The crystal gateway newsletter & calendar for july


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The crystal gateway newsletter & calendar for july

  1. 1. The Crystal Gateway Newsletter Calendar for July
  2. 2. Namaste Dear Friends & Lightworker s Hello and Greetings to all , Well we certainly had an incredible time in June, I think I speak for all of us incredible with Moon energies, Eclipse and family seemed to play an important role in our lives even more so . important I personally had a quiet but lovely Birthday when I made a lot of personal decisions regarding life and the of physical body became an important part of my outlook to strengthen it and release weight that I have been strengthen carrying for far too long after giving up the cigarette addiction which I am proud of as an accomplishment for addiction my well being. I know Birthdays are an important time not only to celebrate our birth but to also make lifestyle decisions and I am feeling stronger for many of the decisions I have made. Sleep Apnea is what I have been diagnosed with so after synchronistical information came to me to help me synchronistical naturally so I won’t have to go to sleep with a mask for the rest of my life led me to learn the Didgeridoo rest which is progressing nicely even though it was something I never thought I would be able to do however I am achieving some sounds ,lol funny sounds so far but I am determined to continue practicing to bring about determined Healing. I am also enjoying being a Great Grandmother ,seeing him (,Saxon) grow into a little man, a very happy child (,Saxon) which I commend his Mummy & Daddy doing such a wonderful job of breeding a bundle of Joy into our lives. Some sad news regarding Ashley’s Mum who had a major stroke last Thursday a week ago & she is still with us but unable to speak, eat solids or move her right side so Ashley has flown down to Tasmania to see his Ashley mum and will not be back before next week while the family & team of Doctors on Monday decide the next team step. Mum is 9o years old so she has had a long and healthy good life so I know you will all join with me wishing her peace in her transition. We were going to have a reunion with students & friends of The Crystal Gateway tomorrow in case the Crystal house sold however as things have been so unsettled and the house has not been sold yet, I have decided that house as soon as we have a contract on the home I will let all those who live here in QLD know and we will throw who a farewell party /reunion then before we go off on our new adventure wherever that may take us.. adventure I will keep you all informed of course.
  3. 3. Happenings on The Crystal Gateway continued.... The Crystal Gateway is growing very well and thanks to the many beautiful souls who are joining us at present. Madalyn Kennedy & I are working together now to bring some exciting workshop & classes to the sir=te so workshop sir=te please watch on the Calendar of what is happening as we progress. progress. Madalyn has Ra & Isis as well as other guides working with her and Ra has been encouraging us to call for has all the Isis, High Priestesses to come forward and let us know if you would like to join in some Goddess remembering of who you have been previously in times of Ancient Egypt & Atlantean times as you will be needed in these times ahead so we are putting together a program with many activations and having you all together relating with each other as you remember your heritage. You will have a knowing if this interests you and some more information is on Madalyn’s site which is of information great excitement a this is where it is a all- isis- explained a little more, we are very excited about it and hope many will join in with our excitement, the links many will be on The Crystal Gateway however will be by entry by the Isis Priestesses with a password to keep it Isis happening between each other as we learn & relate to our missions about to become a reality with the new missions Earth energies. Which will benefit all in the long run. We are Soul Sisters and are being encouraged to go ahead with planning of our new yet Ancient knowledge so planning stay tuned and let either one of us know by message if this feels a calling for you. feels Our Opening to Channel Class is about to graduate next week which has been of great excitement as each which have had awakening within the Course and because of the strength it has become as a Circle , we will be holding once a month a closed Circle, meaning by invitation only for those in the Course and anyone else who channels to join with us for a 2 hour Circle to keep the connection growing stronger & stronger to share connection message from our Guides for everyone’s highest good. So if you are interesting in joining with us, please let us know and it will be an investment of $20 for the 2 hours and will let you know the times & dates as we organise them s each have had awakening within the Course and because of the strength it has become as a Circle , we will strength be holding once a month a closed Circle, meaning by invitation only for those in the Course and anyone else only who channels to join with us for a 2 hour Circle to keep the connection growing stronger & stronger to share connection message from our Guides for everyone’s highest good. So if you are interesting in joining with us, please let us know and it will be an investment of $20 for the 2 hours and will let you know the times & dates as we organise them via an e-mail or on the Calendar. e- So now we have a combination of students from before with he Crystal Gateway here in QLD as well as all Crystal over the globe, how exciting is that?
