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WTR (What The ruckus) on Instagram


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Trying to figure out whether your brand should be on Instagram? Curious about who's doing it well and what it takes to have a successful Instagram account?

Check out our handy and quick guide on Instagram for brands.

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WTR (What The ruckus) on Instagram

  1. 1. WTR?what the THE (short) STORY ON INSTAGRAM FOR BRANDS
  2. 2. WTR ? 2 It would be really easy to chalk up Instagram’s success to filters, food pics and selfies but then we’d be left with the question - why did Instagram succeed where a slew of other filter-based photo apps failed? Because Instagram’s success hinged on embracing a combination of simplicity, ephemera and visual-first content.   The brainchild of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram began life as an overly-complicated Foursquare clone called Burbn in 2010, letting users checkin, collect points and share photos. But from the ashes of this failed app came something far more engaging and user friendly. The creators quickly realized users were sharing images far more than checking-in so after a quick pivot Instagram was born.   In its first year Instagram had over a million registered users, by 2011 that number totaled more than 10 million and as of 2014 the base was upwards of 300 million users who have created a staggering 20 billion photos and videos to date. Demographically, the app skews female (68%), and younger - under 35 years of age (90%). But one of the biggest reasons for its meteoric success can be attributed to it’s massive popularity with celebrities.  Oh, and unlike Snapchat, Instagram had no issue with Facebook’s advances and sold to the social media behemoth in 2012 for $1 billion. INSTAGRAM IN 5 MINUTESThe story on …. Instagram
  3. 3. Features Users Top Brands •  Simple and elegant photo and video sharing •  numerous filters and editing abilities •  Robust search and tagging abilities  •  Advertising platform rolled out in 2014 •  Under 35 - Millennials & Gen-Xers •  Predominantly female (68% of users)   •  TOMS •  Starbucks •  Superdry Global •  GoPro WTR ? 3 PROS •  Fast and easy way to create videos and share them across channels (FB/TW) •  Discovery tab allows for savvy hashtaggers to grow audience •  Emerging ad platform means more metrics and ability to scale quickly CONS ruckus rating •  Mobile-only tool means limited posting options •  Analytics and user data are slim and still developing •  Visual medium means bar for content quality is set high •  If you’re an apparel, beauty, alcohol brand or anyone else chasing down 20 – 35 year olds – get on it ASAP! Just be prepared to put in the effort. INSTAGRAM IN 5 MINUTESKey Plot Points Instagram Founders Mike Krieger & Kevin Systrom 
  4. 4. WTR ? 4 INSTAGRAM IN 5 MINUTESThe story Continues Roadmap/New Features An ad platform means more metrics, which in turn leads to smarter targeting and user information for marketers. Hopefully Facebook’s acquisition means they’ll bring solid metrics to the Instagram platform as well as their relatively nuanced way of incorporating ads into regular content. Also, because Instagram content tends to be immediate and personal - there’s a huge opportunity for brands to incorporate user-generated content into their own streams. Summary Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks of all time and with Facebook now guiding its hand chances are it’ll keep growing. The tool is right where it should be in terms of being relevant to a young demographic and attracting a mix of big-name brands and big-name celebrities. How long it can hold on to the young demo while still growing remains to be seen, but for now there are few channels better for engaging with young professionals.   
  5. 5. WTR ? 5 INSTAGRAM IN 5 MINUTESWanna make a Ruckus About Us Connect Team Gary Edgar Managing Director Linda Andross Managing Partner Katie Boland Sr. Social Strategist We built ruckus to work with brands to find and tell their story through rich, compelling and relevant social content. Find out how we can help you make a ruckus. @ruckusdigital +ruckus digital 416 934 2119