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  1. 1. What Do Dolphins Look Like? Dolphins look gray; there are some species with blackstripes, spots or some black parts on their body.Here is something cool that you might want toknow, some dolphins can be pink! Dolphins arehairless, which is an exception among most animals.Most species have gray skin tones, although, thereare a few with black stripes, spots or even huge partslike the killer whale.Here is a website on how dolphinsLook like.
  2. 2. What Do Dolphins Eat? Dolphins eat lots of different foods. Some of themeat fish such as…Mackerel, Herring, and Cod, whileother dolphins eat squid. Large dolphins like Orcaseat other marine mammals, like sea lions or seaturtles. Some fish, like Mackerel or Herring have alot of fat in them, so when dolphins eat them, theyhave lots of energy. However, squid does not have alot of fat in it, so a dolphin would have to eat moresquid to get the same amount of energy as a dolphinwould eating a fish.
  3. 3. Where do Dolphins Live?Dolphins live in a habitat. A dolphinshabitat can be found all around theworld! It depends as where you mightfind a specific type of dolphin. Thebottlenose dolphin a very commondolphin. They can be found nearlyeverywhere including theAtlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans.
  4. 4. If you want to seeWinter the dolphinfrom Dolphin Taleswimming scan thisQR code!!!
  5. 5. How Does A Dolphin Raise their young?Dolphins can give birth about every two years, but most only doso about every three years. They gestate for twelve months, andgive birth in the water. Baby dolphins are called calves, and maybe born head or tail first. The umbilical cord breaks on its ownshortly after birth. Most often, the mother dolphin only carriesone baby at a time, much like humans. In fact, while twin dolphinbirths have been observed, most often the stronger of the twowill be the only one to survive as its almost impossible for themother to take care of more than one calf. Newborn dolphinsare usually a little under 2 feet long.
  6. 6. Interesting Facts About Dolphins!Did you know that dolphins are not endangered? Wellthey are not! Dolphins can jump up to 20 miles perhour, their brain is bigger than a monkeys, they have100 teeth, some kinds of dolphins can hold therebreath for 30 minutes, dolphins can eat up to 30pounds of fish each day, and a dolphin can live up to50 years!!Here is a website about dolphins!
  7. 7. How much types of dolphins are there?There are 41 types of dolphins! I am only goingto pick 1 type of dolphin to tell you about. Iam going to tell you about the bottlenosedolphin. The bottlenose dolphin is the mostcommon dolphin in the world!
  8. 8. The Bottlenose DolphinThe Bottlenose dolphin is the most commondolphin in the world! The bottlenose dolphin isa mammal (like all dolphins). They can live up to50 years. Dolphins groups are called pods.They can be 10 to 14 ft. tall and they can weighup to 1,100 pounds. Did you know thatbottlenose dolphins have been observed tobreach up to 16 ft. out of the water, landing witha splash on their back or side.’s true!
  9. 9. I Hope you learnedmore about dolphins! 