Branding Bolivia


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Branding a trip to Bolivia, including a trip itinerary with sample ads and logo.

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Branding Bolivia

  1. 1. BOLIVIAby Delanie Burke, Heather Gellert, Paul Landholt & Oswaldo Palma
  2. 2. Play hard.
  3. 3. The adventurer that goes there likes to work hard for fun. The environment is raw, untouched and rigid. It is not manicured and composed of resort-life. Play hard. it’s extreme, everything from the altitude, to the diverse temperate climates. it produces the most dramatic of things. An adult playground.
  4. 4. BOLIVIA’S PLAYGROUNDBolivia is different and mysterious. Not scared ofpushing limits, Bolivia is aggressive and unorthodox.You feel cool and on the edge near Bolivia.
  5. 5. Can you tell a story about a scar?Having a scar is proof that you put yourself in the eye ofdanger and challenged yourself. You will remember thisstory and it changes you forever.
  6. 6. Risk taking and adventure is reallyprominent in the media world today.This trend is seen on all platforms.
  7. 7. Aaron RalstonHis book, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, came out years ago but it has justcome out on video because of this trend and a developing interest in risk-taking.
  8. 8. Bolivia has scars of its own.Originally ruled by the Inca Empire.
  9. 9. Spaniards enslaved the Bolivian peopleand stripped them of their marketable resources (gold and silver).
  10. 10. They own 1/3 of the Coca crop in the world. NoblemanCoca Plant once used it to relax, but when they were enslaved, they used it to work longer hours and suppress altitude sickness.
  11. 11. Thank god that the gold and silver was only found in one of the large mountains in the country because the other resources were kept pristine.
  12. 12. Isn’t it the best experience to be the first person on the ski hill afterthree-day snow period. Every experience in Bolivia is like this, untouched.
  13. 13. Now lets start your adventure,or as they say in Spanish, “el viaje.”
  14. 14. First, you will come to La Paz.On the outskirts sits the most dangerousroad. If you were to follow the windingroad all the way to the end, it would takeyou to the Amazon.
  15. 15. When you are tired from your full-bodied workout, go to Lake Titicaca, where the emerald color will forever burn a memory in your brain. It is one of the world’s highest lake.
  16. 16. On the edge of Lake Titicaca, cocacabana sits Cocacabana.
  17. 17. Boating activities and beach lifeare popular in this lakeside city.
  18. 18. You will then head to Espejillos,by way of bus or llama. Llamas area popular mode of transportationin Bolivia. But be careful of thelethal spit.
  19. 19. Unlike the over-trekked paths in Costa Rican rain forests, Espejillos is lush and private. Skinny dip in the refreshing waterfall pools and jump off 30 foot cliffs into an aquatic wonderland. EspejillosBut you won’t be completely alone...
  20. 20. There are numerous species ofexotic animals hiding in thegreen foliage.
  21. 21. Ready to get hot andsweaty without the paperumbrellas and the ocean?Head over to the greatsand dunes of Espejillos.
  22. 22. Catering to adrenaline junkies,ATVing and sand boarding arepopular activities to enjoy.
  23. 23. If you want a break from the Boliviacuisine, Santa Cruz offers a diverse menuof international food. Everything frompizza to paella, Santa Cruz will cater toyour palette. Santa Cruz Cuisine
  24. 24. Here are the cocaine plains. Just kidding.No, but really, Bolivia is home to the most dramatic salt plains in all the world. So captivating, Uyni is a place of meditation and personal reflection.
  25. 25. Your tank of gas could get you a whole day of adventure in Bolivia Bolivia is the cheapest country in South America. Every day in Bolivia is 30 dollars on average.
  26. 26. The first test of fear will be getting your vaccinations.
  27. 27. Sample logos
  28. 28. Sample advertisements
  29. 29. outdoor kayak experience
  30. 30. Bar Take-overWatch out for new drinks and music at popularbars in San Francisco Peanut Butter drinks andCuy (guinea pig) dishes as a promotional idea,
  31. 31. Play HardHow are you going to get the most out of life without adventurewhile facing the unknown and getting a few scars along the way.