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The crystal gateway

  1. 1. The Crystal Gateway Newsletter & Calendar
  2. 2. Namaste to All....... Greetings Dear Lightworker Friends & Family, As we approach April I am sure most have felt the energies for the last couple of weeks and also feel some relief from them feel ahhhhhh as they finally ease off. I am looking forward to some cooler weather here down under as we are in Autumn we now and Spring time in the US , Britain and Europe, the humidity has been woeful here even though we didn’t experience many days of Summer with sunshine & clear days sunshine for the pool. We will be celebrating Easter in April this year and I hope all will be conscious of the Christ Consciousness that will be present .at this time. I am noticing more and more of the presence of our Angels and Guides supporting me Guides not only with healing but with building my energies up enough to take on the healing that is so needed for all that are requesting it. Also remember Earth Day on 31st March where we can connect to our Mother Gaia and make a difference in any small way to give her a hand in keeping our Planet, our keeping home for now as clean as possible just as we do for a dwelling we live within. we I am ever so grateful for what our Mother provides us with ,the trees, flowers ,oceans and soil to keep it flourishing for us to enjoy.....I love to give thanks on a daily basis to give her instead of taking it all for granted that all of us can be guilty of at times, our Planet guilty is glorious, lets keep it that way. May you all have a Happy Earth Day & a Beautiful Easter, I made a short Meditation Movie with a new program this month which is which Love & Blessings, Rosalie xo
  3. 3. Message from Isis.... Dear Beloved Light Beings , I have been aware of many having intense emotions at present which is mostly to do which with the final stage of healing before entering more into the higher dimensions and higher vibrations you are beginning to attune to and may I say that you all doing very well with the attunement. Firstly the level of your humanness where there are the ties of many issues still attached to your energy fields which may hold you back, know there is nothing that can there change these so called issues if you dwell on them. They fester and cause dis-ease dis- within your temple and do not belong in your now or future. They are behind you ,keep looking forward, not backward , use the bird family as an example; they cant fly looking example; back.........only forward they fly which you can too ............. ............. Stretch your wings looking forward to your new Earth as the year progresses your 3D desires and needs dissipate & will make way for the life you came here to live , learn and ascend naturally with Mother Gaia........ Secondly the trauma around the connection to the God/Goddess which is also from the which past lives you have lived when you felt betrayed particularly those of you whilst your connection was strong & yet you were either burned at the stake or ostracized because of your Goddess ways, this will not happen now even though consciously you know consciously this, the records of those times may still be in the files of your all knowing subciouness your . A merging of the God/Goddess is happening Now , becoming the Creators that you are Creators ............ Material possessions will only create a weight around you and the higher vibrations will the carry you further towards your Oneness with all that is.
  4. 4. Isis continued........ Your heart is your leader along with your Higher self and while this connection is managed you will find the processes much more at ease with your mind taking a back seat where it belongs. The love we of the higher realms that we extend to you is far more of an intimate more experience than what you humans call a climax ,it reaches far deeper into your heart, deeper spirit and Soul than any humans together is able to reach .... Never forget that we are always close by and all you need to do is accept ,not try to control or force any connection ,allow with your heart wide open and feel Love all around you..... There is much cleansing going on around your planet which is very necessary to lift the very earths vibration so your Star Brothers and Sisters are able to come closer to meet you ....welcome them to your Planet and show no fear ,so many are claiming the many claiming negative ones that may come to you however the Light Brothers & Sisters outweigh them so always have faith in the Light. God/Goddess is calling you and is coming into your consciousness in a way that has not been for thousands of years & you will feel the touch as the energy will direct your attention to your future rather than the past. Now all the motivating forces will be on your Now moments and your future missions your leaving the past behind like a pair of worn out shoes that no longer can be worn to take longer your further steps while your DNA is being changed .... It will also become very evident within your body Temple as any dis-ease will be dis- effectively healed at a very fast rate unlike any other times ......Old genetic codes that ......Old cause aging and death are being substituted by new codes enabling the body to stay enabling younger and ultimately to transcend physical limitations . The Light within your Temples will glow so strongly that any darkness will be darkness dispelled as quickly as it arrived.