  4. 4. Classes & Workshops AvailableOpening to Channel .13 th July-7 week course of 3 hours per week Times- 10am-1pm Aussie July- Times- 10am-times & days .The next Opening to Channel Course begins on 13th July and for the last time we are offering,Rosalie & Madalyn as Co-Hosts to have a special price/investment of 2 for the price of one Co- onewhich is $175.00 for the 7 week course which is not only to be a Channel verbally but to havethe many blocks removed so that you are able to receive messages from your Guides to use as agrowth tool whether it would be for verbal counseling/readings, music, writing and Art to bea clear & perfect Channel for everyone’s highest good.Reiki Attunements online and in person available on request by appointment, see details on appointment,The Crystal Gateway under Workshope link.Gematria (Ancient Egyptian Numerology) online 11th July –Times 8.30am- 10.30 am - 8.30am-Mondays =Aussie day & times. More details under the Workshops link. link.Meditation FREE on Scribblar Classroom on The Crystal Gateway every Tuesday morning –times- 9amtimes-Readings Personal or by Skype online SPECIAL for July half an hour for $40 investment byappointment.Healing via Skype or in person-$60 per hour by appointment, e-mail person-{lease check on Madalyn’s site for all she has to offer with the beautiful sacred Essences she Essenceshas , I am using them and I can’t speak highly enough of them, please check them out on her pleasewebsite as well as everything else she has to offer they will be available here in QLD soon as well,Namaste my dear Friends until we speak again, I wish you Love, Peace & joy in every moment, Love & PeaceBlessings, Rosalie xo
  5. 5. Message from Isis........... I am Isis, your Universal Mother who loves you so much , a Mothers love many of you may not have felt Mothers however now is the time for you to feel it whilst you are all going through such exciting times that also seems going like hard times. The hardness you feel is a blessing, a gift for if you are feeling nothing then your times on this Mother Earth feeling would not be a reality to you and that would be sad..... You see how you are surrounded by Mother figures who are all loving and nurturing you like a Mother loving does............. You may call upon us, all the universal Mothers to help you through the storms of life as you are feeling the a through separation ,only this time instead of feeling a separation from Mother its only an intuitive feeling of separation from your 3D consciousness and thats the good news as you all ascend together with Mother as Earth as one. Celebrations of gratitude for the growth ,the awareness, the extended Love from us, the closeness of your extended brothers & sisters of the Light all over the globe even through the rumblings and shudders your Mother is showing as she grows in preparation then so do you. Your return to full consciousness may seem at times difficult, take a moment to look back over your life and take ask yourself if this is any more difficult life has been for you so far.......then another breath as you give thanks for the blessings that you have in your life right now.........I know some will say or think." where?" then look now.........I again, there is a gift in store for you every moment if only you will take notice and acknowledge then you will start to see & feel the purpose of your being here at this time. Take care of YOUR well being my children as no-one else can like YOU can as you reach into your heart space no- and know that all is well, no need for questioning doubts that are only being filtered through the ego mind. are Where good attracts, it means that good is seen,. Bad is added to the scene then doubt is reassured then two instead of one Creator/Master is being instead served.........So its not your parent,,child,,sister or brother an illusion ,its how you see or perceive them to be. , As you grow and release the doubting thomas ego self you come to realise there no good or bad, it simply is how you perceive them.
  6. 6. Isis message continued... This is why it is of utmost importance to not be hard on oneself but be compassionate and patient as if you are observing your child within growing into the adult Being that you are and when in your heart you forgive that others for what they seemingly have done to hurt you ,its yourself you must forgive even more intensely yourself knowing in some way you have created the relationship with everyone that you are connected to. everyone This is your Awakening my children as you now see all as it really is and the memory on Ones "normal" state really of being in social Consciousness seems like a death itself, One has returned Home, Knowing it is the natural heritage of every Soul on Earth, the oy ,the excitation.....and the absolute peace one is,beyond words,One is complete. Revel in the knowingness of your being that is all there is in total perg]fection of your Soul. total Keep up the good work, the miracles you are all creating in every moment of your Life & be Proud of your every creations. And so it is Namaste ,always at your side when you call, I Love You, I am Isis Please share with all giving credit to the writer/channeler ,Rosalie Muir of writer/channeler