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Access Control at Pool Gates and Club Houses


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Access Control systems allow you the freedom to grant individual members or large groups of users separate access rights. Member access can be controlled and monitored area by area, simply by the touch of a finger, wave of a proximity card, or key FOB.

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Access Control at Pool Gates and Club Houses

  1. 1. The ACTAtek system is the culmination of over ten years of experience in biometric and card based physical access control solutions. ACTAtek has partnered with the leading security vendors, including HID Corporation, Philips Electronics, Legic and EM Microelectronics, to provide the most flexible solutions for both new and existing installations. With over 75,000 worldwide installations in the past ten years, the ACTAtek has developed a proven, long-standing track record. 866.400.9292 Fitness centers, gyms, and club houses find door access control to be an asset to the areas. The rooms are secured from those without access and members that have access can easily use the facilities with a fingerprint or card. Residents with pool area access find unathorized users can be a risk to their security and comfort. Using access control on pool gates restricts who has access without jeopardizing valuable time of staff and residents. Access can be restricted to certain days and times. One of the most popular uses for access control is to secure club houses. Mangement can restrict or enhance members access anytime to the club house after hours for rented partys on certain days and times. Residents would not need a manger to be present to set up for an event. GYM ACCESS POOL GATES CLUB HOUSES Applicationsfor access control can go way beyond tracking users time and attendance . These superior door devices provide the ability to control when certain people have access to a facility without needing a person there to check their membership status. They not only automatically keep a log of all successful entrances through a door or gate but they also log any invalid attempts. A manager or security office can see exactly when a person was trying to illegally enter a property. These state-of-the art products can be fitted with build-in cameras that can take snap shots of the person trying to gain unauthorized entry. All of these advanced features make the ACTAtek an ideal security solution for pools, gyms and club houses!
  2. 2. Access Control Benefits Member Convenience Biometric door access control provides members with greater ease of entry and security. Whether access is granted by fingerprint, pin code or a card, complete control is provided over who comes in which doors and/ or at what dates & times. Safety is never compromised. Employee Ease Employees will no longer have to patrol the entrance / exit of a facility to prevent unauthorized access. Setting up member’s access rights is also an easy task. Set up is done either straight from the unit itself or from a desktop device. Employees will now have more time for other tasks. Administration Benefits Administrators and owners can easily deny members access that have not paid their dues. Convenient reminders can also be placed on the access control units’display screens to remind members of upcoming meetings or payment dues. Access Options The sophistication and flexibility of Access Control devices provides an array of access options depending on your facility’s needs. Fingerprint, Pin Code, Cards or Fobs are all access options that are available. Added Preferences The facility can use the devices to clock employees in and out, therefore easily completing time and attendance reports right from the software. Plus an audit trail of all members who have gone through a door is automatically logged. Convenienceprovides the ability to monitor and limit access throughout a facility, ensuring employees and visitors only have access to approved areas. Access Control systems allow you the freedom to grant individual members or large groups of users separate access rights. Member access can be controlled and monitored area by area, simply by the touch of a finger, wave of a proximity card, or key FOB. Access to areas can easily be maintained by adding or pausing/deleting users as the administrator desires; straight from the access control units themselves or from a desk top computer. Your residents will value the heightened sense of security and convenience they feel knowing keys that can be lost, stolen, or copied are no longer necessary. The security benefits are endless!
  3. 3. “ACTAtek provides unmatched biometric solutions that distinguish it from its competitors. It offers real time biometric ID authentication and information access for workforce management to address security issues and cost control of the entire workforce.” (Frost & Sullivan 2010) Awards and “We find this product an excellent value for the money. This device provides full biometric security with integration into many other applications for enhanced security.”- 5 Stars (SC Magazine 2011) Testimonials “We found this device to be very easy to install, deploy and use. To setup the device, all we had to do was give it an IP address on out test network via the keypad and we were up and running” (SC Magazine 2009) “These awards go to the best technology products every year and we are honored that ACTAtek2 has gained the Network Products Guide Reader Trust.” (Network Product Guide 2008)
  4. 4. 866.400.9292 Intelligent Biometric Controls, Inc. 601 A Brooklyn Dr. Milford, OH 45150