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Great Expectations- Chapter 2 characters


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The third lesson in my 20 Great Expectations powerpoints.

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Great Expectations- Chapter 2 characters

  1. 1. Chapter 2 L.O: To be able to analyse the character of Pip’s sister and brother- in-law.
  2. 2. Mrs. Joe, Pip’s sister • older than her brother • treats both him and her husband as the chief chores of her life. • dominant • condescending toward her family • very vocal about her hardships in maintaining the household • “rules with an iron hand” • not against disciplining her brother through physically abusing him
  3. 3. Joe Gargery • Good, honest man • Blacksmith by trade • Has little say in his household • Not a character of any literate accomplishment • Represents the average man of nineteenth century England who toiled in a blue collar trade by day and trotted off to the local tavern by night to socialize with his friends and neighbours and to just maybe get away from his wife for a while. • Joe and Pip have a lot in common • Best friends with Pip
  4. 4. Make two mind maps of Joe Gargery and Mrs. Joe Gargery Mrs Joe Gargery
  5. 5. Make two mind maps of Joe Gargery and Mrs. Joe Gargery Joe Gargery