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Pink Dolphins


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Pink Dolphins

  1. 1. Pink dolphins Facts In the world of dolphins there are several species The pink dolphin shapes and colours. Some is found in the species are more rare than Amazon river and others and pink dolphins are the Orinoco river one of the rarest. in south America. Unlike many other dolphins the pink dolphin lives in rivers. After being tested on their behaviour we have found out that the pink dolphin has 40% larger brain power than an average human.
  2. 2. More facts Pink dolphins are distantly related to Pink dolphins sea dolphins as are probably they both come the last of the from different river dolphins families. as the other four species are close to extinction.
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  5. 5. The Amazon river dolphins are born grey but with age become pinker, this is why they may be seen half grey and half pink.
  6. 6. When us humans get excited or embarrassed our Faces can go red, the same happens with pink Dolphins. If they get excited or embarrassed then their skin becomes brighter than normal!!!!!!
  7. 7. pink dolphins have hair on their snouts so that they can feel the bottom of the rivers. Pink dolphins can stretch to be about 10 feet and 10 pounds which is very large and very heavy.
  8. 8. pink dolphins are extremely Flexible. They also have good Eyesight which helps to hunt predators. Pink dolphins are generally good natured especially towards other dolphins.
  9. 9. What do you know about dolphins? What kind of nature do they have? Friendly Where do pink dolphins live, rivers or seas? Rivers Are pink dolphins always pink? No
  10. 10. Any questions ?