve been searching for a way to protect your organisation’s assets and resources, Traka’s intelligent access management systems could prove to be that elusive silver bullet - by turning your conventional key into a clever key Overcoming most of the difficulties associated with key management, Traka intelligent key management provides the perfect solution. At its heart is the Traka iFob™. These bullet-shaped devices contain a chip which provides a unique electronic ID. Once attached to an iFob, individual keys or keysets are effectively, electronically tagged. Individual keys or keysets are permanently attached to an iFob with a robust security seal. Each iFob is then allocated a specific port within a Traka key cabinet – and locked in place until released by an authorised user.
  14. 14. Traka – Intelligent Key Management Solution Traka has a range of Electronic Key Management solutions that will control who can gain access to keys, restrict individual key usage to authorised users, provide a full audit of key activity and generate numerous easy to use reports based on user information logged at the time of taking or returning keys. • Cabinets managing between 10 and 540 keys, in 3 modular sizes • Multiple cabinets can be networked, locally or remotely, for large sites with more keys • User profiles and key details configured in a centrally located database on a standard PC
  15. 15. The Traka Solution• Make Users Accountable• Give them a method that is easy to use• Control who has access• Monitor the access• Audit how often it was accessed and by whom• Ensure items are only accessed by authorized staff• Ensure procedures are followed as you designed them
  16. 16. Traka32 softwareThe power behind all Traka solutions lies in their Traka32Software. Running on either a single PC or in a networked serverenvironment, it offers multi-language use, provides extensivereal time data capture, interfaces with most 3rd party accesscontrol
  17. 17. Logipix
  18. 18. Logipix• Innovative security device • Industrial Grade NVR developer company • Specially compressed chip• Designed and manufactured • JPEG 2000 Compression in Hungary • Logi-zoom advantage• Range of very high • Option of Autofocus resolution cameras
  19. 19. Logipix Architecture
  20. 20. Logipix• 9.1 Megapixel Security Camera – 20 times higher resolution – Much more detailed picture – Better viewing experience – the latest STP development – Multi-resolution recording technology – Wavelet compression - JPEG2000 – Extra wide dynamic range – Knowledge based image processing
  21. 21. Logipix LPIX09-01 LPIX09-DN-01 LPIX09-DN-S-01 LPIX09-029 Megapixel Range Multi-megapixel IP Multi-megapixel IP Multi-megapixel IP camera Multi-megapixel IPDescription camera with local camera ICR function for camera (Dome Type) storage support Day/night switchingResolution 3480 (H) x 2600 (V)frame rate 5 fps at 9.1 Mp, 12 fps at 2.2 Mp, 35 fps at CIF/ MPX9 signal processorVideo compression JPEG2000 – WaveletSensor 1/2" Color 9.1 Megapixel CMOSscanning system Progressive, no interlaced scanningshutter type Electronic rolling shutter (ERS)shutter mode 1/10 – 1/1 000 000 s, 1/1 s low shutter mode 0.5 lux F1.4 Day mode or 0.05 lux F1.4 night 0.5 lux F1.4Sensitivity 0.5 lux F1.4 modeGain control Fix, auto, blur or noise priority
  22. 22. LogipixBacklight Whole picture or any area selectablecompensation DC auto/manual irisLens Standard C/CS mount lensInputs/Outputs 2 programmable IO connections NO, NC / OC 0.5A/30V SATA interface / upStorage NA NA NA to 2 terabyteSound Built-in microphone, 1 CH external 24 KHz / 16bit, sound outputIntelligence Integrated motion detectionEthernet connection 100 Mbit / low Voltage power over Ethernet (LPoE) D=151.7 mmDimensions 50 x 50 x 50 mm without lens H=97.6 mmWeight 250 g 1.16 KgPower supply LPoE or 8-24 V DCPower consumption 3.7 WOperating temp -20 °C to + 50 °C (-4 °F to +122 °F)Storage temp -25 °c to + 70 °c (-13 °F to +158 °F)Note: standard version delivered without lens
  23. 23. LogipixProduct profile - 15 Megapixel “Autofocus”• Multi-megapixel camera for security applications at the price of analog cameras• Based on 15 Megapixel CMOS sensor• 36 times higher resolution• Good low light performance• Multi-resolution recording technology• Wavelet compression – JPEG2000• Extra wide dynamic range• Auto back focus – always sharp image• SATA interface, upto 1 TByte 2.5” HDD, integrated NVR functions
  24. 24. Logipix 15 Megapixel “Autofocus”Application field Multi-megapixel real Day/Night IP camera for outdoor or low light applicationsResolution 4608(H) x 3264(V)Frame rate 5 fps at 15 MP, 10 fps at 7 MP, 25 fps at 2.2 MP, 50 fps at CIFVideo compression JPEG2000 – WaveletImage sensor ½-inch color 15 Megapixel CMOSAuto focus Motorized back focus adjustmentScanning system Progressive, no interlaced scanningShutter type Electronic rolling shutter (ERS)Shutter speed 1/10 – 1/1 000 000 s, 1/1 s low shutter mode, blur or noise prioritySensitivity 0.2 lux F1.4 Day mode or 0.02 lux F1.4 Night modeGain control Fix, auto, blur or noise priorityBacklight compensation Whole picture or any area selectable
  25. 25. Logipix 15 Megapixel “Autofocus” Lens Standard C/CS mount DC auto/manual iris lens In/outputs 2 programmable in- or outputs Local storage SATA interface for up to 3 TByte HDD Local storage powering Up to 1 TByte 2.5” HDD Sound in/output Built-in microphone, external 24 kHz / 16bit Intelligent Integrated motion detection Ethernet 100 Mbit / Low Voltage Power over Ethernet (LPoE) Operating temperature -20 °C to +50 °C (-4 °F to +122 °F) Supplied voltage LPoE or 8-24 VDC Power consumption 3.7 W Dimensions 50 x 50 x 50 mm without lens Weight 250gNote: standard version delivered without lens
  26. 26. Logipix• Logipix 15 Dome – ICR function for Day/Night switching – HD resolution 4608 x 3264 pixel – Wavelet compression JPEG2000 – Auto Back Focus function – IP65 metal housing
  27. 27. Logipix• 100 Megapixel Camera – Integrated 9 Nos of Logipix 15 megapixel cameras – High resolution panorama image rendered at display time – Images are taken in the same time at 5 fps frame rate – Multiple digital zoom from the panoramatic image – Custom Coverage 400 per Camera
  28. 28. Logipix• Logipix Network Video Recorder Box – SATA HDDs up to 24 TByte – Built-in managed 16+2 port LPoE Router – Built-in managed UPS – Internal batteries 2 x 12V / 12Ah – Linux operating system
  29. 29. Logipix• LNVR Rack – Specially designed for Logipix cameras – 1U, 2U and 4U 19” rackmount versions – Up to 20 hot swap SATA HDDs – Up to 60 TByte storage capacity – Built-in managed 16+2 port LPoE Router – Built-in UPS, backup time 3 to 9 hours – Linux operating system
  30. 30. Our Delivery Promise• Quality Assurance• Time Management• Product/Solution Training• After Sales Service
  31. 31. Our Prestigious Customers