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Easter Vigil


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Easter Vigil

  1. 1. EASTER VIGIL INTRODUCTION This Holy night is the most solemn memorial of great mystery of lord Redemption - The suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Glorious Resurrection. It is call the Paschal Vigil. The name and date of this feast is taken form the Passover of the Jews, but oar us Christians- It is - A death to sin and a rising to a new Life with Christ. Through the external signs of our lighted candle, Prayers and actions we shall re-live in faith the Resurrection of Our Lord - His passage from death to a new Glorious Life. Helped by the Word of God, we shall then unite ourselves with this victory of Christ by recalling our Baptism, which was the fist moment of our life in Christ, and by sharing in the Eucharistic - sacrifice and meal. The Easter Vigil thus includes 1. Service of the Light 2. The singing of the Exulted 3. The word of God 4. The blessing of the water and the Renewal of our Baptismal promises 5. The Eucharistic celebration Let us in silence on the mystery of the Resurrection as the priest enters to greet us and preside over our assembly. BEFORE THE BLESSING THE FIRE The only light in the night is the new fire which the priest will now bless. This shows that with the victory of Jesus over the darkness of sin and death, everything in our lives is renewed. So we shall now pray that the fire which represents Christ, the Light, may burn strongly and purely in our hearts. Fire gives us light and gives us warmth: Christ gives us all this and more; He give us LIFE. Let us pray the source of LIFE-GIVER to light up our lives with His fire. PREPARATION OF THE CANDLE The priest will now engrave on the Christ-Candle some signs. The Alpha and the Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet, together with the year we live in show that Christ is the Lord of all things. The Five grains of incense represent the five wounds of Jesus. BEFORE THE PROCESSION The Paschal Candle, lit form the new fore, represents Christ, dead and alive again, his life becomes ours today, a new life in Christ. The light of the risen Christ brightens the darkness of the night. It goes before us and leads us to God We follow it and shall sing its praise and its light will light up our hearts.
  2. 2. When the priest invites us three times to greet the light of Christ, we shall answer joyfully; Thanks be to God and venerate Jesus, the light of the world. After the third acclamation your candles will be lit form the Paschal Candle. Representing Christ' Risen presence into your life. BEFORE THE EXULTET -THE EASTER PROCLAMATION The priest honours the Christ - Candle with incense, then proclaims the joyful message of the Resurrection. There is great joy in heaven and on earth because of the Victory of Christ our risen King. Let us join in the joy of the Church and pray that the priest may worthily proclaim the glory of the Lord. EXSULTET Radiant light of God Now Reining Break Through The Darkness of own times. ( 3 ) (1) Rejoice you Heavens Burst into Song, choirs of Angels Stars and Planets dwell in Praise Rejoice oh earth mountains and Hills Be clothed in joy Rivers Streaming through thirsty Soil Clap your hands By Creation dance with your God For Jesus the Anointed one is risen Ch: Radiant light of God Now Rising berate through The Darkness of our lives You oh Christ give us life Root us is Hope and in your peace Ch: radiant light of God Now Rising break through The Darkness of own times (2) Rejoice O People Break your Silence Young and Old be glad Women and Men shout praise Sound your trumpets Strike up your drums Jesus the Saviour is Living His New life fills You Death is banished forever
  3. 3. Rejoice people of every colour You are set free people of Every Tongue. Christ the Son of Justice Pierces ever Darkness You are robed in his brilliance Let his praise Resound with Joy Let Every Heart revel is gladness And Echo the praise of all Gods Creation Ch : Radiant Light of God Now Rising Break through The Darkness of own lives * Life us Up out of Sin Into the Freedom of Your Love Ch: Radiant light of God Now Rising Break through The Darkness of own Times There four God most Gracious Father go Faithful In the Dawning light of this New Day We offer you our Hearts of Praise Bless this Easter Candle may this Pillar of Fire Lead us out of Every Darkness, Into the Radiance of your love. May the Sun of Justice Which never Sets, Find this fire Still burning, In our Lives, Jesus that Son of Justice whom you raised from the Dead, And who sheds his Light, Oh all Human kind Your Son who lives today and forever Ch : Radiant light of God Now Rising Break Through The Darkness of our times * Alleluia , Laughter and Song Echo the Light from within Ch : Radiant Light of God Now Rising break through The Darkness of our times.
  4. 4. READINGS We now put our candles and sit listen to a series of readings taken from the OLD Testament. These readings have been chosen they recall humanity’s journey towards God from slavery to freedom, from death to life. Old Testament 1st Reading: Gen: 1: 1-2:2 This reading from Genesis reveals the great of God revealed in his creation of the world and of humanity - the crown of all creation. 2nd Reading Gen: 22: 1-18 By sinning, man went against God’s plan of love for him, preventing this loving plan from being fulfilled. Yet God did not stop loving man. He puts in motion a plan to save man. He chooses a man, Abraham, as the head of his people, Israel. This reading test of faith Abraham is put through when asked to sacrifice his son Isaac, through whom God’s promises were to be fulfilled. 3rd Reading Ex: 14, 15 - 15 :1 The crossing of the Red Sea by the Israelites was the most important event in the history of the people of Israel. Christ continues to lead us through the waters of baptism to heaven, through the desert of this world. He feeds us and defends us on our journey. GLORIA SUNG At this moment, a change takes place in tonight’s service. The candles on the alter are lit, bells are rung and the celebrant intones “ Glory to God in the highest. ” The celebration of the Resurrection of Christ has begun. New Testament : 1st Reading: Rm: 6:3-11 Through baptism, we joined in his death so that as Christ was raised from the dead, we too might live new life. GOSPEL : A: Mt: 28: 1-10, B: Mk: 16: 1-8, Lk: 24:1-12 We shall now listen to the account of the Resurrection of Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew. HOMILY BAPTISMAL SERVICE : AFTER THE HOMILY We now begin the baptismal service, during which the water used for baptism during the whole Easter Season is blessed, and then we shall renew the promises of our baptism, remembering how it has made us share in the Death and Resurrection of Christ. We now begin by asking all the Saints, who have lived to the end the Christian life they received at Baptism, to obtain for us to be renewed and become more and m ore Christ- like.
  5. 5. (litany / Water is blessed / Baptism of Any ) THE RENEWAL OF BAPTISMAL PROMISES: At baptism we promised " to die to sin" and rose to a new life in Christ. Tonight, as we rejoice at the resurrection of Christ, and share in it through his Spirit in us, let us renew once again what we promised on the day of our Baptism. PART V. LITURGY OF THE EUCHARIST MATERIALS REQUIRED FOR THE SERVICE * Commentary Sheet * Altar: Bells, lectern, Chalice, Ciborium, Altar Cloth, Flowers, Candles, Wine * Service of the light: Large fire, Paschal Candle, Mike, small candle, 1 candle to light, paper, bells, 5 Grains of incense made of candle wax, match box, Torch (2), Altar boys( 1turifer, pincer, bearer, 1 in censer, Missal, Missal stand, Sprinkler, Stylus, Candle stand * Gloria: Bells * Exultet: Exultet sheet, * Liturgy of the Word: 3 readings old testament, 1 reading new testament and Gospel, Incense and turifer * Liturgy of Baptismal Promises: Candles, Vessel of Water, Salt, 3 Sprinklers, Stool, Bowl * Liturgy of the Eucharist: Host, Wine, Ciborium, Lavabo towel, predicator, Paten, Chalice, Cruets