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  1. 1. © Visionary Times Inside This Issue: Building Up the Body……………2 Words to Remember …………...3 Poet’s Corner…………………….3 Just For Fun………………………4 Recipe…………………………….4 Visionary Times Staff Editor……………….Detra Wilson Associate Editor …Tiffany Gilmore Writer………………Brittany Mayo Writer……………..…Vicki Ashley The Correspondence Ministry is accepting submissions for the next issue. If you have a testimony you would like to share please speak w/ one of the staff writers before October 15th. You may also e-mail any other submissions to or you may give your submission to any staff writer by October 15th. Footprints Submission Policy: One night a man dreamed he was walking along a beach with the Lord. As scenes from his life The Correspondence Ministry reserves the right to edit all flashed before him, he looked at the path of footprints and noticed that during the saddest times of submitted articles for his life, there was only one set of footprints in the sand. Troubled, he asked, ―Lord, why did you appropriateness, length, and clarity of thought. Editing is not leave when I needed you the most?‖ The Lord replied, ―My child, I would never leave you. During to discredit the writer, but to enhance the total concept of the your times of trial, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.‖ newsletter. Easter 2010 Volume 2, Issue 1 | Triumphant Christian Center Summer 2010 Volume 2, Issue 2
  2. 2. Triumphant Christian Center Visionary Times Summer 2010 Volume 2, Issue 2 Building Up Marriages in the Body of Christ Apostle Juan Woods & Pastor Vernice Woods "I, ___ take thee ___ to be my wedded So what are some of our roles as godly By keeping Christ in the center of our wife or husband, to have and to hold men and women in marriage? marriages, utilizing multiple acts of from this day forward,…to love and to forgiveness, staying unselfish and cherish, till in death we part and with this Men: Ephesians 5:25-28 says keeping the lines of communication ring I thee wed.‖ We have all at one time ―Husbands, love your wives, as Christ open, our marriages can be nothing but or another heard these legally binding loved the church and gave himself up for blessed! Pastor Nisi says ―Pray over your wedding vows exchanged in front of God her, that he might sanctify her, having spouse, pray for them, speak out good and a room full of witnesses? Of course, cleansed her by the washing of water things, speak out what you want to see yet the reality writes Paul Smithson is: with the word, so that he might present come out of them. Be encouraged: God ―Marriage is done today simply out of the church…In the same way husbands will give you the desires of your heart‖ convenience…but God views marriage to should love their wives as their own be a covenant relationship. It is just as bodies. He who loves his wife loves binding of the covenant God has made himself.‖ Trust God, no matter what it looks like in with us.‖ your relationship--call what you want into Apostle says the man’s role in marriage your mate! You can’t curse the marriage In this series of ―Building up the Body,‖ is to love his wife with an agape then expect it to be blessed! Apostle Juan and Pastor Vernice Woods unconditional kind of love, to be the head expound on what is tearing down leading his wife and family by example, Most of all, godly couples should walk marriages today in the body of Christ. and be the voice in the home. The man is together in genuine love. We must They give clear instructions on biblical the seed giver. He must plant and sow remember that ―heat comes to fuse a male and female roles in the marital the seeds for the fruit he wants to see marriage together, to melt and join two relationship and how we can build up our produced in his wife. ―If you do not like into one. ―Therefore, what God has own marriages. what you’ve been getting, maybe it’s time joined together, let man not separate." to change the seed you’ve been sowing.‖ (Mark 10:9). What is tearing down the marriage covenant? Apostle Juan states that one Women: Ephesians 5:22-24 says, Full sermons available on CD. or several of these presenting factors can ―Wives, submit to your own husbands, as tear down a marriage: lack of to the Lord. For the husband is the head ~Tiffany Gilmore~ commitment, infidelity, abandonment, of the wife even as Christ is the head of physical or mental abuse, just to name a the church, his body, and is himself its few. He also says the top three reasons Savior. Now as the church submits to for divorce today can be attributed to Christ, so also wives should submit in communication, sex, and money. everything to their husbands. Yet in Malachi 2:16, God says "I hate Pastor Nisi explains that the woman’s divorce." Apostle Woods says divorce is role in building up the marriage is to be a a sign of immaturity and selfishness. God submitted supporter to her husband, to is the only one who can legitimately communicate effectively, trust him, and break a marriage covenant. So ―you continuously let him know he is ―your better work with what you got because king.‖ Furthermore, a wife is to be a help divorce is not an option!‖ He goes on to meet – one which is adaptable, suitable, say that, ―Marriage is the only thing on and who strives to keep peace in her earth that reflects the relationship home. We are to win our husbands and between Christ and his bride ―the church‖ ―excite them‖ states Apostle Woods. which is us.‖ God keeps His covenants, therefore so should we!
