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OakX:Data+The Power of Storytelling Steve Spiker/Urban Strategies Council


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OakX:Data+The Power of Storytelling Steve Spiker/Urban Strategies Council

  1. 1. Storytelling with Data Steve Spiker (GISP) Director of Research + Technology Urban Strategies Council @urbanstratoak @infoalameda @spjika
  2. 2. Urban Strategies Council… A social impact organization. 25 years based in Oakland! Social impact Civic innovation Applied research, data management and analysis.
  3. 3. Our Approach to Data Define the problem/need Review best practices, innovations elsewhereplan Identify potential data sources- public, private, scraped, MOUs Clean, process, geocode data: add value Perform analysis Communicate results Collect more data to evaluate the impact or success (feedback loops)
  4. 4. Stories? Narrative Require telling Require an audience Are social! Need meaning Convey meaning- and assume values They go somewhere- destinations
  5. 5. Data? Broad, static, cold Lack context Lack meaning Easily confused or misused Never run dry, never get used up
  6. 6. Can Data tell Stories?
  7. 7. Scale How big is your story? Is it the size of one person? Or a whole city?
  8. 8. Foreclosures+Context+Meaning
  9. 9. Foreclosures+Context+Meaning
  10. 10. Foreclosures+Context+Meaning
  11. 11. Foreclosures Data- legal Entity- house (loan) Reality- home Story- families
  12. 12. The Missing Data
  13. 13. The Missing Data
  14. 14. Impacts Vacant Building Registry Bank Owned Foreclosure Registration $$ New Comprehensive Foreclosure Ordinance
  15. 15. •Context- history, trends •Geographic- distribution, focus•Movement – dynamic visualization •Facts- dive deep •Audience
  16. 16. “tell your own story” •Web based mapping platform •Data visualization •Full export of all data! •Platform for publishing research, data, maps •Free- open to anyone •
  17. 17. www.infoalamedacounty.orgData without a story are just numbers on a page.. And no-one likes numbers! @spjika @infoalameda