  5. 5. Isis continued.......... This does not mean you can sit back and have it all done by us must also apply positive energy by eating & drinking all that will enhance your Temples always to match the glow of Love and Light coming in to form a complete Light Body. Light This of course is not going to happen overnight but once your body is prepared and body ready you will be able to travel at will and you will have mastered the physical world mastered with cleared energy fields that have removed all veils of fear, separation and loneliness , replaced by with a closeness and connection of your Higher Self,/God/Goddess and Self,/God/Goddess Oneness with your Spiritual Family of All That Is. You will be drawn also to only surround yourself with people of the same vibration sharing a common goal, many will form Communities and live as one as One did in one days of Lemuria, yes Lemuria energies are becoming stronger and stronger as the amnesia of that lifetime will be lifted along with the other veils that have kept you veils hidden from who you truly are.. At times you will feel sabotage from those who are still connected to the old concepts connected and with negative egos that they are hanging on to ,usually because they have worthiness issues .....just shine your light and let it be reminder that all is well in your reminder world and they too if so desire are able to join within the light of the God/Goddess light energy & Oneness. The Goddess energy will be very present in your dreams and you will find very little will difference to your waking consciousness and your dreaming, another veil that will be another lifting now also and with this your seep patterns are and will be changing even more as you will require less & less sleep which will be akin to dreaming consciously. dreaming Your dreams are and will be manifesting as you realise the value of your imagination and as your visions become clearer they will take shape as reality . reality This will occur more as you become more aware of your relationship with not only the relationship earth but all living creatures on and surrounding your Planet such as the Divas , the nature spirits , the animals and the trees that house so many Angelic beings , Fae Angelic elements as well as many from other Realms who surround you closely now. closely
  6. 6. Isis continued...... Have you not noticed the amount of Orbs that coming to the fore at present showing just how you are never alone ...........the wake up call is here now to hold the love of the Goddess energy within your heart and let that energy flow out as naturally as flower gives out her fragrance to all who are willing to accept it...... it...... May we take you back to the time before separation, the ability to create & experience the Joy of love as a Spiritual Being embracing your individual way of expressing your way own Spiritual Self, back to the original purpose you chose and entered into this entered incarnation and experience the joy of the depth of the God/Goddess within. God/Goddess Your vibrant Self will experience the richness of nature to your own Garden of Eden all around you , your life, your creation. And so it is Beloved Children I Am co-creating with Rosalie co- Channeled via Rosalie from Isis Please share as much as you wish as long as nothing is changed Namaste www.thecrystalgateway
  7. 7. Calendar for April All Courses I am running now can be shared Online or in person so please let me know so of your interest by e-mailing me @ e- March 31st Spiritual Iridology Class 9 April 3rd- Meditation Free Online @ 9am-10am in Scibblar Online Classroom (Aussie 9am- times & day, convert via to your time. April 4th- Opening to Channel Online via Skype. - this will be delayed by a week if there Skype. is not enough numbers April 7th (Easter Saturday) Reiki 2 Class & Attunements today, Please book with me. book This Class will be all day, the investment is $150 ,you will give & receive a healing. give All other days except Sundays will be available for booking for Readings or Healing by appointment only. Online or in person @ Runawaybay. All Reiki and Seichem Attunements can be done Online via Skype with webcam now. April 17th Online via Skype we are going to have a Sacred Circle when all those who receive this Newsletter are invited and for those who channel may share their may messages when Isis & Ra will also be sharing in this Circle, a love donation is love requested of $10 for this 2 hour session however if this amount is a problem then you also will be invited. There are journeys to Egypt being scheduled @ present for September & December September 2012 so if you wish to take advantage of this powerful Healing Journey please take Journey advantage of the early bird booking by contacting Madalyn Kennedy of and mention this Newsletter. Look forward to sharing with you this month, Love & Blessings,Rosalie xo free to join always
  8. 8. I open my arms and embrace your spirit. May your light and love radiate radiatetoday like a lighthouse on a hill !!"In Lakesh A La Kin". Kin".