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This keynote is about the pink dolphin and yes it does exist.

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  • that was really good and i like pink dolphins matter fact i like all types of dolphins
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  • Pink Dolphin

    1. 1. Pink Dolphin By Jessie
    2. 2. What is a Pink Dolphin? The Pink Dolphin lives in the rivers of the Amazon rainforest. It is usually found in the tributaries and the main rivers of the Orinoco river systems in south America. The pink Dolphins body has adapted to the rivers of the Amazon rainforest.
    3. 3. The Adaptions Almost all of the Pink dolphins adaptions are to help them find food even though they don’t have many of them. A Pink dolphin has a long beak to get its prey. Small eyes are also an adaption as they help the animal to see better in the murky water. Their flexible bodies help them swim a lot faster so that they can catch their food easier. These animals can swim up to 20 miles an hour.
    4. 4. Why is the Pink Dolphin No one has proven why the Pink Dolphin is pink, but there are some theories as to why, some of these are... 1. That it could be an adaption to river life. 2. That it could be that their capillaries are close to the surface of their skin.
    5. 5. What do the Pink Dolphins eat? The Pink Dolphins eat Crabs, Catfish, Small river fish and Turtles. They also hunt zooplankton at night.
    6. 6. What dangers do they face? They dangers they face are commercial fishing , poison and hunting for body parts.
    7. 7. Pink and Gray Dolphins Many people think that the only difference between the pink and grey dolphin is that one is pink and the other is gray, that is one difference but there are many more. Theses are some that the pink dolphins can do or has but the gray dolphin can’t do or doesn’t have. It measures 2.5 to 3 meters long. Although males are generally larger. The color of its body is pale pink. Instead of having a dorsal fin like the gray dolphin, it has a hump on its back. The Pink Dolphin's tale is bigger and it has 2 flippers that look like big leaves. The Pink Dolphin's neck is kind of long and his head has a little hump in the forehead. His beak is long and has tiny hairs on top. This animal has tiny eyes. The Pink Dolphin can turn its head 180 degrees, all the way around since it has an unfused vertebrae. It weighs approximately 90 kilograms.
    8. 8. Fun facts Pink dolphins deliver their babies when the Amazon River is at its high between the months of May and July. Most species of river dolphins are almost blind, due to navigating muddy waters, but their brains are extremely large and well developed, however pink dolphins are considered to have a relatively good sight. The locals of the pink dolphin do not hunt or harm them because they think that their babies might
    9. 9. More fun facts The pink dolphin has a bulbous head that has echolocation organs and can change shape if required. Pink dolphins are one of the most endangered animals in the world.
    10. 10. Thanks for watching my keynote