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English sats preparation


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A helpful powerpoint for pupils including websites to help and how to prepare for their SATS.

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English sats preparation

  1. 1. English SATS Preparation
  2. 2. What will be in the test? • A reading comprehension-type test • A grammar, punctuation and spelling test • Writing
  3. 3. Reading • Time:1 hour • 3 texts and sets of questions • Variety of different questions such as long and short answer questions, multiple choice questions etc. How to divide your time efficiently 10 mins • Read the reading booklet- make sure you read all three of the extracts 45 mins • Answer the questions in the answer booklet- you can look back through the reading booklet to help you 5 mins • Use these last few minutes to check through your answers- making sure you have answered all questions correctly.
  4. 4. 4 types of questions There are 4 main types of questions that you will get.These are: • Literal – the answer for these are in the text • Deductive – look for clues in the text • Inferential – read between the lines • Authorial intent – why the author or the character do or say something
  5. 5. Writing • In this section, you will get two questions: – 1. Shorter writing task- this will give you a scenario and ask you to write the ending or beginning of a story or write the description of something. – 2. Longer writing task- this will give you a scenario and ask you write something like a letter, description or postcard etc.
  6. 6. Spelling, punctuation and grammar • This will be a 45 minutes long test on your punctuation, spelling and grammar. • The total marks will be 20 and the spelling test will be separate.
  7. 7. Practice questions
  8. 8. • • • s2_choice.asp