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Twin peak profits. Shocking video reveals about twin peak profits secrets


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Twin peak profits is all set to launch on 1st january 2013 ... as an early beta tester i can defenitely say its an awesome piece of software ...
twin peak profits review is given detailedly in the slide... also twin peak profits bonuses are offered along with it..

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Twin peak profits. Shocking video reveals about twin peak profits secrets

  2. 2. TWIN PEAK PROFITS REVIEWI got an early copy of twin peak profits and I must say its really powerfull.Twin Peak Profits shows exactly how to accelerate affiliate ready niche sites.TWIN PEAK PROFITS DASHBOARD
  3. 3. TWIN PEAK PROFITS CONFIGURATIONIn the dashboard section under configuration click on system setup there are 3Options. 1)Profile settings, 2) Cpanel accounts, 3)Affiliate accountsAffiliate section helps you to setup Clickbank, Amazon & Google Adsense.
  4. 4. TWIN PEAK PROFITS SYSTEM TOOLS Under system tools there are 4 options which includes site indexer, youtube Traffic, keyword research & Domain finder.Site indexer helps to index the sites that you build, the youtube traffic modulehelps you to make use of the youtube traffic, keyword research module helpsto find out the exact and broad matches and helps to find your niche & last butnot the least domain finder which helps to find out the exact match domains.
  5. 5. Twin Peak Profits campaign managerFirst thing you need to do is click on campaign which is going open up a newdialogue box where you need to enter the campaign name.Once you make a campaign name you can see a link above which says clickhere to begin and it will take you to the twin peak profits campaign wizard.
  6. 6. There are 5 steps and each step will show you how to get your website up.1st step is clickbank module where you can search clickbank products by title orDescription right from the module itself.
  7. 7. Twin Peak Profits step 2The second step will take you to the amazon module where you can find relatedAmazon products.
  8. 8. Step 3 is all about loading keywords from your own file or from googleadwords tool, there are 3 options where you can get the keywords from the googlekeyword tool or you can enter keyword list manually which you got from any ofthe keyword software or you can load a csv file with your targetted keywords.There are tool tips that will explain each and every simple step in detail.For example say you selected 5 keywords and click on continue, its going to takeyou to the 4th step which is about setting up your content.
  9. 9. Twin Peak Profits Content ModuleArticle wizard : enter the keywords and it will show up keyword suggestions alsoOnce you select a keyword and hit search its gonna go over 15 article directoriesand come up with a lot of articles related to the content you can preview them orthere is an advanced option to rewrite which helps to fight the duplicate content.
  10. 10. Configuring Your WebsiteTwin peak profit 5th step is all about setting up and configuring your websiteIncluding setting up the cpanel accounts, there are tooltips which help you to gothrough almost every step in detail. The othere 3 important sections include settingup your clickbank, amazon & adsense accounts. Save the configurations and youare all set to go.
  11. 11. Website installationAs soon as you click continue it installs the database, creates the ftp for themcreates the domain name, installing wordpress it basically builds the entirewebsite, it configures plugins and data posting the articles grabbing imagesand videos from sites setting up your affiliate links and when done you willget all the cpanel login details ftp details database details and all.Now this entire process takes out all the technical work included in setting upyour own affiliate niche website, and the best part is that the sites do reallyrank well.
  12. 12. Twin Peak Profit Personal OpinionAs an early beta tester I got access to all the features which I should say isawesome , now as we speak I have 18 amazon sites 3 clickbank sites and 6adsense sites which all combined is brining me around $75-$80 a day which isnot a huge sum but who cares its all automated and iave just started so thepotential is so high.