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Marketing Automation for the Customer Journey

  1. Marketing Automation for the Customer Journey Troy Burk Right On Interactive @troyburk @roi_marketing Douglas Karr Marketing Tech Blog @douglaskarr @mktgtechblog
  2. Doug is the author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies, Chief Blogger/Founder of the Marketing Tech Blog and CEO of DK New Media. Marketing Automation for the Customer Journey Troy is the CEO and founder of Right On Interactive (ROI). He is a recognized thought leader and speaker on the topics of lifecycle marketing, marketing automation, lead scoring and nurturing, and email marketing. Disclosure: DK New Media is an agency partner of Right On Interactive and ROI is a sponsor of the Marketing Technology Blog.
  3. About the Marketing Tech Blog The Marketing Technology Blog discusses the latest news, best practices, products and services for online marketing, search engine marketing, and marketing technology.
  4. About Right On Interactive Right On Interactive (“ROI”) is a customer lifecycle marketing software company that helps organizations win, keep and grow business. We do this through our lifecycle marketing solution that builds engagement throughout the lifecycle of every prospect and customer.
  5. Agenda S  Introduction to Marketing Automation S  The Marketing Funnel is Outdated S  Marketing Automation meets the Customer Journey S  Introduction to Lifecycle Marketing S  Five Key Takeaways
  6. What is Marketing Automation? Software platforms designed for marketing departments and organizations to automate repetitive tasks. (Wikipedia)
  7. Marketing Automation Benefits S  Generate a greater number and better quality of leads S  Reduced dependency on cold calling S  Shorten the sales cycle S  Improve marketing productivity S  Align sales & marketing teams
  8. Marketing Automation Shortcomings S  MA primarily concerns itself with Lead to Qualified Lead stages S  Most MA platforms ignore the fact that your leads and contacts aren’t working their way through your campaigns in isolation S  Complexity and over-optimization
  9. The Marketing Funnel is Outdated
  10. S  The B2B sales cycle has increased in length over the past 3 years (BtoB Magazine) S  Buyers can be up to 90% through the buyer’s journey before engaging sales (Forrester Research) S  Email doesn’t reach 95% of website traffic that remains anonymous (SiriusDecisions) The Complex B2B Buyer’s Journey
  11. Who is Engaging How are they Engaging Ready to Buy Lifecycle Marketing Determine Ideal Profile Who to Target Where to Spend Time Who is Unengaged Loss of Revenue Lack of Relevancy Velocity Effectiveness Return on Investment
  12. Key Lifecycle Stage Metrics Contacts: Number of contacts in a lifecycle stage at any one point in time. Average Duration: Average length of time contacts stay within each lifecycle stage. Conversion Rates: Rate in which contacts are converting out of one lifecycle stage into another. Engagement: Average engagement score for all contacts within a lifecycle stage.
  13. Ideal Fit & More Engaged Ideal Fit & Less Engaged Not Ideal Fit & Less Engaged Not Ideal Fit & More Engaged 1.  Different programs, campaigns and tactics 2.  With different goals, strategies, resources and processes 3.  Utilize different content 4.  Know which tactics are more effective for each stage 5.  Determine when sales and service engage For Each Lifecycle Stage...
  14. Ten Campaign Elements 1.  Objective 2.  Audience and Source 3.  Key Messages 4.  Value Proposition Supported 5.  Channels Awareness & Recognition Consideration & Preference Justification & Selection Delivery & Satisfaction Value & Growth 6.  Content Assets 7.  CTA 8.  Measurement Results 9.  Schedule 10. Costs
  15. Lifecycle Marketing Results S  Win, keep and grow more customers S  Prove the value of your marketing efforts S  Know which programs, campaigns and tactics are effective S  Improve the customer experience S  Know where to allocate more company resources S  Forecast revenue more accurately S  Maximize the lifetime value of your customers S  Optimize your marketing effectiveness
  16. 5 Take Aways 1.  Measure where you are today with your key Lifecycle Marketing metrics. 2.  Determine which stage(s) should be the focus. 3.  Further define goals for increasing performance within key stages (if not all). 4.  Create the strategy for acquiring more of the right fit contacts in each stage, engaging with them and moving to the next level. 5.  Audit and create your content, programs, campaigns and tactics for each stage.
  17. Questions??? Troy Burk Right On Interactive @troyburk @roi_marketing Douglas Karr Marketing Tech Blog @douglaskarr @mktgtechblog