Good Friday


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Good Friday

  1. 1. GOOD FRIDAY INTRODUCTION We are now at the centre of the great tree days of the church. We gather with the feelings of yesterday's feast still in our hearts - the feast of love, a self giving love. A feast served from a table decked in white. A meal shared amidst images of the washing of the feet and servant hood We gather today remembering the meal and the feast. We gather today before a stripped and vacant table. Nothing adorns this place except emptiness. All that was present, is now absent. The white vestments have all been scattered, an in their place there is darkness an nothingness. We remember the death and suffering of Jesus Christ, and we partake of his suffering. Today is a sad day - our hearts are low, our hymns have a heavy dose of mournfulness, and the air is wet with tears because our Lord and saviour has died. This evening's service has three parts: 1. The proclamation of the word of God 2. The veneration of the cross 3. Holy Communion service Before we listen to the word of God, let us stand and keep silent. The priests will enter in procession and prostrate themselves, before the altar representing us all. The lying down expresses our sin and sorrow. ( Please Stand ) BEFORE THE FIRST READING Is: 52: 13-53:12 In the First Reading, the prophet speaks of the servant of the Lord, who is to be torture and put to death for us, " pierced because of our faults" and who, because of this, becomes the Saviour of many. A we listen, we picture to ourselves Jesus nailed on the cross because He took our sins upon Himself. BEFORE THE SECOND READING Heb: 4: 14-16; 5:7-9 Why should Christ suffer so much? Let us once more reflect on the meaning of His Death, given us in the second reading. The second reading recalls how the Old Testament prophecy is fulfilled in Jesus: through His sufferings, he learned to obey the Will of God at all costs, and thus He saved us. BEFORE THE PASSION Jn: 18: 1-19:42 The story of Jesus condemned to death and crucified will no be solemnly sung. Let us consider His infinite Love for us, which made him want to die for our sins. Thinking of our Saviour's sufferings and death, we feel sorrow for our sins and a great hope that Jesus will help us win our fight against evil.
  2. 2. AFTER THE HOMILY All of us are in need of prayers .. The Church the pope, the priests, religious, laity , sick , those who don't believe in God and many others. We ask for help, for mercy, trusting in God's love which has been made clear to us. Let us also place our family intention before the Lord. VENERATION OF THE CROSS We now begin the second part of the service - the veneration of the cross. The reverence we are about to make to the crucifix does not go to a piece of wood. Our reverence manifests our gratitude to Jesus for having died on the cross to save us. It is a sigh of acceptance of our daily crosses, a pledge to fight against sin. HOLY COMMUNION We enter into the third part of today's body of Christ, it is a reminder of the passion and the death of Jesus. It is also ha hope and longing for his resurrection. MATERIALS REQUIRED FOR THE SERVICE * Bare Altar, 3 pillows, Carpet, Crucifix covered. * Veneration of the Cross: 5 Crosses, Collection plates, Tables, tables cloth. * Readings: 2 readers, Passion reading 3 bibles. * Intercession * Communion Service