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Class 2. ss

Diseñado por Janet Orbegoso.

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Class 2. ss

  1. 1. The PeruvianNationalDocument ofIdentityThe DNI is the only identity card issued to Peruviancitizens and older minors, the only way of voting forthose over 18.In accordance with the provisions of the Constitutionof Peru, for the exercise of citizenship is required tobe registered in the electoral roll of Peru and obtainthe National Identity Card (before voter registration),which, according to law, is the title for voting andalso the identification document.
  2. 2. It is also recalled that in accordance with theprovisions of the electoral law in Peru, Peruviancitizens whose ages are between 18 and 70 yearsold, have the right and obligation to vote in electionsthat take place in the Peru, including those livingabroad.At age 17, all Peruvians must obtain their IDshowing their original birth certificate, at any officeRENIEC.The PeruvianNationalDocument ofIdentity