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PMBOK® Guide Processes Flow – 6th Edition (Simplified version)


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In this simplified version, only the processes names appear.

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PMBOK® Guide Processes Flow – 6th Edition (Simplified version)

  1. 1. INITIATING PLANNING EXECUTING CLOSING MONITORING & CONTROLLING Copyright: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) - Sixth Edition, Project Management Institute, Inc., (2017). All rights reserved. Explanatory Note: This flow does not replace the need for reading the PMBOK® Guide. The PMBOK® Guide contains a deep explanation of all processes including Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs that are not listed in this flow. Adaptation: Ricardo Viana Vargas Graphic Design: Sérgio Alves Lima Jardim Become a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and download the PMBOK® Guide and other standards at: PMBOK® GUIDE 6TH EDITION – 49 PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROCESSES PROCESSES FLOW PMBOK® GUIDE 6TH EDITION Based on the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) - Sixth Edition. Copyright: Project Management Institute, Inc., (2017). All rights reserved. Download this processes flow at Plan Stakeholder Engagement STAKEHOLDER13.2 Plan Procurement Management PROCUREMENT12.1 Define Scope SCOPE5.3 Control Scope SCOPE5.6 Validate Scope SCOPE5.5 Collect Requirements SCOPE5.2 Plan Scope Management SCOPE5.1 Create WBS SCOPE5.4 Perform Integrated Change Control INTEGRATION4.6 Develop Project Management Plan INTEGRATION4.2 Monitor and Control Project Work INTEGRATION4.5 Plan Cost Management COST7.1 Develop Project Charter INTEGRATION4.1 Develop Team RESOURCE9.4 Estimate Costs COST7.2 Determine Budget COST7.3 Conduct Procurements PROCUREMENT12.2 Control Procurements PROCUREMENT12.3 Control Costs COST7.4 Control Resources RESOURCE9.6 Control Schedule SCHEDULE6.6 Manage Team RESOURCE9.5 Acquire Resources RESOURCE9.3 Plan Risk Management RISK11.1 Plan Schedule Management SCHEDULE6.1 Plan Quality Management QUALITY8.1 Close Project or Phase INTEGRATION4.7 Manage Quality QUALITY8.2 Control Quality QUALITY8.3 Define Activities SCHEDULE6.2 Sequence Activities SCHEDULE6.3 Identify Risks RISK11.2 Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis RISK11.3 Plan Communications Management COMMUNICATIONS10.1 Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis RISK11.4 Estimate Activity Durations SCHEDULE6.4 Plan Risk Responses RISK11.5 Develop Schedule SCHEDULE6.5 Identify Stakeholders STAKEHOLDER13.1 Manage Stakeholder Engagement STAKEHOLDER13.3 Monitor Stakeholder Engagement STAKEHOLDER13.4 Manage Communications COMMUNICATIONS10.2 Monitor Communications COMMUNICATIONS10.3 Plan Resource Management RESOURCE9.1 Estimate Activity Resources RESOURCE9.2 Monitor Risks RISK11.7 Implement Risk Responses RISK11.6 Manage Project Knowledge INTEGRATION4.4 Direct and Manage Project Work INTEGRATION4.3