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Contemporary dance

CONTEMPORARY DANCE one of the genre of dance

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Contemporary dance

  2. 2. CONTEMPORARY DANCE DEFINED… • The name “contemporary dance” describes a range of techniques and styles used in classes, workshops and dance choreography. • It was developed in the early 20th century as a recreation against the rigid techniques of ballet. • Pioneers such as Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham searched for ease of movement using the body’s natural lines and energy, allowing a greater range and fluidity of movement than typical and traditional dance techniques.
  3. 3. • Contemporary dance is characterized by its versatility: it can be danced to almost any style of music, or united with other dance forms to create new styles of movement. • Contemporary dancing seeks to work with the natural alignment of the body, and is therefore safe and accessible for beginners. • At the same time, the ease of movement promoted by contemporary dance techniques allows experienced dancers to push new boundaries of body movement.
  4. 4. • It is a dance that is made in, influenced by, or presented in our current world context. • This is a flexible way of identifying the field that allows for an increasing range of contemporary practices in dance, and allows dance artists the freedom to self-identify their work rather than being categorized inappropriately.
  5. 5. • Contemporary dance makes a statement about the world around us. • It can offer an artistic perspective on the human condition in bold and courageous, or subtle and ambiguous ways. • It is a non-story dance, which means it is open to interpretation. • It is fresh, inspiring and risk-taking. • The primary creative tools of contemporary dance are the Body, Time and Space.
  6. 6. HISTORY OF CONTEMPORARY DANCES • In European culture, one of the earliest records of dancing is by homer, whose “Iliad” describes CHOREA (KHOREIA) • The art of dancing into a system that is expressive of all the different passions. • The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, ranked dancing with poetry, and said that certain dancers, with rhythm applied to gesture, could express manners, passions, and actions. • The most eminent Greek sculptors studied the attitude of the dancers for their art of imitating the passions.

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CONTEMPORARY DANCE one of the genre of dance


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