Real Estate Marketing Basics for an Agent


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Real Estate Marketing Basics for an Agent

  2. 2. • Promote yourself • Get noticed • Multiply your leads • Set yourself apart • Stay in touch RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  3. 3. Top 10 “most effective” advertising media used by top producing agents. 1. Word of mouth. 2. “For sale” signs. 3. Home sale magazines. 4. Farming newsletters. 5. Newspaper classified. 6. Open houses. 7. “Just listed”, “just sold” postcards. 8. Property brochures or information booklets. 9. Business cards. 10. Personal brochures. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  4. 4. The next 10 most effective media. 11. Telemarketing. 12. Television advertising. 13. Ad speciality items. 14. Special events. 15. Directory listings. 16. Telephone hotline. 17. Yellow page advertising. 18. Door hangers. 19. Radio advertising. 20. Online / internet advertising. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  5. 5. Build a base How to use prospecting tools to expand your client opportunities. A. Communicate consistently with prospective clients – prospects will be more likely to call you for all their real-estate needs and recommend you to family and friends. B. Develop special-group prospect lists: • Residents of your selected sub-division or neighbourhoods. • Persons of influence, common referral sources. • Retirees, singles, the elderly. • Local retailers. • Local financing institutions. • Apartment and townhouse occupants. • Potential real estate investors. • Relocation officers of large companies. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  6. 6. C. Types of prospecting: • Phone calls. • Door-to-door. • Classified ads/property magazines. • Direct mail. a) Personalise for your audience. b) Refine your mailing list so that you have a target market. c) Avoid ads that compete with your direct mail message. d) Automate your mailing and have more time for clients (assistants may help). D. Prospecting tools: • Postcards. • Recruiting cards. • Presentation folders. • FSBO brochures. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  7. 7. Promote yourself How to make yourself stand out from your competition and increase your revenue through the effective use of Personal Promotional Tools. A. Tell prospects who you are, where you are, and what sets you apart. (Have a business plan). B. Use personal promotion brochures, postcards and flyer sheets that illustrate your unique abilities and expertise. (Remember to always have RE/MAX and your name & photo clearly illustrated on the promotion). C. Choose a consistent design (eg. Colours, themes, copy & type) that best fits your personality and expertise. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  8. 8. A. Personal promotion tools: • Brochures – use for listing presentations and open houses: targeting new areas, expired listings, temporary renters and past clients; Or networking groups such as conventions, chamber of commerce, special interest groups, clubs and organisations of For Sale By Owners. • Postcards – use a higher impact business card; for special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries); broadcast mailing; and as a follow-up to phone solicitations, social encounters or new listings. • Flyer sheets – use for listing presentations; Property information flyers; Special notes and personal information flyers. • Business cards. • FSBO brochures. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  9. 9. Stay in touch How to make your past customers your best prospects. A. Stay in touch with your current client base as they can lead to referrals and future transactions, whether they stay in the area or not. B. Include in your target audience: past clients, referral resources and relocation officers of large corporations. C. When staying in touch with couples, be sure to acknowledge each individual. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  10. 10. d. Tools to help you stay in touch: • Greeting cards - birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc… • Stay-in-touch cards. • Gifts for father’s day; mother’s day; Christmas or simply for stopping by and saying hello (eg. newsletters and self-mailers). • Note cards. Remember that repeated contact is the key to recognition and increases the chance of your client calling you. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  11. 11. Be Accessible/Be found How technology can bring new customers to you. • Clients want a real estate agent who is accessible and available for immediate answers to all their questions. • Ensure that your customers can reach you by cell phone; at home; at the office or via e-mail. • Use one phone number for your cell phone; home and office so prospects can reach you easily and quickly. • Respond to e-mail and voice messages promptly. • Stay up-to-date on current market trends. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  12. 12. Know and use your clients preferred form of communication. Take advantage of the internet. • Create your own personal website to promote your services and properties of your existing website that RE/MAX has to show your clients how professional you are. • (Go into the RE/MAX internet and RE/MAX Connect website at least once a week to find out more about the system). RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  13. 