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5. How did you attract/ address your target audience


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5. How did you attract/ address your target audience

  1. 1. 5. How did you attract/address your audience
  2. 2. What did you do to attract yourtarget audience? To attract my audience I had used typical conventions of a magazine such as cover lines and strap lines but I also used some and changed them such as having the mast head down the left hand side of the magazine and the image not being a medium close up. By using a variety of typical conventions and unconventional styles I have created a magazine that would give my audience a sense of it being familiar but made it different and original as well.
  3. 3. How did it attract my audience? I have made my magazine contemporary giving it a grater appeal to my target audience as they like and use modern technology. I also used bold colours and contrasted then with different tones to give it energy with sophistication. I also used the magazine conventions so that it would follow some kind of trend that would make the magazine look like a real magazine but changing them for the theme of independence. Finally When creating the photos I ensured that my target audience are reflected or mimic in the main cover image as that will create a bond between them and make them feel
  4. 4. Evidence