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  1. 1. Sunburn
  2. 2. Sunburn is an actual burn on your skin. The burn is from ultraviolent (UV) radiation. The result of this burn is inflamation of the skin. Injury can occur within 30 minutes of exposure. What is sunburn
  3. 3. Some people say that sun is BAD, but sometimes it is good. Sun gives out vitamin D which helps you to have a healthy body. The fairer your skin the more efficiently the vitamin D can work. Sometimes if you have had at least 5-10 minutes of sun it can be good, BUT if you have had so much sun that you get badly burnt then it can cause skin cancer when you are older. Vitamin D!
  4. 4. Have you ever wondered why you get burnt when you are somewhere as cold as a mountain, well here's your answer. When you are up high on a mountain you are closer to the sun than when you are flat on the ground, because of that the sun reflects off the snow and gives you a burn like sunburn, that's just as sore. Snow burn!
  5. 5. UVA and UVB are a different distance in the light spectrum. UVB is more damaging to the skin especially for skin cancer. Both UVA and UVB are responsible for photo aging (makes your skin wrinkly at a early age).Tanning beds produce both UVA and UVB. TANNING BEDS
  6. 6. If you don’t take care of your skin when you are older it can cause death. Sunburn can give you skin cancer. If you don't want skin cancer and still want to go outside, be sun smart, wear a hat and sunscreen but not too much. Sometime s if a little bit of skin gets burnt then it can produce vitamin D. Sunb u rn can ki ll!
  7. 7. Be sun smart. DON'T go out side without a hat at least. Also DON'T go in a tanning bed! (what ever you do.)