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A Dose of Design Inspiration from Comic Strips


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Designers and comics share a long love affair that dates back pretty darn far. As two disciplines that share the integration of typography and images, there are many problems that both comickers and designers have had to solve. In this (hopefully) fun talk, Ross Nover will be reviewing the comics medium and various points of inspiration that designers can learn from their long-lost cousins the comic artists.
Ross is a former (and hopefully future) professor of graphic design at American University and is the co-host of Super Art Fight, a touring action-packed art performance competition. We're excited to have him bring his unique perspective on design to this month's Refresh!
This month's meeting starts promptly at 7pm, but show up early to mingle, grab a bite, and get a good seat.

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A Dose of Design Inspiration from Comic Strips

  1. 1. A Dose of Design Inspirationfrom Comic StripsRefresh DCTuesday, October 23, 2012
  2. 2. A Dose of Design Inspirationfrom Comic StripsRefresh DCTuesday, October 23, 2012@Rosscott #RefreshDC
  3. 3. @SuperArtFight
  4. 4. @FriendlyDC
  5. 5. The System MOORE’S LAW: MURPHY’S LAW: Computers will get Anything that can go exponentially faster. wrong will go wrong. ROSSCOTT’S LAW: What do you MEAN The faster the computer, “Unexpectedly Quit”?the faster it can go wrong.
  6. 6. So you found something cool on the Internet... LOL BUTTZ A helpful chart from and How cool was it? KEEP OMG AMAZING! Pretty meh. DICKING I need to share! cool AROUND Is anyone around? This is cool and Is it worth sharing? * I am cool for sharing it. YES! ....No (so alone) ‘K! Nah. Editor’s Note: This is known as the TO THE INTERNET! ‘ROFL’ or repetitive online feedback loop.On the originalartist’s website! I’m a BIG FAN. I dunno, I was dickin’ So, where did around on, ______ you find it? (insert procrasti-aggregator) Of OMG Does it have Are you going it even has a a watermark? course! to give credit watermark! where credit is due? Nope Let’s GO! TO THE GOOGLES! Who Seriously? cares? Professor Someone worked Internet sez: hard on this dude, Heck yeah, AND I What’s the don’t be that guy. replaced the watermark Be sure to provide appropriate point? w/ my shitty blog’s links to the original creator SHITTIER logo! and their website. they haz You’re right talent and deservz ur respeks. Doesn’t that take ABSOLUTELY. more effort and make you look like a douchebag?
  7. 7. Why Comics / Design?
  8. 8. Storytelling Editing Composition Writing Illustrations ClientsPoop Jokes Words / Visuals Helvetica Adobe “Web Stuff” Creative Promotion
  9. 9. COMICS Idea Sketch Ink ColorLOGO DESIGN Idea Sketch B/W ColorWEB DESIGNContent Wireframes Design Development
  10. 10. Section 1:The Art in Comics
  11. 11. Characters
  12. 12. Icons
  13. 13. The System What’s it like when People. Go. Apeshit. it snows here?
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Someone Anyone (Me?)
  16. 16. Mario SomeoneSomeone’s Trash A Trash
  17. 17. Section 2:The Art of Panels
  18. 18. Closure“The phenomenon of observing the parts but perceiving the whole”
  19. 19. Panel Length
  20. 20. The System COFFEE LIFE CYCLE TOO HOT. Sip. Burn PERFECT COLD. Reheat. your tongue. Repeat. for about 6 See phase 1. seconds.
  21. 21. Panel Choice
  22. 22. Diagram from HelenWord Choice
  23. 23. What words What images shouldshould go here? go under it?
  24. 24. Section 3:Storytelling
  25. 25. “Less is more.” — Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
  26. 26. “Less.” —Ross
  27. 27. 3eanuts Garfield Minus Garfield
  28. 28. The System “Fancy” Ketchup Nope.
  29. 29. “Less.” —Ross • Working within a grid • Copy editing • Give your work constraints • Increase contrast / simplicity of layout • Limited color palette • “Boutiquing” your product
  30. 30. Patterns
  31. 31. Section 4:Crap that didn’t really fit anywhere else(But I learned it from comics)
  32. 32. Art as Exercise
  33. 33. I needto work harderto be betterat things.
  34. 34. Have a Bag of Tricks
  35. 35. NOTE: These don’t make a good designer.They make you a faster designer who canscrew up quicker.
  36. 36. Have a Secret Identity
  37. 37. That’s @SystemComic@SuperArtFight