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Supercharge Your Video Marketing and Distribution


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There is no doubt that video has become one the most important components of a successful content marketing strategy. Consumers are demanding more video content as smart phone usage, tablet adoption, and internet download speeds skyrocket. The explosion of social media has enabled people to easily share content and has illustrated that video is often one of the biggest drivers of engagement.

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Supercharge Your Video Marketing and Distribution

  1. 1. Supercharge Your VideoRoom 214 | Marketing & Distribution
  2. 2. Room 214 || SuperchargeFOR BRANDS INSTAGRAM Your Video Marketing & DistributionA Perfect Time for VideoThere is no doubt that video has become one the most important componentsof a successful content marketing strategy. Consumers are demanding morevideo content as smart phone usage, tablet adoption, and internet downloadspeeds skyrocket. The explosion of social media has enabled people to easily share content andhas illustrated that video is often one of the biggest drivers of engagement.“60% of business people said they would rather watch a video explanation than read thetext on a webpage.” [source] Benefits of video as a content vehicle: • Higher retention rates • Lower website bounce rates • Easy to embed • Increased engagement and sharing Random Acts of Kindness Video What brands are doing with great videos: • Increase brand awareness and interest • Entertain with a compelling story • Complex products/services explained • Introduce ideas that inspire change • Drive action Animated Whiteboard VideoBefore You BeginOutlining a video marketing and distribution strategy is an important step to consider before a videois produced. Taking this step provides a gut check that your investment will be well spent and alsohelps to lay the groundwork for a successful video campaign.ROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214
  3. 3. Room 214 || SuperchargeFOR BRANDS INSTAGRAM Your Video Marketing & DistributionI’ve Just Made a Video, Now What?Let’s assume you have a high quality video with a clear message that resonates with your targetaudience and contains a strong call to action. How will you get that video in front of the righteyeballs? Let’s take a look at how paid, owned, shared and earned media can be integrated formaximum effect. ADVERTISING YOUTUBE VIDEO AD PLATFORMS PAID SOCIAL SEEDING DIGITAL MEDIAPROPERTIES WEBSITES BLOG MOBILE CONTENT EMAIL VIDEO CONTENT PRESS RELEASE OWNED EARNED PROPERTIES MEDIA EMBASSIES FACEBOOK TWITTER YOUTUBE TUMBLR LINKEDIN SHARED PLATFORMS INFLUENCER ENGAGEMENT EXCLUSIVITYPaid Media: Owned Media:Digital advertising, banners, Pay-Per-View, rich Website, blog, emails, social networks, pressmedia, in-stream or social paid promotions. releases, campaign microsite, mobile web, games, in-store, displays, employeesShared Media: Earned Media:Interactions between participants and brand owned Trusted connections, influencers, brand communities,social content on platforms such as Facebook, user generated content, word-of-mouth.Twitter, YouTube.ROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214
  4. 4. Room 214 || SuperchargeFOR BRANDS INSTAGRAM Your Video Marketing & DistributionPaid MediaPaid advertising is a great way to kick-start activity in these all-important factors in Google’ssearch engine ranking algorithm: video views, engagement and sharing. It’s not about trying toprove the worth of a video by paying money to increase the view count. The goal is to get viewsfrom the right audience that lead to engagement and earned media such as likes, shares,mentions and embeds.Some popular paid options include:• YouTube Pay Per View: Google Adwords for Video is a good place to start, as set-up is simple and the costs-per-view are relatively low.• Video Advertising Platforms: Check out YuMe, spotXchange and TubeMogul. If your video is on YouTube, it is beneficial when the ad platform can serve your video in the YouTube player to increase total views.• Social Seeding: Target people who are active on social networks. Facebook offers a Premium Video Unit and you can pay for “Stumbles” of your video on StumbleUpon. Also, consider the platform sharethrough, which specializes in distributing brand videos across the social web.Use caution when choosing video advertising platforms. There are a number of servicesthat will guarantee very cheap views but it is important to understand exactly wherethese views are coming from.ROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214
  5. 5. Room 214 || SuperchargeFOR BRANDS INSTAGRAM Your Video Marketing & DistributionOwned MediaPerform an audit of your owned channels and determine how they can be utilized to drive visibilityfor your video. Here are some of the top owned media channels to leverage:• Facebook: Post the video on Facebook with copy that asks questions or encourages actions. We recommend embedding YouTube videos versus uploading videos directly to Facebook. “Retail site visitors who view video• Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr: Post a link to the video multiple times from other owned social networks. stay 2 minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors.”• Blog: Create a blog post and embed your video. [source: comScore]• Email: Embed or link to the video in an email blast to customers and employees. Include a link to the video for a set period of time in employee email signatures.• Optimized Press Release: Consider writing an optimized press release announcing the video or related campaign activities with the video embedded.Youtube: Optimize the title, description and Website or Microsite: Embed videos on yourtags with relevant keywords for search website via YouTube or host your own videos and utilize a custom player, such asvisibility. Flowplayer. • The Adwords Keyword Tool and Tips for improved search visibility: YouTube Keyword Tool are good resources for keyword phrase ideas. • Add a keyword optimized title above video & related content nearby. • Add annotations to videos encouraging • Use keywords in the video file name. viewers to like and/or comment below the video. • Implement video markup. • Add an annotation encouraging visitors to • Create video sitemaps. subscribe to your channel.ROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214
  6. 6. Room 214 || SuperchargeFOR BRANDS INSTAGRAM Your Video Marketing & DistributionShared Media (Social)As viewers “like,” comment, and share your video content, these actions become shared media. It isdefined as “shared” media because these actions create visibility within your brand-owned socialprofiles and also in the profiles of engaged fans. For example, if someone comments on yourbrand’s Facebook status update, that comment lives on your wall and the user’s Timeline. “It is important to monitor online mentions and respond to them to fuel further engagement.”Earned MediaEarned media is the desired outcome from many of the above-mentioned activities. Influencerengagement is an additional activity to drive earned media. • Leverage any existing relationships and pitch relevant, influential bloggers with your new video content. • Consider providing incentives such as video exclusivity to the influencer’s audience before releasing to everyone. “Projection Screen,” John Caserta,Final Thoughts from The Noun ProjectAs more brands recognize the benefits of creating video content, the more competitive it will be toget views in front of the right audience. An integrated video marketing and distribution approach willensure well produced videos are easily found by viewers at multiple relevant digital touch points andultimately drive intended business goals.ROOM214.COM | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214
  7. 7. Room 214 || INSTAGRAM FOR BRANDS Supercharge Your Video Room 214 | Marketing & Distribution Author: • Ben Castelli • • @BenCastelli Connect With Us: • Email • Facebook • Twitter Subscribe to future Reports and Digital Marketing Insights: | INFO@ROOM214.COM | 866.624.1851 | @ROOM_214 | FACEBOOK.COM/ROOM214