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BARRIO LOGAN DESCUBIERTO is a visual celebration of the working class Hispanic neighborhood in San Diego, California called Barrio Logan.
The 88 page book is a graphic expose of the visual richness and unique creative energy of the community, featuring details of murals, sign painters, activists art and general community visual richness.
The book is designed by the branding and graphic design firm, Miriello Grafico, who relocated their offices to Barrio Logan in 2007 and have been active in the promotion and celebration of the community and it\'s many creative members. The book contains a listing of numerous neighborhood discoveries including; artists, restaurants, activists, cafes, place of particular interest and local color.

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Barrio Logan Descubierto

  1. 1. barrio logan libris descubierto
  2. 2. arrio logan descubierto How much time do you need to spend in a place before you “know it.” After visiting family in southern Italy several times, an uncle explained something important to me. He said, “You come for a few days and then you leave. You need to stay put for a while, be patient, and pass some time with us. That’s when you’ll experience what makes this place special.” My uncle was talking about the things that happen in the spaces between. Mornings in the Barrio, I pass an older guy usually sitting in a bright blue rocking car with a little kid climbing around him. We make eye contact and wave most days. On late afternoons, I hear the bell of an ice cream pushcart passing by our building. That bell helps me instantly adjust to the present – and sometimes I’ll stop what I’m doing and buy an ice cream. I see families in the Barrio more than usual, moms and dads in work clothes, walking kids to school. Here, ages mix together as a natural part of the neighborhood rhythm. The discoveries of Barrio Logan, like the people who live here are unpretentious and full of surprises. Descubierto is a celebration of a special neighborhood that rewards those with patience, curiosity, and an open heart. – Miriello Grafico Design: Miriello Grafico | 2009 Photography: Ron Miriello Artwork: Muralists, sign To order Barrio Logan Descubierto visit: painters, artists, vendors, craftspeople, and activists of Barrio Logan, CA
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  10. 10. escubierto BARRIO STATION EL SALVADORENO LA CENTRAL MARKET PORKYLAND SO CAL CHOPPER SHOP RESTAURANT Rachael Ortiz knows more about The place for $1.00 pizza slices. Carnitas and homemade tortillas. Mike makes original beasts the Barrio than God. Food that changes your opinion 100% by hand. 2001 National Avenue 2196 Logan Avenue of what El Salvador must be like. 2175 Newton Avenue San Diego, CA 92113 San Diego, CA 92113 1835 Main Street discoveries so far... San Diego, CA 92113 2845 Imperial Avenue (619) 232-0293 (619) 233-5139 San Diego, CA 92113 (619) 238-0314 San Diego, CA 92102 (619) 236-9262 (619) 231-8254 LA MICHOACANA QUATRO MILPAS SUSHI ON A ROLL Pull up a stool and watch the taco magic. BASILE STUDIOS A line worth waiting in, Great sushi in the middle of the Barrio. 1702 Vesta Street FARMERS MARKET Master metalwork and as long as you can sleep after you eat. San Diego, CA 92113 1620 National Avenue a new restaurant to come. Full of taco bars, seafood (619) 235-0111 1857 Logan Avenue San Diego, CA 92113 stands and…what’s that? 1805 Newton Avenue San Diego, CA 92113 (619) 702-1468 San Diego, CA 92113 2121 Imperial Avenue 619-234-4460 MARIO TORERO / San Diego, CA 92102 VICTOR OCHOA TWO ROSES 2006 Located inside: RAINBOW PARTY SUPPLIES Two of the original Their sign says it all: EL ChENTIN RESTAURANT CAFE MOTO Chicano Park muralists. Piñatas and funky candy. Tattoos / Cafe / Barber (619) 696-3472 After decades roasting coffee downtown. Mario: (619) 299-2840 2076 Logan Avenue 2181 Logan Avenue They’re now in south Barrio. Victor: (619) 235-6135 San Diego, CA 92113 San Diego, CA 92113 a publication by: ThE GLASS hOUSE 2619 National Avenue (619) 230-0020 (619) 702-4822 2007 miriello grafico Matt and Greg turned a glass foundry San Diego, CA 92113 NEW MEXICO CAFE into a place where serious art gets made. (619) 239-6686 1660 logan avenue RYAN BROTHERS COFFEE For breakfast on Saturday morning. 1815 Main Street san diego, ca 92113 VINCENT DESIGN The three brothers deliver the 1784 Newton Avenue San Diego, CA 92113 (619) 234-1124 real stuff and earn their success. A metalworkers’ workshop. San Diego, CA 92113 CHICANO PARK 1894 Main Street 2694 Main Street (619) 233-4939 You drive over it all the time. San Diego, CA 92113 San Diego, CA 92113 Next time, walk through it. (619) 546-6314 (619) 233-7224 PACIFIC RIGGING LOFT GRAhAM DOWNS ARChITECTURE Cesar E Chavez Pkwy and National Avenue They do amazing stuff The guy who led the way. with metal cable. 1600 National Avenue SAN DIEGO COUNCILMAN VOZ ALTA PROJECT 1694 Main Street San Diego, CA 92113 CROL vs WERC BEN HUESO A latino arts gallery that’s San Diego, CA 92113 (619) 234-2565 These guys paint murals from the bringing people together. 202 C. Street (619) 239-7685 heart and help keep the tradition alive. San Diego, CA 92101 1754 National Avenue (619) 236-6688 San Diego, CA 92113 hELIX WIND (619) 230-1869 PANCHITAS BAKERY They make vertical wind turbines EL PORVENIR SIETE MARES RESTAURANT Single-handedly putting that look like sculptures. Carnitas for the people Why doesn’t the waterfront Starbucks outta business. 1848 Commercial Street WOODBURY SCHOOL who like it simple. have a fish place this good? 1879 Logan Avenue San Diego, CA 92113 OF ARCHITECTURE 1786 National Avenue 2234 Logan Avenue San Diego, CA 92113 (877) 246-4354 Catherine Herbst relocated the school San Diego, CA 92113 San Diego, CA 92113 (619) 338-9331 here and helped open up some eyes. (619) 233-4038 (619) 234-3474 2212 Main Street PATTY’S FRUITLAND San Diego, CA 92113 Jose’s fresh fruit bowl (619) 235-2900 keeps Ron alive. 1789 National Avenue San Diego, CA 92113 (619) 231-1252
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