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Open data scotland workshop


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Open data scotland workshop

  1. 1. Open Data Strategy Amsterdam Open Data Scotland 6th March 2014, Edinburgh Katalin Gallyas Open Innovation Policy Advisor @KatalinG
  2. 2. Open Data. Why? Public sector staff recognize the importance of open data, but many are unsure how to use it. (Guardian Research, June 2013)
  3. 3. Striking facts “While 72% of the interviewed civil servants understood that open data would be very important over the next three years, 78% did not know about specific government open data initiatives or what their benefits would be. ….and 66% did not understand their personal role in delivering the open data agenda.” (Source: Open Data Policy Research, Guardian, June 2013)
  4. 4. Open Data. Why?
  5. 5. Open Data Controversial for Local Governments Open Data chances are unrevealed for governments. Because of ICT legacy focus, Vendor- and Open Data Interpretation Illiteracy Who to choose? What to choose? Huge range of non proprietary and proprietary systems. -ODP Open Data Partnership -Open Data Institute -Open Knowledge Foundation
  6. 6. Vocabularies Policy Makers “What is the evidence that we should release datasets?” “How many start ups have been created since we launched the first datasets” “Can Open Data repair a market failure, inefficiency?”
  7. 7. Vendor Fusion
  8. 8. Current open data catalysts (non-proprietary*)
  9. 9. Current open data catalysts (proprietary*)
  10. 10. Precarious Open Data Policy – Shared Data Elements Connected 24 hours -Awareness raising -Intern data exchange -Release new datasets -App procurement rationalization -Not focused on Commons, API’s
  11. 11. What else can help to stimulate local Open Data programs and impact?
  12. 12. 1. EU Open Data Fuel Project: Code for Europe
  13. 13. In 2013 10 fellows worked in 7 cities throughout EU They created 8 apps that are now shared via Github and
  14. 14. • September 17th • OKCon
  15. 15. Zuid - Moving Tourists
  16. 16. Code for Europe: Civic Apps & Commons
  17. 17. Programming workshop in Indische Buurt •Held September 7th •Aimed to expose citizens to web development *
  18. 18. The Future - Commons
  19. 19. 2. EU Open Data project: Open Cities Repository & Hackathons
  20. 20. 2. EU project: Open Cities
  21. 21. 3. EU Data Project: City SDK (service development toolkit)
  22. 22. Amsterdam – Strong Open Data Ecosystem partners • • • • • • Strong SME’s, hackers’, coders Business Accelerators Innovation Intermediaries >> EU Projects Open minded City Gov Participatory citizens
  23. 23. Open Data Ecosystem ICT tools, Funding, community Innovation Intermediaries
  24. 24. Open Data Evolution in Amsterdam • In 2010 hackers, innovation labs and SME’s, web entrepreneurs requested the first datasets • 28 datasets open in 2011 • >350 datasets open in 2014 • 2010 – 0 euro budget • 2013 – 1,5 M euro budget –EU • 2014- lobby for 1 M eur local resources and many EU project bids • From 2013 Open Data Program – by Amsterdam Economic Board
  25. 25. Spin-off effects of the EU demonstrator projects • Awareness creation about the ‘treasures behind open data’ • Agenda setting in Open Data Local Governance (in Ams now budget allocation for hiring 4 full time employee) • Bringing evidences , user cases on interoperable and non-proprietary smart open data solutions
  26. 26. Spin-off effects of the EU demonstrator projects • Fresh injections of most state of art ICT solutions, trends (GitHub repositories, Open Source visualization tools) into city halls • Introducing the concept of “Commons”, “Standards”, “civic coders”, “hackers”, “tech grassroots” • Diving into an exclusive Open Data Catalysts- Smart Cities network (Enoll, World Bank, OKF, ODI, Future Cities Catapult, NESTA)
  27. 27. Strong Open Data lobby needed: -extern financing -entrepreneurship & freedom for experimentations -create Open Data ecosystem in your city (label) -Capture chances on Horizon2020, EUROCITIES partner finding
  28. 28. Best Practices Open Data • 30 apps have been launched (face recognition by portrays) • High educational impact • Positive PR for the museum • Reach of new younger target group -110.000 high resolution photo’s of the collection
  29. 29. Beyond Open Data – Business Generation
  30. 30. 2012 – Focus of App Contest: The more the better….
  31. 31. 2013 – Less apps more business incubation • • • • 3 start ups coaching +300 datasets Participation in Apps4EU +50 civic apps
  32. 32. Community: Appsterdam2600 developers have joined up
  33. 33. Appsterdam- 2600 developers have joined up
  34. 34. Understand Open Data dynamics
  35. 35. Open Data Observations 1. Open Data Catalysts are strongly dependent on external financing and networking (role for Enoll, Connected Smart Cities)- Liberate open data agents! 2. Vocabularies match between policy makers and open data catalyst 3. Produce user cases to discover the enormous underexploited value of data 4. Watch out with corporate Big Data providers 5. Encourage cities to move toward Commons, peer reviewed open data vendors
  36. 36. Thank you! Katalin Gallyas @katalinG