  3. 3. Triumphant Christian Center Visionary Times Summer 2010 Volume 2, Issue 2 Poet’s Corner Words to Remember What Am I After? Apostle Juan Woods Sr. God, What price are you willing to pay to see I am expressing my love to you… your harvest? I am expressing my love to you like a husband expresses his love to his wife, My life had been like a journey that was turned from right to wrong, over and over What you don't feed will die. What again, off and on…and all along you loved me beyond the misery and strife, a lot of it needs to die in your life? I caused because honestly I didn’t submit to your will. I made mistakes over and over and over again and like the great God you are at the end of the chapter, there’s The joy of winning will deplete the always been a happily ever after. anger of losing. Focus on winning! What am I after? I’m after the man that taught me how to walk just like Him. A perfect example to me. The one that smiled at me with his sunshine when I was down, and Don't go where you're tolerated. Go sung to me through the sound of His birds. And in the wind… there I feel His peace where you're celebrated." and serenity infill me. And I realize… I’m alive, and all the more He’s alive in me. God, you’re better than Good, better than awesome, honestly was a word really "Our attitude determines our altitude." created to describe you? We doubt you, we question your word, we walk out on you…but you remain. "The way you dress is the way that you What am I after? You’re heart. I’m after your light because for years I’ve been living will be addressed." in the dark, I’m after your compassion cause I need that in me. Also, I’m after your strength to stand against the wiles of the enemy. "The greater the work the greater the God, preparation." I don’t wanna be lost like the others…my desire is to stand out and be different. When no one else wants to go I will…when everyone else says No….I wanna be the "Consistency is the key to one to tell you I do. I don’t need my name in Lights, I don’t need to go down in breakthrough." history, or even be an author of a great book, I don’t long to keep up with the jone’s, I don’t need fame or fortune—and you know my heart, I really mean what I’m saying, and even my name doesn’t matter; it’s all about the name of Jesus. Pastor Vernice Woods I just want to continue on in you, Lord…having that childlike love for the one who birthed me. Oh God…What am I after? I can chase after possessions but what "What is your life speaking?" about chasing after things that will last for eternity, things that will never change, or grow old—or die? I chase after you…and my soul chases you…and when I find you…eventually you show me there’s so much more to you…so my life will be a "We ought to live a life so that people continual chase. will be able to glean from how we live in I’ll be in continual pursuit after the The King. The True King, The one and only King a good way." of Glory!! And I’m after a prize that will never erase…eternity, a life with spent with you forever "When the enemy comes at you, look at and ever. him and tell him, "You are beneath me!" For so long I was after what I wanted, and what I thought I needed, But it wasn’t until I selahed in your presence I found that what was right for me all along was to remain ―When you don’t know what to do—just stand.‖ in you. Still, calm, subtle, serene, mellow…and as long as I rest in your arms life becomes a breeze…and though the storms rage around me…just like Ann on King ―Put pressure on the pressure. Speak Kong, I lay in your huge palm and rest…and when I awake…I find my self safe in this the word to the pressure.‖ jungle of a life. I’m so after you God, after your ways, after the words you want to say, after your ―It’s too easy to quit.‖ thoughts, after your desires…I want you as my best friend if that’s okay? And I love you more than words can convey. I’m after a kind of life that will minister before I ―My history is not my destiny.‖ even say a word, my countenance and the presence of God on me will cause others to say…what is it about you? What do you have that I need? And of course, I’ll speak ―There’s a blessing in a pressing.‖ of you. So from now on God, every day that I live…every move for you, that I make…even in ―Why are you here, when you should be ministry, every gift I liberate, I will re-evaluate my motives and ask myself this, What there?‖ Am I After? And the response will be ―I am After the Lord my God, and His will, nothing less…‖ ~Copyright Brittany M. Mayo~
  4. 4. Triumphant Christian Center Visionary Times Summer 2010 Volume 2, Issue 2 Just For Fun!  A Sunday school teacher was discussing  At Sunday school they were teaching how the Ten Commandments with her five God created everything, including human and six year olds. After explaining the beings. Little Johnny seemed especially commandment to 'Honor thy father and intent when they told him how Eve was thy mother,' she asked, 'Is there a created out of one of Adam's ribs. Later in commandment that teaches us how to the week his mother noticed him lying treat our brothers and sisters?' Without down as though he were ill, and she said, missing a beat, one little boy answered, 'Johnny, what is the matter?' Little Johnny 'Thou shall not kill.' responded, 'I have pain in my side. I think I'm going to have a wife.' ~Unknown~ Homemade Chicken Nugget Recipe Ingredients: 4 halved boneless/skinless chicken breasts (cut into chunks) 1 cup natural bread crumbs Photo By: Lisa Hubbard 1 cup corn flakes (finely crushed) 1 egg Photo by: Lisa Hubbard Directions: Preheat oven to 375F. Place corn flakes in a plastic bag and crush finely. Combine bread crumbs and crushed corn flakes in shallow bowl and set aside. In a separate, bowl whisk egg. Coat each chicken nugget lightly in egg mixture, then dip into bread crumb mixture. Coat evenly. Place chicken strips on lightly greased baking tray. Bake at 375F for approximately 20 minutes or until chicken nuggets are golden and cooked through. Copyright About TCC Apostle Triumphant Christian Center is a T.E.A.M. ministry with a Juan Woods Sr. prophetic roar of praise and power-speaking restoration to Pastor this generation. The leadership at TCC train, equip, and Vernice Woods release mature saints to operate in the five-fold ministry gifts (Ephesians 4:12). Administrator Mechele Woods Triumphant Christian Center TCC ministers strongly to youth and leaders of this generation 904 Thomas Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43215 by bringing them together in unity starting with this city, PHONE: (614) 225-0421 moving on to the state, traveling to the nation and branching out to the world. Service Times: Sunday………………..11:00 a.m. Thursday……………….7:30 p.m. © Visionary Times 2010