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ACTAtek corporate presentation march 2013

ACTAtek UK LTD, a leading manufacturer in United Kingdom of Biometrics, RFID, Time Attendance, Access Control, Workforce Management and Security Products/Solutions. ACTAtek is multinational company having offices in many countries including United Kingdom, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Pakistan, India and many other countries.

ACTAtek UK Limited has R&D in UK, Singapore which is continuously innovating ACTAtek’s products/solution range. Our company products/solutions have been awarded by numerous international recognized Prestigious Awards such as SC UK AWARD – 5 Star WORLD BEST PRODUCTS, FROST & SUVILLAN – MARKET LEADERSHIP AWARDS, and many others.

With a focus on ID Management, ACTAtek UK LTD has addressed the global markets for SECURITY and WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT through ACTAtek’s patterned unique BIOMETRIC PLATFORM that provides a high quality, scalable, and networked series of FINGERPRINT, RFID SMART CARDS and VIDEO SURVELLIANCE product solutions that easily interface using ACTAtek powerful API/SDK to all software applications that address the vertical market segments of Security and Workforce Management. ACTAtek approach is to offer a true, enterprise-wide network platform (millions of users in different global locations) that readily supports both security (access control , video surveillance, asset tracking) and workforce management (Time & Attendance, LABOR COST MANAGEMENT & PAYROLL INTERFACE) applications.

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ACTAtek corporate presentation march 2013

  1. 1. Enterprise-wide ID Management Solutions March 2013 TM
  2. 2. ACTAtek ID Management Technology Platform Biometric Authentication Real time communication Enterprise-wide deployment 2 TM
  4. 4. ACTAtek Offices  Granted International Headquartered Status (IHQ) by the Economic Development Board of Singapore in July 2007 --Global offices: Singapore, Hong Kong, UK ,Canada, India, Thailand, Pakistan, and USA  UK office co-operated with Warwick University’s Warwick Digital Lab (opened By Prime Minister Gordon Brown in Aug 2008) using state-of-art internet technology on product development UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown (left 2), met up with ACTAtek Chairman and CEO, Thomas Wan (left 4) 4 TM
  5. 5. Partnerships Provide Solutions 5 TM ACTAtek works with partners to offer solutions to address the vertical markets.
  6. 6. 6 ACTAtek Value Proposition  State-of-art web-based ID management solutions  Automated access control  Time attendance  Payroll  Support 3rd party application (ACTAtek API offers interfaces needed for integration with existing IT & security systems)  Scalable Enterprise Version – ACTAtek technology platform and infrastructure enables virtualization capabilities and policy-based service management capabilities and optimized business process such as SaaS, PSIM functionalities for recurring revenue that promise ROI  TCP/IP networking protocol allows diversified customer base cross regions, for business/home users with well defined packages and usage
  7. 7. 7 ACTAtek Ecosystem ACTAtek Terminals ACTAtek-TA IP based Smartcard Readers Secured I/O Controller ID VIDEO Surveillance Power Solutions, UPS, PoE, Locks and Accessories Mobile ACTAtek Enterprise SMART TIME RFID ASSET TRACKING Long range readers, RFID tags ACCESS MANAGER Lite / Suite SaaS /PSIM
  8. 8. ACTAtek3 : Biometric Access Control and Time and Attendance System 8  State of the art embedded, encrypted Linux web server technology that offers:  Biometric, Smartcard, Password all-in-one multiple credential authentication  Standalone or network mode operation  Optional photo and video capture for added security  SSL encrypted communication between terminals & browser  Instant notification via SMS, e-mail and on-screen 2.8” TFT display  500 DPI optical fingerprint scanner  Ease of Installation and Management  Embedded software, no software installation necessary.  Control, configure & administrate via web browser  Multi-lingual interface (LCD & Web interface) Video/ CMOS camera Smart Card /PIN  Expandability and scalability  Up to 500 photos (FIFO internal storage)  1,000, 3,000 , 5,000 ,10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 users  Up to 75,000 event logs  Weigand 26-bit output (Option: External I/O board)  Multiple credential authentications o Fingerprint only o Smart Card only o Smart Card + Fingerprint o ID + Fingerprint, and o ID + PIN.  Smartcard option: Mifare, HID iClass, HID Proximity  IP65, weather & impact resistant casing FingerPrint scanner TM
  9. 9. 9 ACTAtek Application Scenario Access Manager / Smart Time / ACTA-TA Cloud based TA with third parry applications such as payroll Work force management Web-based time attendance software Time Attendance, access control and video surveillance
  10. 10. 10 ACTAtek Application Scenario Time Attendant, Access Control & Video Surveillance with Digital Storage and Search Access Manager / Smart Time / ID Video / ACTA-TA
  11. 11. IP Based Smartcard Reader 11 The IP Based Smartcard Reader is an attractive, small, cost effective unit that can be used as a means of extending the ID management platform from a full biometric or smartcard access control system to additional card authentication door access control or time and attendance system. •Easy installation with IP65 compliant •Fully integrated into the ACTAtek web-based applications •Seamless and transparent data gathering in real-time •Access Manager support •ACTAtek offers MiFare cards in 1KB and 4KB, HID iClass and HID Proximity smartcards TM
  12. 12. Access Manager Suite 12 TM • Access Manager Varieties • Access Manager Lite – Free, support up to 12 terminals • Access Manager Suite – License Fee Applicable, single network • Access Manager Back office Software as a Service (SaaS) – License Fee Applicable, multiple networks • Web based application for • Access Control • Time and Attendance • User Management • Terminals Management • Report Generation • SOAP APIs • Third party application integration
  13. 13. ACTAtek – Networking Options 13 TM
  14. 14. ACTAtek – Channel Focus ACTAtek Distribution Partners Distribution Channel ~75% Protection Program for Resellers VAR ~10% SI/Reseller ~85% End-users VAR ~20% Direct ~5% Direct ~5% 14 TM
  15. 15. Thank you Get real time and precise information ACTAtek ID Management 15 TM