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Educreations HE Project


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Using Educreations to develop interactive content

Published in: Education
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Educreations HE Project

  1. 1.  Educreations is a creative tool to enable students and tutors to share ideas, collaborate and learn.  It is available as a free app (from the Apple store) and online via  As part of a HE Project, Educreations was used as a collaborative tool to enhance grammar tips and techniques in relation to essay writing.  Short video tutorials were created with easy to follow examples.
  2. 2. Jane Brooke(Cert Ed/PGCE and Level 5 Literacy Tutor ) discusses her vision for producing Educreation resources  Commonly Confused Words  Where/Wear (demo for a trainee to use in his class)  It's/it's  We're vs. we're  Apostrophes  Apostrophes 2  Hidden Curriculum  Motivation
  3. 3.  The software seems to suit spontaneity.  In most instances the videos were produced unscripted, providing a more realistic view of teaching and learning rather than a 100% polished performance.  Easy to share with learners, via email links and embed codes or via the application itself.
  4. 4.  For further information on this presentation or resources please contact Sarah Rose