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Salford City College
Eccles Sixth Form Centre
BTec Level 3
Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production
Games Design
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Ha5 project charter_100314


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Ha5 project charter_100314

  1. 1. Salford City College Eccles Sixth Form Centre BTec Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production Games Design Unit 66 – 3D Modelling HA5 – Sidekick Task 1 – Project Charter Use these prompts to create a written charter for your project. Skills Audit – Review your strengths and weaknesses and confidence in the following areas: Project Management Using the time wisely I managed to hit close to my deadline with work I’m happy with and I think portrays what skill I have with modelling in modeller. Research and Ideas Generation Researching the internet to find useful ideas of robots is useful as it can give us inspiration on our final product, our end product can be based more off pre-made realism robots, giving it a sense of realistic proportion, features and such. Drawing Techniques When it comes to drawing to proportion I can use it well and be aware of what the end product will look like in every angle and portray it onto grid paper towards my ending product, giving my robot further sense of realism. Adobe Photoshop My skills with photoshop will boast my end product as can use it to my advantage as I’m rather adequate in using it. Adobe Illustrator Wielding a drawing tablet I can use illustrator at home to be able to make precise or detailed images that are generated with either a paint brush or Bezier curves NewTek LightWave - Modeler With Modeler I can use it rather well enough to be able to make either a ‘basic’ or ‘correct’ model starting with a simple shape. Assignment Structure – Ask yourself the following questions: Are you clear about the timescale available? I am, I’m aware what time I should take for each area and how much time I should spend tinkering Do you understand what elements of the unit are being assessed? I do as it’s a case of generating my own ideas and showing that I followed my research and designs Do you understand the scenario and the reasons for carrying out the assignment? Yes, the robot is intended for the online game second life, where there’s a market full of things created by users of the game. Have you visited the Second Life community and the SL Market Place? What are your impressions? I have previously at a younger age finding something to do, It’s fun to see what’s on there as there are some people who have spent far longer than us with much more detail than our own. What is your goal for this assignment? To successfully create a Robot sidekick/assistant from our own generated ideas and drawings to be portrayed in a three dimensional model Constraints – What is going to cause you problems in this project (technical, time, legal and ethical issues etc.) and what will you do to solve these problems? Issues with time constraint and having accessibility to Modeler in our own time makes it more important to spend more time within the tutor group to be able to keep up with the deadline.