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Stad spel-data


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Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Stad spel-data

  1. 1. Artistic Interventions trigger social revolution Information wants to be freeOpen Data is de grondstof voor de informatiemaatschappij
  2. 2. Artistieke interventies• Beautification, entertainment, educatie• Play, eye-openers, inspireren, shock-effect• Creativiteit, participatie, vrijheid• Research, theorievorming, kennis• Guerilla kunst, street art, flashmobs• Artistieke gebruik (social) media
  3. 3. can you see me now? / you get mestreet games with live avatars, mobile communication blast theory
  4. 4. Layar PDA + GPS + networkaugmented reality + geo tagging from SF movie to Layar app for iPhone
  5. 5. Vrije informatie• co-creation, crowd sourcing• open innovatie, cooperatie modellen• open source, free software• Creative Commons• open overheid, WOB• 250+ databases per persoon
  6. 6. Connected Planet Connected City Connected HomeYoung Hyun, CAIDA
  7. 7. !"#$%&$()*$+"#"BUS LUCHT SERVICE GELD ,--)$.).)/)*&$%*$ 012-%)3$+45)%*ZORG FUNVRIJ GRATIS +"#"$6$ UNIVERSEEL ()*$;#"*:""8:XML GML CSV ()*$<485"#INDEX LIJST ()*$6$ DATA SET 781%32""8REPOSITORY 9%*:2""8
  8. 8. Open Data Marsroute Open DataDe nitie Faciliteiten Kennis Hosting Ontsluiting Communicatie Applicatie Data Ontsluiting ProcesData bron Data check Data neutraal Data format Data label Data index Data open
  9. 9. Where are we going?• public space getting digital [GPS/RFID]• social media take over [twitter/facebook]• augmented reality is here [layar]• ubiquitous computing [RFID/wearable]• unexpected forms of art & technology?