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The crystal gateway august


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Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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The crystal gateway august

  1. 1. The Crystal Gateway
  2. 2. Namaste Dear Friends & Family, Namaste, Its time again for our monthly happenings which has certainly been certainly interesting as usual. On a personal note I have been treating my body Temple to less food and letting go of the added weight I have accumulated, 6 kilo lighter now . I have had some very good news from a friend who has a daughter who has been very sick, Georgia is 6 years old and after asking many including myself for including distant healing ,she is much better and even has been discharged from hospital where she was on the critical list, thanks to everyone who has joined with me to joined send healing, the power of intent is very strong. My Mother in law is now being transferred to a high care home and has even and been making more attempts to speak after her severe stroke. It is a time of Miracles so never give up or give in as there is always hope if you choose. Our house is off the market for now with the economy the way it is so we are here to stay in QLD until the time is right. And on a very positive note, our Opening to Channel Class graduated with flying graduated colours,so Congratulation to All, you now are connected to your Source ,Guides & Angels. Madalyn & I now have a full class going and even after only 2 classes there have there been really good breakthroughs.
  3. 3. Classes / Workshops in August Opening to Channel starts August 31 st for 7 weeks online ,please see Calendar /events on Facebook for details or contact Madalyn or myself. Sacred Circle for those who have learned Open to Channel & wish to practice together on a regular basis to keep the connection strong, we are strong, setting up a special Live Forum in our Scribblar Classroom that you need to subscribe to so you will meet regularly and we in turn will come in once come a fortnight for any guidance that needs to come through to you from Ra from ,Isis or whoever is wishing to impart knowledge to you or any questions questions you may wish to ask. . The Live Sacred Circle will be on Scribblar @ The Crystal Gateway which will be named OTC Sacred Circle and the room will be locked for your privacy, the investment being $18 per month via Paypal auto deduct. Please contact us to place your name on the Forum list so you can share can your experiences with each other and use the Scibblar Classroom to hold your Circle. This will be open to all who have learned online & offline ,look forward to seeing you there. Reiki Attunements on or offline available by appointment. Gematria (Ancient Egyptian Numerology- August 15th 3 hours per week Numerology- over 3 weeks. Investment $120 complete Course..
  4. 4. Message from Ra ! I am Ra and I come today to say “Well Done” to so many who are dedicated to their path ,the path you chose to be here at this time......the time......the efforts & intent have been stronger than felt by human beings since our since Atlantean times ...for this I commend you. Isis the Goddess energy is stronger now also than before since the same the times and she is gathering all who resonate strongly with her for the for nurturing which is and will be needed during the labour time of Gaia . You will notice more and more as Isis ‘s energy walks amongst you she you has merged also with me, Ra, as Sirius merges with the sun and the lightthe streams forth to all in your heart space . it will be felt. Gone are the seeds of yesterday that would not develop & grow ,you are ,you the new seedlings of the new earth. Share your light to all around you and know it is being merged with the with light we are shining down upon all who are seeking. There is no need to hang on to the side of the bank in fear of drowning, drowning, have faith & flow with the river of life, releasing and experiencing more experiencing than ever before. Remember you are the master of your reality & reality is don’t have to hang don’t have to be right .....Can you not be both and allow others to do their thing , their lessons learning to be who they be are.
  5. 5. Ra continued........... Our voices are coming through to you so much easier since the veil is as veil thin as the energies open the connection more and the realisation that we are one and not a separate entity. Let the feelings of being responsible for journeys of ones close to you as in family, they too must find their way and now you have found your way it will leave you with very little time for the human game playing that can be within your families. Do you realise yet that you are The I Am. that you are standing within your Mastery, you have done your homework, you have done the inner work, work, Now step into your full Mastery. Be courageous, you were courageous enough to come into incarnation on incarnation this planet Earth, were you not? Remember, every step you take, every action you take, every thought you thought have, every word you speak, sets off a chain reaction, resulting in manifestation. Once again, redouble your efforts and discipline your thoughts. Know that you are in charge.................... Make your thoughts of blessings, of unconditional love, free from from judgment. Most are learning that the need to criticise & judge others is unnecessary as it taking oneself out of their heart space.
  6. 6. Ra continued......... You were created in the image of Mother/Father God meaning you have the same attributes as the God/Goddess of your Being. Why don’t you try it and put your absolute trust in this and we will assist you in every way that we can. The thought comes before Creation. Creation is thought in action. Play with it. Remember your Mastery. You are greatly blessed to be here at this point in time on this Planet Earth. You are going in for the ride, look at it with great anticipation and joy. anticipation This is what you came here for,for this you were born. Hold the light steadfast. Do not look at all the fear stories. Hold the Light. There is a party going on, on Planet Earth, would you like to come? come? Let us keep this Light-Hearted. Light- Keep your trust in yourself, the God/Self, the God/Goddess of your Being. your Love is the Key to All Locks, Namaste
  7. 7. Other Happenings withMadalyn I would like to leave a link for you to visit Madalyn’s site as well as we have teamed up to work together as we both CHANNEL Ra & Isis and have found out we are Soul Sister who are wishing to reach whoever needs us from one side of the globe to another. Madalyn has some wonderful healing essences that will be available through me here in Australia very soon as well as she is an Artist too so please check her out as I recommend her highly as a sister of Light. http://us2.campaign- http://us2.campaign- 98237568&id=59fc1308d3 Stay tuned for the closed Circle. in case we figure out the time & day,it will be announced via the Calendar & or E-Mail. E- I look forward to hearing from you and wish you a very Peaceful , Abundant Joy & love for August, Love & Blessings, Rosalie & Madalyn xoxo