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Loobey Samples

  1. 1. Work pouring over pie charts, as they fatten their wallets. As quality suffers, their numbers soar. However, a refreshing breeze blows In Creating Tequila straight from the Jalisco highlands. Don Pilar believes that the business should not precede the art of tequila. pulse through his veins, igniting his passion and flavoring his soul. His hands are not soft, but willingly weathered by a labor of love. His thirst for perfection is unquenchable and his attention to detail is unmatched. Don Pilar sees every single batch as a celebration of life. DonPilarIsReal.com
  2. 2. The Real � Frat boys or body shots. Skill A floodgate of memories, all blurred at the edges. You picture the shot glass, the lime and salt. Hastily chugged to avoiding those taste buds. Your throat Of Savoring Tequila tightens at the flashbacks. This lasting misconception has only disrespected tequila’s very essence. This can not be tolerated. Our tequila should be treasured. Inhale the subtle notes of citrus and wood. Let the flavor of roasted nuts and buttery agave tickle your tongue. Close your eyes and savor the lingering after-taste of warmth and spices. Don Pilar is a slow seduction of the senses. DonPilarIsReal.com
  3. 3. The Real � All an illusion. Jalisco Mexico is more than oversized burritos, desert heat or dirty cities. There is also much confusion about the Mexican Is Beyond Tequila people. The captivating people in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico are hardly ever known by outsiders. Turn your head around. The passionate people of Jalisco pride themselves in their work, family and celebrations. They cherish those times they can reflect on their lives with the ones they love. Drinking not to forget but to savor every moment. Don Pilar enhances the memories and flavors the present. DonPilarIsReal.com
  4. 4. The Real Experience Of Don Pilar Tequila � and Don Pilar Adventure A Jalisco Pop-up stores would appear throughout major cities, after the launch of our print campaign. These stores would allow people to not only taste Don Pilar but to have a full sensory experience. They would be as if they were instantly transported to the Jalisco countryside. There would be a false window looking out onto a realistic view of the agave fields. The aromas, textures, design elements, music and ambient lighting would all work together to give people and authentic Don Pilar experience. DonPilarIsReal.com
  5. 5. Let’s face it, that mug that gazes back when you look in the mirror has less to do with choice and more to do with the cards your genes decided to hand over to you. It’s just one big jigsaw puzzle of eyes, nose, mouth and (in most cases) two eyebrows. You didn’t pick it, it picked you. But what if you could hand pick every little feature, and tell the world who you really are. Like a fingerprint, your customized Cube will be yours, and yours alone. With 20 interior lighting options, you can choose if mellow yellow meshes with your aura, or if bubblegum pink is more your flavor. You can own your inner quirk with a shag rug dash topper or indulge your no-nonsense, everything in it’s place attitude with a utility pouch. Whatever’s within, the Cube will help you unleash it. It’s all you.
  6. 6. Dad’s strong brow, mom’s mile long lashes, and grandpa’s infamous schnoz. Those signature traits come together in sequence, like that of a rubik’s cube, predetermining every square inch of your mug. Their eyes, their mouth, their ears, all theirs. You’re more than a patchwork quilt of your family’s features, but a colorful blend of your own unique experiences and ideals. Shouldn’t it be up to you which features define you? Instead of letting the world tell you who you are, you can handpick the traits that are undeniably you. The portable navigation shows you’re anything but lost, while the Cube’s asymmetric window declares you’re anything but ordinary. At last, your inner self will shine on and on and on. It’s all you.
  7. 7. Everyday you face the world; you are constantly defined by a mish-mash of features handed to you like the random whim of the Lotto balls. A sequence of numbers, all adding up to (if you’re lucky) a sum total of who you are. But what if that figure seems a bit off? Imagine being able to pick and choose that winning combination- the one that makes you want to shout, “This is who I really am, and I’m most definitely a winner!” The Cube gives you the power to determine how the world sees you- the real you. From interior trim, to door handle bungees, you can select the color combo that best represents you. Throw in a rear roof spoiler for the sporty, or chrome accents if you’re iced out cool. No longer will your defining features be left to chance, for the Cube is the vehicle of your self-expression. It’s all you.