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CRM Training Chapter 1


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CRM Training Chapter 1

  1. 1. Welcome to the CRM Training Guide This guide is designed to: Familiarize with CRM key functions related to user role Remove learning barriers to CRM usage Clearer understanding & appreciation of CRM benefits
  2. 2. Chapter 3: Maintaining the CRM • Key tasks for CRM maintenance e.g. marketing lists cleanup Chapter 2: Using the CRM • List of tasks/functions based on role e.g. for sales= add lead, update lead status CRM Training Guide Contents This guide will be organized in 3 key chapters. Chapter 1: CRM and You • Key functions of CRM and how it helps different roles • Overview of CRM Workflow • Key terminologies explained • Recommended practices Click to go Click to go Click to go Click to go
  3. 3. Marketing Role: • Facilitate lead capturing • Gather leads & record in CRM Your Role, Your Tool Key functions of CRM for different roles & how it will help different job roles to work effectively Sales Team Role: • Generate & Qualify leads • Leads management • Convert leads to opportunities/conta cts Dept Heads Role: • Assignment of leads • Track lead progress
  4. 4. Exhibitions Seminars Corporate Events Lead Generation CRM Lead Assignment WSS Dept Head WES Dept Head TMS Dept Head Lead Assignment Lead Qualification Import Lead into CRM Marketing CRM Track Opportunities Close Opportunities CRM Overview flowchart
  5. 5. Key Terminologies Explained A role setting determines who can access what recordsAccess Level A company doing business with usAccount A person interested in doing business or currently our customer. A contact may or may not be part of account Contact A marketing program using different channels to accomplish a specific result e.g. direct mail for promos Campaign
  6. 6. Key Terminologies Explained Associated with specific campaign e.g. email or direct mail Campaign Activity Make record previously un-editable for use / To retain the record rather than deleting Activate / Deactivate A marketing program using different channels to accomplish a specific result e.g. direct mail for promos Campaign A list of accounts, contacts or leads that are segmented e.g. eNews mailing list Marketing List
  7. 7. A potential customer who must be qualified or disqualified as sales opportunity Lead A potential revenue generating activity that must be tracked and converted to “Won” or “Lost” opportunity Opportunity Key Terminologies Explained
  8. 8. Recommended best practices Periodic check on lead/contact info accuracy e.g. Updating ontact details Entering names of lead/contact in CRM e.g. John Lim (First name: John Last name: Lim) e.g. Cai Jieying (First name: Jieying Last name: Cai) Track & monitor lead/contact status e.g. Convert lead to contact when sales completes