13. Farming strategy Introducing yourself to your area • In order for you to become known and remembered, your goal should be to reach the property owners in your area 24 times a year. To reach means to make contact; whether by letter; note; flyer; pamphlet; telephone or personal contact. This means in your area of 1000 properties you need to make 24 000 “contacts” a year. • This may seem to be a huge undertaking but if you break it down as follows the system is manageable: • Using a map, cut your farming area into 25 “zones” of approximately 40 properties. Plan your strategy as follows: • Introductory campaign – 8 contacts per annum • Monthly pamphlets – 12 contacts per annum • Quarterly newsletters – 4 contacts per annum RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  14. 14. • Use the following chart to plan your introductory campaign: • On this basis you can do two campaigns a year, each campaign lasting 25 weeks, resulting in you contacting each property owner 8 times. Farming Strategy – Introductory Campaign Week Flyer Phone Knock Note 1 Zone 1 - - - 2 Zone 2 Zone 1 - - 3 Zone 3 Zone 2 Zone 1 - 4 Zone 4 Zone 3 Zone 2 Zone 1 5 Zone 5 Zone 4 Zone 3 Zone 2 6 Zone 6 Zone 5 Zone 4 Zone 3 7 Zone 7 Zone 6 Zone 5 Zone 4 8 Zone 8 Zone 7 Zone 6 Zone 5 9 Zone 9 Zone 8 Zone 7 Zone 6 10
  15. 15. • A flyer means: … An easily recognisable introductory leaflet with a consistent layout; colour; logo; catch phrase and message by which the recipient will remember you and your name. This is all you are aiming to achieve, even if it’s just for the time it takes for him to remove it from his post-box and place it in the bin! After the third flyer you name will be synonymous with real estate. • To phone means … A short, respectful and non-threatening call to simply introduce yourself and to offer your assistance with any of their real estate needs. You should also mention that you will be popping by shortly to meet them and give them one of your handy little promotional gifts. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  16. 16. • To knock means … Visiting your area to meet and get to know your owners and presenting them with a small promotional gift like a fridge magnet, school timetable, calendar or perhaps a bookmark – all with your details on of course! Be sure never to overstay your welcome. Offer assistance wherever possible and show your energy and enthusiasm for the real estate business. • A note means … A few words of appreciation for the time spent talking with you on your visit around the area. This should be slipped into their post- box the day after your visit whilst you are still fresh in their memory. You may also like to comment on a few things you noticed whilst in their property: for example, their beautiful roses or sparkling pool. Guard against sounding effusive or insincere but allow the note to be as personal as possible. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  17. 17. • To consolidate this campaign you should send out a monthly pamphlet to your entire farming area – all 25 zones. Ensure that the message on these pamphlets is consistent and unique as this is what the property owner will remember you by. Obviously, as you need to be remembered, your photograph and name should be on all correspondence the potential client receives. • The last strategy in your farming campaign is a quarterly newsletter. This newsletter should cover items of interest in the community with a focus on property, for example, the statistics of the latest sales; property developments etc. • To summarise, a property owner in your farming area will receive the following from you in a 12 month period: RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  18. 18. • 2 specific flyers • 2 telephone calls • 2 knocks • 2 personal notes • 12 pamphlets • 4 newsletters • That is a total of 24 contacts – after this you definitely will be remembered! If your campaign is consistent, professional and non-threatening to the property owner you will receive the benefit of increased business. • Estate agents do not fail because of what they do not know, but because they do not practise what they do know. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  19. 19. Tie it all together How you make customers know it’s you EVERY TIME. A. Build consistency in your marketing plan. • Repeat specific design elements throughout your marketing materials (eg. Consistent colours; slogans & themes). • Time your marketing strategies wisely. 1. Frequent simple promotions are more effective than occasional flashy ones. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  20. 20. 2. Don’t leave the public eye for long periods of time. 3. Changing messages of media frequently will confuse your audience. B. Create a yearly schedule and stick to it. Monitor your plan to see what works best. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  21. 21. Establishing a budget Establish a budget that is comfortable for you. • If you are a new agent, your budget will be based on a higher percentage of your yearly gross sale commission or a higher original investment, so you can begin to build a sales base. • If you are an established agent with a solid referral business, your budget will be based on a lower percentage of your yearly gross sales commission, and you may spend more on a niche marketing. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  22. 22. Spend your budget wisely. Be sure your budget is utilised efficiently so you are reaching as many past, current and potential clients as possible. • Be discerning. • Deliver effective promotions. RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra
  23. 23. THANK YOU Feel free to write to us at RE/MAX Mumbai Gujarat Maharashtra